Sunday, May 06, 2012

Happy Vesak Day - 5 May 2012

My friend, Baobei and I went for San Bu Yi Bai on May 1st at Bright Hill Temple early in the morning. We started at about 6.50am and ended around 9am. It was prepared for those volunteers, Sat/Sun students, and their parents, and not for public. This time Baobei did it together with his fellow friends, separated from us. I didn't know how he did it, but according to him, he has done it much better than two years ago. Hehehe... practice makes perfect huh??

San Bu Yi Bai - 1st May 2012 @Bright Hill Temple

After the San Bu Yi Bai, we had our breakfast, beehoon noodle soup.. Nyummy... and fa gao cake. Baobei ate two bowls... kekekeke.... We also had lots of water to prevent ourselves from dehydration.. hehehe....

It was tiring. My both legs were pain for few days, and there were some bruises marks on my knees. It is much better now...

Today is Vesak Day!!! Happy Vesak Day everyone!!

This morning, we had our breakfast at home. Our neighbor gave us her homemade Malay kueh kueh this morning. We ate it at our balcony, with a cup of Milo/Coffee. They are such a nice person, has given their homemade kueh kueh many times. Will buy something for them later on my trip to Bali.

On the way to MRT, my hubby's cousin called him up and asked where we were. We headed back to Buangkok Station and went out. He was there already and all of us started our journey to many different temples.

Lantern at Bright Hill Temple
Started with Bright Hill Temple. We bathed the Prince Sidharta Gotama. Went up to pray then had our vegetarian lunch. It's first time eating other food in the food hall. There were fried noodles, toufu, stir-fried cauliflower w/ black fungus, seaweed soup w/ carrot, fried seaweed w/ vegetarian meat, etc. They would serve it once the table was filled with 8 persons. We ate until everything finish.

After that we went down drawing gratitude rocks. I drew one, and Baobei drew 2. One was given to me. Thank you Baobei... Ti Amo, I love you....

The Burmese Buddhist Temple

We went to Burmese Buddhist Temple, Sri Lankaramaya (Srilanka) Buddhist Temple, Kancanarama Temple (mixed Buddhist Temple), and finally Singapore Buddhist Lodge. Wahhh... very tired.. and full.... We bought moachi twice... Long time never eat... Now man zhu le... :)

Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple - There are Buddha's relics inside this temple
Reclining Buddha - inside the Sri Lankaramaya Temple - You can see the Buddha's relics here

Kancanarama Temple
Singapore Buddhist Lodge Temple
After that, Alan dropped us at Raffles Place and we waited almost for an hour until my cousin came. She came to Singapore yesterday and will leave tomorrow. Since she had time this evening, she asked me to go dinner with her. So I brought her to Lau Pa Sat. Like usual, we bought satay, stingray, kangkong belachan, lala, fried kway teow, oyster, and a jug of Tiger. Wah, I was so full... We chatted until 9.30pm and headed back home.

Reached home at 10pm. Took a bath, rest for a while, and now updating my phone.. Hua... so tired... Going to sleep soon... Good night.... :)

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta - May all being be happy - Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu
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