Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy many returns day to me.... :)

Instead of the usual Happy Birthday... some people said the above :)

Woke up this morning quite late. Just wanna rest some more cos last night we slept quite late.

Hubby was working the whole day. My son was in my brother's place for the whole day too.. So eventually, I was alone hehehe....

Vegetarian Wanton Noodle :)
I went to pasar (market) in Hougang near my old-house, had the vegetarian wanton mee.. my favourite noodles in that store. After that, moved to another coffee shop to have a kopi. The kopi there is much nicer than the first coffee shop. I couldn't find my mother-in-law, so I just found a table and had a seat.

In a while, I saw my two sis-in-law and her two sons. So I asked them to sit with me. My mother-in-law also came to the coffee shop, but she was sitting with her friend. Good la, so I didn't have to sit alone.... hahahahaha...... We chit chatted then went back home at 12pm.

Thank you for Birthday wishes given... I appreciate it very much!!! Thank you to my Mum who gave birth to me and brought me up with my Pa.. Also 4 siblings who had taught me much about life. Without all of you, there won't be 'me' right now.

Thanks to hubby too for being understanding of me all these years... Hope to be with you many years to come.... Baobei, thanks for your wishes on the phone this morning too..

Had siomai this evening and pempek for dinner. Koko and families came and had pempek together.

Well, hope all of you had a great Sunday!!!

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukkhitatta....

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