Saturday, October 13, 2012

Beautiful natures in Bhutan :)

I really didn't expect to see many beautiful flowers when we were in Bhutan. It was August and I only knew we had to prepare our rain coat, since it was a monsoon season. So I guess we were really lucky.. Felt blessed to see the beautiful nature creation :)

Sunflower :) from outside the Bhutan National Library

The first flower that woke me up was sunflower. I seldom see sunflower trees and now I know why my best friend loves it so much... :)

Btw, I don't really know flower's name. I only know few of them.. hehehe... I'm not a planter.. so I might just show the pictures below for your view :)

I don't know the name but usually we bought this to put it in praying table / altar - taken in Punakha

This one I know... Pink rose...  hehehe... :) Photo was taken outside the Textile Museum

Beautiful flower taken from Bhutan National Museum in Paro - too bad I do not know what is the name of this flower

Apple and apple tree!!!

Other than flowers, we could also see lots of apple trees!!! Wow!!! I seldom see apple trees too.. But in Bhutan, it could be found everywhere!!!

I remembered we were brought to National Institute of Zorig Chusum. Opposite the school, there was a shop which sells the souvenirs. I was browsing around and suddenly Gyeltshen (our bus driver, who is one of my Bhutanese friends now), passed me a small red apple. At first, I refused his offer as I saw the apple was small, and there was bruise too.. Hehehe... :P

He insisted me to take. He said, "An apple a day, keep the doctors away..." Well... since he sincerely gave me the apple, I took it from his hand and said thank you. I saw them eating without washing it.. Hahaha.. Sorry ah, usually I wash the food that I take before eating, especially fruit, to clean and wash away the pesticide that was usually used by farmer. I took out a tissue paper and wiped it out. I took a bite... Wowww... nyummy!!! It's sweet, fresh, and juicy!!! I really should not judge the book by its cover.... ^^"

Gyeltshen said, the apple was grown by the owner of the shop in their courtyard and I think. they didn't use pesticide, well, I guess.. , as it's home grown plant. Usually you won't use pesticide for your house plant, will you?? Waa... until now, I still can imagine the sweetness and freshness of the apple and miss it very much...... Too bad, it was only left one and small piece... I wish I can have it again... :(

On our way to Punakha from Thimphu, we stopped by at the border for the security check. I bought a packet of apples which look like the apple in picture above. It was bigger in size, with red and greenish in colour.. But the taste.... wasn't as good as the small red apple given by Gyeltshen....

If you happen passing by the shop, you might ask the apple from the owner of the shop and try it for yourself.. You will ask for more.......... If you can take more, please leave some for me... and if Tshering (our guide) sees this, he will say.., "Sure Dear, I will email it to you right away..............." ^^"

This small plants picture was taken from National Institute of Zorig Chusum

Anyone knows the name of this plant??? Weird.. Never see before...

Beautiful pink roses again...


Beautiful yellow flower

Hehehe... again, I do not know what is the name of this flower, near Bhutan National Museum in Paro

Flower found near Taktsang Monastery.

Tree leaves found nearby Taktsang Monastery


Last one, needless to say... Found near Wangdue Phodrang Dzong :D

Tshering said, every once a year, as part of anti-cannabis program, they will burn this plant, and on that day, all Bhutanese will smoke cannabis and feel high as a result of the burnt leaves... hahahahaha......

Talking about this, just now I told my hubby that in year 2004, tobacco is banned in Bhutan. He couldn't believe it.. and he said, Singapore will never ban tobacco as they earn a lot from this..

Can you imagine.. a pack of cigarette (20 pcs/packet) in Singapore costs around S$12 or around Ngu 500!!! While in Indonesia, a pack of the same cigarette is only about Rp 13,000 or around Ngu 70!!! With 1 packet of cigarette in Singapore, you can buy 7 packets in Indonesia..... This is how Singapore government controlling its people from smoking too much.. But no matter how, smoker will still smoke, no matter how expensive it might be, don't you agree??

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