Thursday, October 18, 2012

His Gundam's creations - Beyond his imagination

My son's favorite robot is Gundam. He started loving it since December 2011. He has quite a few collections until now. He likes to watch the Gundam review from youtube, and even recorded his own video using my camera. Other than that, he likes to draw it too... He has used his imagination when drawing it.

Below is some of his creations:

Giant Gundam
He just drew it last Saturday using drawing block (about A3 size on each page). It was huge. He drew it separately and when combined, would be seen like the above.

Doraemon (Japanese cartoon) is my favorite. I love to see this cartoon movie since I was 16 years old. Until now I still love it. My friends also know about it and they often give me Doraemon accessories as presents, be it birthday presents, Christmas presents, and so on. My son also gave me present by drawing it - combined it with his favorite robot - became Dora/Gmon.... Hahahaha.... Thank you Baobei....

And this is how it looks like when transforms into jet plane =)

Gundam Omni-Exia - Trans-am mode (Dun even know what it means...)
After having my dinner, he asked me to sit with him and he'd show me his drawing book. He showed me his latest creation (above picture). This is the only one colored, while the rest was black and white. 

Black and white VS Color Omni Exia
He asked me to take the photo of the above to see the difference between colored one and without color.

He would usually spend his time longer to draw rather than to study. Even he brought his drawing book to school and draw it in the class or show it to his friends.

If he study as good as he draws, then I don't need to headache la.....

No matter what, I'll support your hobby ok? But Baobei, you also cannot ignore your study, ok?? Love you honey.. muachhh.......


Anonymous said...

he is so creative and full of imagination. very details. Sure he got his talent from his mom n dad.. Do you consider to admit him for drawing class? yz

Overcome said...

Hi Yz, thank you for ur compliment to him :) He will sure be happy to hear that. Talents drawing from his dad, maybe. From mom, don't think so.. Hahaha... If talent of imaginating things, maybe.. Hahahahahahahaha..... :D

Got asking him if he wants to enroll the drawing class or not, and he said no need la.. It's all my creation ma... (He only loves drawing those Gundams, pocket monsters, etc. and not others...) ^^

Shane Teo said...

Buy him a model kit la. Buy a hg la, cheap cheap one

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