Saturday, October 06, 2012

Tharingsa - last night in Bhutan

We were in Paro, our fifth night in Bhutan. After dinner, we, the younger tour participants, went into the hotel's staff's cafeteria,  together with our tour guide (Indonesian and Bhutanese) and two drivers. They had bought some Druk beer and we had just 1-2 glasses to warm up our bodies - the night weather was pretty cold.

After a while, our Indonesian tour guide, 'died died' - or insistently, asking us to sing the Bhutanese song, Tharingsa. He has introduced us this song since the third day, and he even printed out the lyrics for us to sing. But you know lah... those younger generations nowadays are quite reluctant to sing.. in front of their parents (He asked us to sing in front of other tour participants.....) No way man!!!! :P

So, when he asked us to sing when we were together at the cafeteria, I was thinking, well, why not? Anyway, it's only few of us, and not in front of our parents :D Knowing that none of us brought the lyrics paper there, he immediately wrote the lyrics again so that we could sing. Hahaha...

Just nice, I brought my camera with me inside the pocket of my jacket. So I told them, why didn't we record it. And noone disagreed. So.. below is the video that we took. Forgive us if we sang it in wrong lyrics or wrong pronunciation. Hope you all enjoy :D

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