Monday, February 04, 2013

Flower Garden and Angel Flower (Shui Xian Hua)

Yesterday my 2nd sis and her families went to Flower Garden in Wai Tau, Hong Kong. Chinese New Year is coming. 6 more days to go! Usually at this time, people will buy some beautiful flowers to be put in their house as usually there will be family gathering and people will be visiting their house. Spring is coming too. She took some photos below and shared it with us.

Chi chi and Ka Ming

Ka Ming with Kumquat trees - Kum (Golden) Quat (Good Fortunes)

Chi chi and Er jie

Four of them with beautiful flowers :)

Apart from that, my brother-in-law is a very hardworking and responsible husband :) Every year without fail, he would buy and grow the plants, and put it nicely in a vase, then sell it out to earn additional income. It is one of his hobbies. The plant name is Angel Flower or Shui Xian Hua in Cantonese. It presents beautiful flowers and fragrance after two weeks.The meaning of having this flower is that everything will get better, such as better career, better salary, better luck, etc.

Bro-in-law was decorating the flowers nicely :)

On the rooftop

Beautiful plant with beautiful meaning :)

That is how it looks like when flowers have bloomed :)

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