Thursday, March 14, 2013

True woman

A true woman does more than just give birth.
She brings joy and hope.
She teaches us to dream and make goals.
She will give compassion and ideas.
She will climb into a person’s life and make everything better again.
She gives moral support and love unsurpassed to her family and friends.
And all she wants in return is a hug, a smile and for her loved ones to do the same to people they love and come into contact with

~ Unknown quotes ~

The quotes above are so beautiful that I decided to post it here and to share with many other true women in this universe :)

In fact, that reflects on who I am. Hehe... Hope I didn’t praise myself too much. (Actually the hardest person to give any praise to is our self. People always think that someone who praises them self becomes big headed. That’s not so. Instead, they become big hearted and it is positively encouraging them self. Hehe.. So in this case, I’ve become big hearted here :D)

I didn’t know how and why I did bring joy and hope into someone else’s life, taught them how to dream and make goals, to know what they want and go towards it. Always remind them that life is short, and constantly tell them to live well, love much, laugh often, most importantly, live life to the fullest.

I love to give them moral support and cares, which in turn, became love. It is unconditional love that is not selfish, not demanding, not possessive, and love that willing to let go for them to be happy, or can it be called, spiritual love?

And as per written above, all I want in return is a hug and a smile, and also for them to do the same to people they love.


Riku said...

So altruistic of you. In fact, it deserves a better word than "True woman". If I suggest you, it would be "Divine Woman". Keep being divine and spread love and happiness. And don't forget to celebrate "Happiness Day" on March 20.

Overcome said...

Hi Riku, I think you over praised me la. I didn't deserve to be called 'divine' hehe... I am just a human who is full of imperfections. Nonetheless I wish to make other people's life better and happier. It brings me lots of joy and happiness when it brings some affects into their lives :)
Btw, it's my first time hearing 'Happiness Day' to be celebrated on Mar 20. For me everyday is a happy day so I celebrate it everyday hehe.. :D
Same to you Riku, spread love and happiness to everyone out there :) Have a nice day!

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