Thursday, April 25, 2013

Comic by Reever Skantei

Whenever my son and I went to library, we would go to separate area. He would go to children books area, while I go to adults book area. And most of the time he would choose comics book to borrow, otherwise book with lots of drawings mixed with words. He seldom borrows books that contained wordings alone.

And he drew the above comic, again, based on his imagination. Hehehe... And this was not his first one :) Keep up your good work Baobei, but don't forget to study too, ok? Exams are coming soon!!! Love you Baobei... Muachh.... :)


Riku said...

I just loved the comics by your son. So artistic!I know he would one day contribute to the world of comics. Keep supporting him.

Overcome said...

Thank you for your encouragement to him Riku! Appreciate it very much! Have a great weekend! :)

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