Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Happy Me :)

Yesterday the place where I work started their "We Care" week. It's an annual celebration to remind us (staffs) to have a happy mind, happy me, happy team. It would be a week full of activities (except Friday - assigned for Administrators to enjoy their Admin Professional Week).

We started it with Tai Ji (太极拳) session. Tai Ji is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits.  It is a slow sequence of movements which emphasize a straight spine, abdominal breathing and a natural range of motion (source: wikipedia). Staffs were given a chance to try and experience it in one-hour session.

When I was in China, I often saw people practicing it early in the morning. Mostly were elderly and they would come and practice it in the park. Some advanced ones would do it using swords or fans. Every time I passed by, I told myself how nice it was if I was able to learn. I had always wanted to try it and I was so glad that finally having a chance to try and experience it, although only for one time. Hehe... It was not easy though. You had to coordinate your body and mind well, and focus on your body weight, breathing, and slow movement. We only learn little moves in such short time since we spent some time for warming up.

After experienced it, I was telling myself, "If I were given a chance to learn and do it again, I would choose to learn yoga instead of Tai Ji." Hahahaha....... :D

And it reminded me about what my colleague told me last week that I actually could learn yoga in place where I work. There were 4 sessions a week, two days in morning (7am) and 2 days in the evening (7pm). This yoga session is actually held for hotel guest and spa members, but max 2 staffs are allowed to join in each session.

While having healthy refreshment after Tai Ji session, I was asking my colleague if she had interest in yoga class and she did. So we went to Spa right after that and asked the availability of the class. Just nice they had class on Monday evening, which was yesterday. And since both of us had brought our exercise attire in, we then decided to join the class yesterday night.

Nice view from gazebo (in the morning)

The yoga started at 7pm. We had it at gazebo area (with half-open rooftop), at 2nd floor, above the swimming pool and alfresco dining restaurant. There were other 4 people, 1 instructor, me and my colleague, total 7 of us.

We took the yoga mat from the spa and headed to the gazebo. Weather at that time was so good. We faced the river, Clarke Quay (night-life) area. The evening sky was so beautiful and mesmerizing; it was reddish before it slowly turned dark. The place itself was surrounded by pond filled with big golden fishes and Arowana fish, also trees with beautiful flowers. It was so wonderful and perfect place for practicing yoga. I felt so peaceful and serene. Oh, even before started, I'd already fallen in love with the place :)

Since the rest of the members were regular and only both of us just did our first class, the teacher taught us all moves continuously. It really stretched our body parts from top to bottom. Our muscles were stiff since we didn’t do much exercise in usual daily life, but we tried our best to keep up with the pace. Although it was only one-hour session, we sweated a lot. Really good exercise!!!

The last posture let us to lie down on the mat, facing up, opened up our both hands and legs, and closed our eyes. After the vigorous moves, this post was really good for relaxation. While breathing, I could feel the warmth of the floor beneath my body. I could hear the water sound flowing in swimming pool area. I could feel the wind blow naturally in such open area. I felt blessed!!!

I loved it very much! My colleague too! We decided to join it at least once a week. Oh, thank you again SB for making my dream come true!!! It’s been some time I wanted to join the class, and finally I was given a chance to do so. Not only it’s free, but it’s held in good timing and in beautiful place, also with a good teacher and great accompanies.

Today, there will be healthy food served in our Cafetaria and after that there will be cooking healthy food competition too participated by staffs. Tomorrow there will be Charity Bazaar (Staffs donate goods then sell it to other staffs and money proceeds will be donated to Children’s Society) and Vertical Marathon – climbing up stairs from Basement 2 to 12th floor (obviously, I won’t join. Hahaha….), and on Thursday, there will be ‘Tug of War’ – which I won’t join too. My other colleague will join. Well, hope everything will go smoothly and everyone enjoys it!!! Have a great week everyone!!! Hope you also have a healthy mind, healthy body and happy you :)

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