Friday, April 12, 2013

"LAO" 老

After writing so much about lesson learned from a book, it's time to share joke sent by my colleague. It's Chinese wisdom:

In the Chinese language, the word "LAO"老 means old. It also has the connotation of "experienced" or "seasoned".

An experienced or seasoned person can be an expert in manipulation, as shown in the following illustrations:

Two things in life that are difficult to achieve:

1. To plant your idea in someone's head
2. To plant someone's money in your own pocket.

Achieving any one of the above is difficult. But there are people, with the title of LAO, can achieve one or both:

1. He who succeeds in planting his idea in someone's head - we call Lao Shi (teacher)
2. He who succeeds in planting someone's money in his own pocket - we call Lao Ban (boss)
3. The one who succeeds in both - we call Lao Po (wife) or Lao Qian (trickster)
4. The one who fails in both - we call Lao Gong (husband)

Only 'husband' will understand this Lolx! :D Have a great weekend!!!
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