Saturday, April 27, 2013

My good old friend

From my dear friend

I never expect to receive the inspirational book from my close friend, SF. Some more she wrote some wordings on it for me (see the above). Seems like what goes around will go around. Because not long before this, I also gave one inspirational book to my dear friend, also with wordings on it. Hehehe...

Kindergarten class photo

We knew each other since we were in kindergarten but I just found out recently that she loves to read, especially inspirational books, same like me. Hahaha...  She also loves to meditate. Yeah, it was me who started reading again only lately, for the last 4-5 months, after stopped for many years. So when I found out that she loves to read, I was very happy!!! Got reading khaki!! We lent our books to each other and had reason to meet more often :)

We were in the same class before back in year 1983. See if you can find which one is me in the photo above :P It's kinda miracle that I still keep this photo with me. I just counted and it was 30 years ago. Wow!!! Hohoho... Time flies....

After that we separated and went into different schools - primary and junior high school. We met again and even was in same class during senior high school, and sat next to each other (2nd and 3rd year).

We slept together under one camp :) SF, me and SDK

Photo above was taken during school outing. We slept inside the tent. Three of us were quite big size, but yet managed to sleep together. Haha... So much memories we had during that time there :) Unforgettable high school memories.....

After graduation, we again separated and went into different uni. She was studying Interior Design in Indonesia, while I went abroad. 

When I was young, I used to dream to become an interior designer. Hahaha.... I always draw the plot of the house in a grid exercise book. While drawing it, I would imagine if it was my house. How I would plan where the living room, where the bedroom, kitchen, and so on. I would imagine how big the house was, how many floors, and so on. Hahaha... More like daydreaming though. But my dream went away since I was studying real drawing during senior high school and I gave up. I had no passion on it anymore. That's why I ended up studying other things, that was more practical and the knowledge could be applied immediately :D

So, after few years, we finally landed in the same country again, Singapore. We met again in year 2001. Both of us were graduated not long before that and was looking for a job. We both were still with our ex-bf at that time and four of us even met up in Jakarta together with other friends. Little did we know that our ex-bf also knew each other (from same school). Haha.. What a small world!

After that, we both broke up and managed to know our hubby in our different ways, got married, and now stay here until now. She and her hubby were among the few friends who attended my wedding in Singapore. They also came for my baby first month celebration and last year housewarming. Since then we would meet up some time for coffee or dinner to update our situation. And only last month we met again, went to book store, and that was how I found out that she loves to read the inspirational book. Hahaha...

Below was quite latest picture that we took when we met up together with other high school friends.
SJ, SF, me and AH

I just hope our friendship will last forever SF!!! It's really great that we know each other for such a long time!!! Not the time that measured the strength of our friendship, but what life journey that we've shared together. Thank you for being my good friend!!! :) 

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