Sunday, May 12, 2013

HMD - From my dear son :)

I love you Baobei... Muach.... :)

This afternoon after finally having lunch and taking bath, my son shouted to me, "Mummy, there is a mail for you...." Today is Sunday, there won't be postman working no? So, it was actually my son who specially delivered his own made big parcel envelope and filled with one folded A4 paper and two smaller envelopes (see photo below).

Reever and his own creations for me :)

There was two side drawings in a piece of A4 paper. As per previous post, he was now in the mood of Minecraft game, therefore, the theme for this year Mother's Day present was also related to Minecraft's accessories created by himself :D

Inside the envelopes, there were small cuts of different shapes paper. One, were heart shapes, and another one, were Minecraft figure with his cloth, pair of pants, helmet, shoes, and even sword. So cute. You could choose which part you want to fix it for the figure. Hehe...

Thank you Baobei!! I love it very much!!! And I love you very much too.... Muach.... :)

Btw, do you know what HMD refers to???? It's Happy Mother's Day!!! Hahaha.... (I didn't know about it earlier.. hehe... :P)

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