Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Combo MRT breakdown plus high PSI level

After work, at first I planned to buy some food at Chinatown then go back home. I boarded to the opened MRT happily. But after some time, there wasn't any sign that the door would close and depart. Instead, we received announcement that the trains were unable to run from Hougang to Harbour Front, and it affected the whole North East Line MRT.

I went out and thought of going for shopping first until the train could run again. But I immediately changed my mind when I saw familiar bus number that could bring me to the nearest area from where I stay. Some more I just had my period this morning.... Dun think browsing around the mall is a good idea. I boarded into the bus without thinking twice and found myself a comfortable seat on 2nd storey of double-decker bus.

The bus went smoothly until it reached Little India. It started to crawl slowly. And even slower as it was peak after office hour. Everybody was rushing back home. The numbers of traffic lights made it worse.

Ah, luckily I had a book with me. 'Have a little faith' by Mitch Albom. I read it along the way and stopped once in a while to see my surrounding.

When passing by Woodleigh MRT, we saw a lot of people was waiting for the bus.  But too bad, the buses that passed the station were mostly full and packed. Suddenly I felt very lucky that I managed to get the bus much earlier than them. I felt very grateful for what my situation was. And when I looked outside the window, I felt I was in Genting Highland where what I saw was fog an not haze and weather was cold instead of hot and dry!!! I guessed I was dreaming.

Despite sitting down inside the bus, after some time I felt tired la. And one thing made it worst.... I wanted to pee..... OMG!!! I held the urge to pee all the way. Haiz.. The journey was still faraway... due to the slow traffic and congestion. I was thinking if I should stop at Kovan to pee and have my dinner there then go home. But I wasn't sure how long it'd take for MRT to start operating again, so I was just sitting there and endured.....

I even fell asleep... I was soooo... tired..... Hoaahheeemm... zzz.... 2 hours had passed and the bus har just reached Hougang area. It took 2 hours and 20 minutes for the bus to travel from Clarke Quay to Hougang bus interchange, the longest ride I ever take in Singapore. Fyi, from Clarke Quay to Hougang, usually it only needs 18 minutes by MRT...... ^^"

Once I saw the bus interchange, I was so glad. Once came out from the bus, the strong burning smell and foggy feeling had woken me up. Oh man, what a day!!! I faster walked to Hougang Mall and find the toilet.... kekeke.... Once done, I went to Kang Kar food court and had my late dinner there. It was 9.20pm already.  I bought a bowl of noodle to warm up my hungry stomach.

There was Pasar Malam (night market) there. I decided to browse around for a while to let my food digested before continuing my journey back home. I saw many people started wearing mask liao.  Even saw some people buying the cartoon mask in Pasar Malam there.  By 9pm the MRT was back to operate. I was very tired and decided to take MRT back to Punggol and walked back home. I reached home at 10pm. What a long journey!!!

After that I found out that at 9pm, the PSI level had jumped out to 290!!! The highest in Singapore history.

Source: NEA
By 10 pm the PSI level has reached 321!!! Now everybody was waiting for the government to declare not to let people to go to work tomorrow, which is very unlikely to happen lor.. Better go to sleep and have a real dream rather than waiting for something that will never happen. Hehe....

So, it's time for me to sleep now. It's really been a long day for me. It was my first time tasting the long train delay after working hour. It happened to me once before, on the way to work.  But I was almost reaching the office so the impact wasn't that bad.

Just hope that the delay won't happen that often. And if the case like this happens again, I'll choose go to shopping centre sitting in one corner having my dinner slowly and finish it with  cup of nice tea or coffee while reading my book. And if I get bored, I'll walk around and shop. Hahahahaha....... Have a good rest everyone!!! Good night!

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