Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dragon Boat Festival - Rice Dumplings

Every year on 5th month and 5th day  of lunar calendar we celebrate Duan Wu (端午节) or Dragon Boat Festival.

If you have Chinese friends on your Facebook, you would see them posting status or comment related to it yesterday, yes, it fell on yesterday :)

There was an origin of the festival which you can find in here.

This year I didn't have the opportunity to eat the rice dumpling filled with meat, mushroom, chestnut, (also called 'Bacang') as my hubby's grandma, who used to make and supply it to us, was hospitalized.  She fell down about a week ago and was operated and still required her to stay there for recovery.

And usually if you were about to buy it outside yesterday, the price would usually be marked up or very expensive. So I could only hear the conversation of my siblings and Mom on how they enjoyed the rice and hid my saliva inside my mouth... hehe...

My 2nd sis who stays in Hong Kong, went to watch the dragon boat competition with her hubby and sis-in-law. The photos of the dragon boats were taken by her. Usually the atmosphere could be felt strongly over there.

This morning my Chinese colleague came and brought their handmade Chinese style rice dumplings into our office.  The fillings are quite different. They made it filled with red bean and red dates (sweet ones). Most of us (Singaporean and Malaysian) are not used to with the taste, just like they are not used to the rice dumpling filled with meat, mushroom, and chestnut.

However, we really appreciate their effort to share the rice dumplings with us. Thank you guys!!! :) (See photo to see how their hand made dumplings looked like)

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