Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Miss you Baobei....

Tonight my son will fly to my home town and enjoy his holiday there for a week.  Yesterday afternoon, just to think about separation, it made me sad and missed him badly.  'Cos on Sunday I did the housework for a whole afternoon and took a nap in the evening for few hours, didn't have time to entertain him when he was feeling lonely and needed someone to talk.

So I decided to call him yesterday afternoon. Like usual, the conversation would be how was he, has he had his lunch, what he was doing and so on.  After that before closing the conversation, I told him that I love him and passes a kiss to him and he replies me the same.

And yesterday night after reaching home, he was asking me why I called him. I replied, "I missed you mah, cannot meh?". He immediately replied me, "Can......."

This morning while working at the office, I received a missed call from home. As I was busy, I only called him back after few minutes later.

It's my turn to ask him, "Just now you called me yah?" "Eheh.. (means 'yes')" "Why?", I asked.  "Nothing. I miss you mah, cannot meh?", he said exactly what I told him yesterday.  Hahaha... and we continued our conversation...

"Waa... now then you miss me yah?", I teased him. "Nolah, I have already missed you since this morning..", he replied. Deep inside me, I was touched... hehe... Because usually he would call me just to ask me if he could play computer or Ipad, but not this time. He called me just to say he misses me :)

Perhaps there is a good thing in temporary separation. It made us realize how important him or her when he or she isn't around and how much we miss their existence in our life.  

Good that it is just temporary :)

Thank you Baobei for loving me. Although sometimes I am not a good mother to you (especially refused to play Minecraft with you - not even tried how to play that), I want you to know that no matter what happens in our lives, I will always love you, just the way you are. Remember that ok? Love you Baobei... Muach... Enjoy your holiday and take care!!!

With lots of love,

Your dear Mom :)

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