Friday, October 04, 2013

Happy Children's Day Baobei!!!

Today children celebrates children day by not going to school. Teachers did some performances at school where my son studies. According to him, during Teacher's Day, it was students who performed for teachers. So on Children's Day, it was teachers' turn to perform.  Fair and square, wasn't it?

My son had already asked me few times on what gift should I give to him on this special day. He reminded me that he drew card for me on Mother's Day this year and he expected me to at least to do the same, if not, buying him a real present.

We bought him a pair of track shoes last weekend as he didn't have one. So I told him that track shoes were our present for him. He seemed dissatisfied with it as he thought he was entitled to get one. Hahaha... However, he loved the track shoes so much and he chose the color himself.

Yesterday on my way back home from office, he had already told me that he wanted to cycle. Even the day before he already told me about it but I went out after work therefore I couldn't fulfil his wish. But yesterday I was free. So I told him to prepare the bicycle and we would go cycling after I had my dinner.

At 8pm last night we departed from home. I never saw him as eager and motivated like that before. Perhaps in my absence, he didn't have a chance to go cycling at all. That's what I thought though.

Baobei ready for cycling - with his new track shoes ;)
Then, he wore his pair of socks, and took out his new pair of track shoes from the box. Aaaahhhhh...... Then I knew why... hahaha.... Other than being so long never went for cycling, he was also exciting to wear his new track shoes! :)

During cycling, I let him cycling in front of me. He put in lots of efforts and energy this time. He was so.... motivated. Usually he would cycle slowly and take his own sweet time behind me. Hahaha...

We cycled for an hour then went back home. I asked him if he wanted to do this everyday but he didn't dare to promise me and chose to keep quiet Hahaha....

It's a nice bonding session dear... Hope your spirit won't stop here or just because your shoes were new. About Children’s Day card, I won't promise you too, but I will see what can I do later ;)

Happy Children's Day Baobei!!!

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