Friday, October 25, 2013

You can now reach up to the sky at a price :)

Flying high in the sky
I took this picture from our local newspaper this morning - "You, too, can defy Gravity - for a price" - My Paper Fri, October 25 2013.

Many years back during my school time, in tourism class, we had already predicted that the future of tourism industry would be this kind of traveling that people would be able to travel in space by paying a hefty price.

Things that were seen as impossible were being realized and more reachable to public.  "The Arizona-based company, World View Enterprises, said in a statement on Tuesday the trip will cost US$75,000 (S$93,000) and travelers will stay aloft for about two hours in an eight-seat 'luxuriously appointed space-qualified capsule'".

Although I love traveling, I won't spend my money this way, also I don't have much money to travel this way hehehe....

I don't like a short-time enjoyment like this. I love to spend more time enjoying the view slowly and experiencing things by touching, smelling, tasting, interacting, and not just looking :)

Anyway, good to know that we were spoiled with more choices on how and where to travel, in case we get bored with traditional traveling and don't know where to spend our excessive money ^^

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