Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013 ^^

My besties and I wish you a Jolly Merry Christmas 2013 ^^

Few weeks ago, one of my besties, ET, was asking me and PY (another best friend of mine) to meet up for lunch or dinner so that we could meet up and exchange gift before Christmas. Suddenly PY was asking how if we had steamboat at my home during Christmas Eve. PY stayed not far from my house, so it shouldn't be a problem for her to come to my place. However, ET stayed quite far away. Last time, she said she wanted to come to my house to have steamboat, and last minute she 'fang fei ji' (a Chinese phrase which literally means to free the aeroplane. It is commonly used to describe someone being stood up), twice. She said she wasn't feeling well. Hahaha... So this time, when she agreed to it, both PY and I was quite surprised. More over, she was such a party goer, who would usually go for clubbing with her group of friends. Such an important occasion she would like to come to my house?? Of course very much welcome, but we were just worry that she would 'fang fei ji' again... Lolx!!!

At the same time, 24th December was my sister-in-law's birthday. So, I informed both of them, hope they didn't mind if my family members were going to join the dinner. So, the plan was set and we all were very exciting about it. ET would bring sparkling wine and PY would bring Log cake cum Birthday cake. I would prepare the food.

Last minute, I changed the menu. Instead of having steamboat, I told them how if we eat western food? Because it was Christmas Eve. They said, anything would do. So, days before that, I planned what to buy, where to buy, what to cook, etc. I informed my sister-in-laws too about the dinner.

On 24th December, all of us went to work, but only half day. We were allowed to go home after 1pm. I only left office after 1.30pm. I went to shop some clothes and other things first since there were 'Sale' at many shops :D Reached home at 4pm. I took a bath to refresh myself. Right after, prepared Salsa for the Nachos accompaniment.

While doing it, ET came. She helped me up. I asked her to boil the spaghetti. While waiting, she took a look how I did so that she could learn some 'kungfu' able to prepare it herself in the future ^^ She was amazed to see how I prepared the salsa, spaghetti and the sauce. She said, "You have a restaurant standard in preparing your food, very western style." Hahaha... "Thank you for your compliment,"I said. At the same time, I winked to her,"Yeah, my hubby should know how lucky he was to have a wife like me." He was just smiling while deep-frying the Nachos. "She is good in preparing International food, but I am good too in preparing Asian/Chinese food," he replied, didn't want to be outdone! Lolx!

Our Xmas dinner - Nachos w/ dressings, wraps w/ smoked chicken, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Xmas Log Cake, Moscato Sparkling Rose, Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, and Martell VSOP with green tea :)

Everyone did their part that evening. PY who came late, was helping up too, preparing the wrap and rolling it. I was so happy that everyone was helping up. Within two hours time, we managed to prepare three dishes for the night.

Wonderful time together :)

We started eating at 7pm. It was a great night. Accompanied with a glass of Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, my favorite white wine, continued with Moscato Sparkling Rose - a sweet sparkling rose wine - suitable for women. Hmm.... Nice food, nice wines, great accompanies!!! I enjoyed it very much!

In a while, my sister-in-laws came back from their shopping. It's their turn to have dinner. I prepared the food for them while my hubby entertained my two friends. While they're eating, my friends and I chit chatted and we opened our gifts.

Thank you for the wonderful Xmas presents!!!

While opening our gifts, the two kids (my sis-in-law's sons) couldn't hide their curiosity. They turned their head back and looked at the three never growing up women opening their Christmas presents lolx!!! I got a fleece Doraemon blanket from PY and Forever Friends pen holder from ET. Thank you both of you for your lovely presents!!! Love it!

After that, it was time to cut the Log cake cum Birthday cake :)

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas

My friends and I continued with drinking session until 1am. I was quite in a mood for drinking, a happy mood, since I was accompanied with my two besties and I was at my own home, so didn't have to worry about how to go back home hehehe....

Btw, if you noticed the photos above, some of us wore the same shirts. PY bought a shirt for ET while I bought the shirts for others. I didn't manage to buy the shirts for the other sis-in-law and her families as I was running out of Ringgit after buying all those shirts... Sorry... But I bought them other shirts as replacement. Hope she would understand, not that I didn't love her :)

Overall, it was a great gathering session. It was my first time ba inviting friends for Christmas Eve dinner. Hope they enjoyed it as well ^^ Hope all of you had a great time as well!!!

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