Thursday, January 23, 2014

Approaching the wooden Horse year


Chinese New Year is around the corner. It's gonna fall on next Friday, 31st January 2014. We have about one more week to prepare.

To be frank, I haven't had anything done yet, as usual. I haven't done any house-cleaning; I haven't bought any Chinese New Year goodies; I haven't changed money notes or prepared any Hong bao (red packet filled with money to be distributed for children and single person as a sign of good luck); I haven't bought any food for reunion dinner, and so on.

Before going for holiday to Korea, I've bought some clothes and pants, which can be worn during the Chinese New Year day. I still have many new t-shirts too given by my Mom and siblings. Therefore I'm not worrying too much about it. There are some new bags too that I haven't used yet (although it had been given to me for years hehehe... - usually I would only change to new bag once the old one was spoilt or no more in good condition). My shoes and sandals are still in good conditions, so no plan to buy too.

Handmade CNY goodies from beloved ones :)

These few days people have gifted us their handmade cookies. My buddy, my neighbor, my husband's aunt, all of them have been so kindly shared their handmade cookies for us. Thank you everyone!!! Therefore,  we can save some effort and time to prepare and find nice cookies from outside.

This year I will stay back in Singapore. Since it falls on month-end, I can't go anywhere for long as I need to go back to work the next Monday to do the month-end closing.

My office CNY decoration since two weeks ago :)

There are some decorations that I need to buy to be put outside our house's main door. We are going to say goodbye to the snake's decorations very soon :)

I have to check if there is enough notes balance from the last year's Hong bao. Otherwise I need to change money into smaller notes from the bank.

Prediction for Horse in the upcoming Horse year :)

Time flies. It feels good that horse year is gonna coming again! It rotates every twelve years and I will experience it for the third time. In Singapore there are lots  of zodiac predictions everywhere you go. In general, everyone may expect ups and downs throughout the year. However, just think about the good things to happen hehehe... and hope for the best! :)

Well, see how much I can do this weekend, hope everything will go smoothly to welcome the new year, all the way 'til the end :) Have a good evening everyone! Wishing you well and happiness :)

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