Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Wooden Horse Chinese New Year!

Happy Wooden Horse Chinese New Year!!!

Today we worked half day until 2pm. It's a Chinese New Year's Eve. Everyone was in holiday mood already, much awaiting for the long weekend hehehe... Many had taken their leave today and went back to their hometown (mostly Malaysian and Indonesian). They took bus, ferry, taxi, car, or airplane. Must be very crowded in the checkpoint and airport :)

Many office opened half day. Most of our goods came yesterday and the day before. Today there were only little order to come and not much things to do for my colleagues. I was preparing for the upcoming month-end closing.

At 12.30pm me and my colleagues had our lunch at office Cafeteria. Our Chefs prepared nice food today (fish maw soup, vegetable fa cai, nasi lemak with ingredients) plus few varieties of Chinese New Year cookies, gold coin chocolates and Mandarin oranges to add up the CNY ambience :) We enjoyed our meals slowly, had a chit chat, as if we were having reunion lunch together.

Oh, we had our first Lo Hei together though on Tuesday. Read more about Lo Hei here. It was only 5 of us. The two Chinese porters had gone back to China for holiday since two weeks ago.

Roasted duck and pork char siew :)

Yesterday we had a roasted duck and pork char siew feast too. Oh, we were really spoiled with food at this Festive season!

At home there were lots and lots of tidbits, cookies and snacks too! Hohoho! Beer and soft drinks were prepared too!

My dear Baobei - ready for Steamboat reunion dinner :)

Tonight we had reunion dinner at home. Usually during Chinese New Year's Eve family members would get together at home or restaurant and had their dinner together. Steamboat was one of the choices as we could eat slowly and had conversation while eating. It was easier to prepare too. We ate, drank, and chit chatted until about 11pm then continued with watching TV. Our local TV broadcasted live show from Chinatown then followed with count down when the time came!

We lighted out the joysticks and pray to Buddha and ancestor, wish for their blessings so that we can go through the year ahead blessed with good health, safety, peace, happiness, wealth and luck. We prayed for others people's happiness too :)

I attach the cute Chinese New Year greeting's video here. Hope you enjoy! And I hope that everything will go smoothly too! Wish everyone a Happy Wooden Horse Chinese New Year! Huat ah!!! ^^

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