Sunday, March 16, 2014

i Light Marina Bay Festival 2014 and Picnic at Marina Bay Waterfront

i Light Marina Bay Festival map

I saw in the newspaper about the i Light Marina Bay Festival many days ago. It was held from 7th to 30th March this year. Since I was free today, I thought of visiting the place. I messaged my buddies about my intention to go there. Sekali one of them had already planned to have a picnic nearby the area and would visit the Festival after that. She invited me to come along and since it was last minute, she asked me no need to bring anything as she would prepare some salad, sandwiches, and some snacks while her other friends would bring pasta, pandan cake, fruits and drinks.

I was like... Wow!!! Picnic??? It's been a long time since I'd had my last picnic in Singapore. Usually I went to beach in Sentosa Island. This time we were going to picnic right in the middle of the city!!! Without thinking twice I accepted her invitation right away!!! ^^

We met up at Bayfront MRT station at 7.30pm then we walked through the Shoppes (luxury shopping mall in Marina Bay Sands) heading towards the Marina Bay Waterfront. And you know what? Since morning, the air had been very good. No haze, no burning smell, and the sky was very clear!!! Wow!! Lucky us!!! I was thinking that the haze might actually have an off-day too today hahaha.... :)

It was very crowded outside the Shoppes. There were few tents with live bands performing continued with recorded band by Rolling Stone creating a party ambiance.

Picnic @Marina Bay Waterfront - Singapore

We found a nice place near there so while eating and drinking, we could listen to the music too. All of us sat on the wooden floor. My friends took out their food, drink and cutleries. The wind blew comfortably. Above us we could see the full, bright and beautiful moon and some stars. From where we sat, we could also watch the daily Marina Bay Sands Light and Water show. Wow!!! The feeling was amazing! So relaxed and blessed :)

We chit chatted while eating. It was my first time meeting them, except my buddy, ET. The food was very nice too! I ate until very full. At 9pm, we ended up our picnic and started browsing the i Light Festival.

Fyi, i Light Marina Bay is Asia's only sustainable light art festival that showcases innovative content, the intelligent use of lighting as well as international line-up of creative talents. It features 28 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations from around the world. It started from 7.30pm to 11pm and free admission (Info source:

Below, I share with you some lights that I captured there. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend too!! ^^

The Wishing! Tree by The Living! Project

Some stalls outside the Shoppes

Happy Croco by Bibi - Do not enter Croco will bite!!!

"I LOVE YOU" - Lightscape Scatcher by Arup (Shanghai)

#Weheartlight by Light collective

Joujou-Ours by Uno Lai

**Insert caption please by Ryf Zaini

The Pool by Jen Lewin Studio

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