Sunday, April 27, 2014

San Bu Yi Bai or Three Steps and One Bow 2014

Happy Vesak 2558

This morning we woke up at 4.50am and got ourselves prepared. My two friends fetched us using cab and we reached temple at 5.40am. We reached quite early. The sky was still quite dark. We supposed to start at 6am. However, there were lightnings decorated the sky and the wind blew the brownish leaves from the trees quite strongly. Seemed like raining was coming.

The organizer asked us to find shelter nearby the area and rested for some time. The situation was not possible for us to go ahead at that kind of weather, very dangerous. We sat down and waited.

While waiting, I looked up onto the sky. The sky had slowly started changing its color. From the dark blue, it turned to reddish color (as sun started to rise), then to yellowish orange color, and finally a light blue color.

Chanting before started :)

Students and teachers were gathering inside the Praying Hall. The teacher asked them to calm down their mind and started to chant Namo Amituofo while holding their two hands in front of their chest. The chant was proven to change the drizzling weather into a dry one! At about 7.30am, people started to queue in line. Priority was given to fellow volunteer who would help up during the actual day followed by fellow students and their parents and/ or guardians.

Gratitude to all sentient beings

When my bestie and I started, time had already shown 8am. Last year we finished at 8.40am. And I managed to finish at 9.40am. Quite fast though this time. As usual, my muscles pained haha.. and I suffered mild headache too due to bowing frequently.

3-Step 1-Bow

My son joined the early batch with his classmates and teachers. He finished much early than me and immediately headed to Cafetaria to have his meal. Lolx! We were all hungry, thirsty and exhausted, but we felt a sense of achievement, that we made it again! I'd almost lost count on how many times I participated this activity. Perhaps this year would be the last year we joined as student's parents as I might ask him to continue to study at another temple that located nearby our house. We would have to join as public in years to come :( so sad... It wouldn't be held in the morning but in the evening instead, just like when I first time joined in year 2009.

Delicious vegetarian meals warmed up or stomach :)

So, we too headed to the Cafetaria after washing our hands and face in the toilet. We had a cup of soya bean, a small bowl of beancurd, a cup of plain water, took a big bowl of vegetarian noodles, "fa gao" or lucky cake and ate until full. We took a rest at the same time. One by one the other friends finished their journey too and we sat down together.

San Bu Yi Bai success!!! :)

After some time we went to different halls to pray and then went back home. Thank you SB for the good karma given to all of us so that we could attend and finish this journey again. May all sentient beings be happy. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu.

P.S. Click here for the upcoming 3-step 1-bow.


Yeesi7 said...

This is like the healthiest way to start the day. Although, I am not much of a morning person, I dread for such moment to Happen :)

Rima Reyka said...

Once a year would be fine for me but not everyday Hahaha.... :D

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