Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I loved it when...

I loved it when…
Three of us prepared our weekend’s breakfast together
I fried sunny-side eggs and sausages, whipped different type of noodles
My hubby boiled the water inside the kettle and prepared our tea and coffee
While my son would wash the dishes afterwards
Watched them eating with gusto gave me a hearty satisfaction although sometimes I would shake my head looking at their bulging bellies

I loved it when…
Once a week hubby and I would watch the latest Running Man show together at night before sleeping
We both would laugh until our tears coming and our stomach paining

I loved it when…
One afternoon my son was having a good mood and he called me up
Before ending our conversation, he suddenly said, “Have a nice day mummy!!!”
I would answer, “Same to you baby… I love you baby…”
He said, “I love you too mummy…”
“Muachhh…,” I sent my flying kiss from the phone, and he too replied, “Muachhh…”
Then we both hung up

I loved it when…
The time he kissed me, he just took a bath
So that I could smell the fragrant soap smell from his chubby cheeks
And make sure he didn’t eat anything
Or otherwise I ended up kissing his oily lips or having oily cheeks

I loved it when…
My son was having good mood at home and I was sitting in front of my desktop doing some work
He came over to me and placed his face closer to mine
He granted me a sudden kiss from his thick lips towards my cheeks
And said, “I love you Mummy…” 
I turned my body towards him, spread my arms widely, hugged him all around his big and fat stomach, and lay my head on it for a while
Felt it as if a soft big pillow on my head
And replied him gently, “I love you too Baby…”

I loved it when…
He told me to go over to his room after I finished bathing
It was night time and my son was getting ready to sleep
I went inside and he welcomed me by sitting down on his bed, and he opened his both arms widely
I accepted it by giving him a very big and firm hugs
We would perform our ‘kissing’ style - kiss his right and left chubby cheeks, then his lips
He kissed my left and right cheeks, then my lips
We hug each other again
And I would say, “I love you baby….”
He too said, “I love you too mummy…”
We lie down on his bed together and had a chit chat
Afterwards, I would check if he had brushed his teeth or not
He would purposely blow the air from his mouth and said, “Yes”, although he hadn’t done it yet and giggled, hoping that I believed his words
I knew when he hadn’t brushed it yet and would ask him to go to toilet and brush it immediately
He would then ask me to pull his BIG size body from his bed, or otherwise he would stuck on his bed forever
Having no choice, I had to pull him up and even push him to the door, making sure he entered the toilet and brushed his teeth (not just peeing)
In case he had already brushed his teeth, before going out from his room, I would say, “Good night baby… I love you…”
He too answered, “Good night Mummy, I love you too…”

You know what?
Having a family is a blessing to me
Having family members who love me is a wonderful thing ever happens to me.

All of us are not perfect,
and we have experienced many woe and weal together
No one would or could understand better on who we are

No matter how bad I scolded my son, or sometimes punished him terribly,
he would come back to me saying sorry with smiling face and his row of teeth,
hoping that I’d forgive him faster

No matter how often hubby and I were in silence mode,
that wouldn’t last long too as we forgave each other too easy,
as love surpasses it all

Thank you SB for everything!!!
I am very grateful with everything and feel calm, peace and happiness inside my heart
Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!


Sangay Phuntsho said...

Wonderful family:Togetherness for happiness. Keep going this way. I can see lot worth emulating.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sangay :)

dumcho wangdi said...

I love it when
I get time to read all those beautiful things you have written.

Cheer up. Nicely written.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you so much Dumcho! And welcome back! You've disappeared for quite some time! Hope you have finished writing your paper and continue your A-Z blog post! Have a wonderful day! :)

Flora said...

Oh I feel I am missing my daughter, yes that's the life of family, whatever happens or happened are golden memory nothing could replace.

Rima Reyka said...

Hope you and Karma can reunite with your lovely daughter soon Flora! Be patient! Good things are worth to wait :)

Flora said...

thank u my dear charo for your nice words, will wait patiently for that moment

Rima Reyka said...

Your most welcome Flora! :)

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