Monday, August 18, 2014

One night in his room...

By 11 pm I had already covered my body behind my blanket lying down comfortably under the blowing air-conditioner inside my room. I just finished typing out the daily teaching of Rhonda Byrne into my Facebook page, turned off my bedside light, and went deep into a sleep, into a faraway dreamland.

By 4 am I was awoken; this time, by a strange smell.

My nose was very sensitive in smelling any kind of smell until it could warn my nerve to get up from my deep sleep. Count it as a blessing or unfortunate?

Blessing because I twice saved our old house from getting burned due to my mother-in-law forgot turning off the stove when boiling the leftover soup. And it was unfortunate because I knew if someone had just had a cigarette and the smell annoyed me a lot!

So last night, I got out from my room, walked down into the living room, kitchen, service yard, trying to track down where the weird smell was coming from. Sometimes the smell might come from outside, which was out of our control, i.e. burning smell.

I tried to smell the air from outside, but instead, I smelled the fragrant softener from the hanging clothes in our service yard. That weird smell was contained within our house only. It’s sweetish kind of smell, more than I ever imagined.

I decided to go back into my room. Perhaps, I was thinking too much. But before I opened my room’s door, I saw dim light from underneath my son’s room’s door.

I was thinking, this hour? 4am? He should be in deep sleep ba? But I couldn’t justify my curiosity for the source of the weird smell.

I opened his door slowly and guess what I found???

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I saw the table lamp turned on with my son sitting down on a chair in front of my desktop, crossing his both legs, one hand holding the bowl filled with almost-finished instant noodle plus one cheese sausage, and another hand holding the chopstick. His both ears were plugged with earpiece while he was watching a video from YouTube from my sister-in-law’s iPad mini. And it was at 4 am in the morning!!!

I almost couldn’t believe it! I even thought I was dreaming. My son? Eating instant noodle at this hour? With iPad turned on?

I looked at him and asked him, “What are you doing?”

“I am eating.” 


“At this hour? Do you know what time it is now?”

“Ya….” He answered me all calmly and innocently.

“I woke up myself and cook lah..” he continued."

“But do you know that you’re having exam later?” I asked him back.

“Ya. Then?”

“Then you should have enough sleep. Why you woke up at this hour and eat?”

“After I eat, I will sleep again lah…” he answered while biting his last sausage and slurping the soup from inside the bowl.

While other students might wake up early due to having too much pressure from the exam and trying to study more early in the morning, my lovely son was watching video from YouTube and eating noodles comfortably not even bother about the upcoming exam.

I took the iPad mini from his hands. “After finish, go back and sleep!” ordered me and I left his room.

OMG!!! So that’s where the weird smell coming from! I never once thought this thing would happen to him. No wonder he grows fatter every single day and this, might be one of the reasons why!!!


Sangay Phuntsho said...

Rima I take it this way; he must be concentrating at his fullest in the class to relax afterwards. Anyway, he ought to get adequate sleep.

Sonam Tenzin said...

Reever and me got this one thing common. :-)

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... No he didn't Sangay. I doubt so. I think he was just too hungry 'til couldn't sleep lolx! ;D

Rima Reyka said...

Haha... Ina? But you aren't fat like him la ^^ Actually, I was like that too before hahahahaha.... ;P Just didn't expect that he followed me that soon! And the difference was, I was hungry because of studying while he was hungry because he was just simply hungry!

Ugyen Tenzin said...

Your son might be in great love with noodles as I am. But, unfortunately, you didn't get the share lol! as expected.

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha... You are right Ugyen, I didn't get his share. He almost finished by the time I went in. Lolx! ^^

kaneru maseru said...

hahaha gw ngakak bc ur story .. gw aja ng kebayang koq bs yah ? dl wkt qt seumuran dia kgk smp gtnya .. lol

Rima Reyka said...

Hahaha.... kebawa gen dr emanya Nel :P

Lekey Choden Dorji said...

Am so good at this xD . Got no timing, can eat anything, any time haha. He must have been too hungry :p

Rima Reyka said...

Haha... I also think so Lekey ;)

Flora said...

Good that he could cook now and when he feels hungry.. Hope he did his Paper well in the very next day.

Rima Reyka said...

He is very good in finding way on how to eat haha... About the paper, I'm not quite sure :P

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