Tuesday, October 07, 2014


"The process of creation is the same for all things, whether you want to bring something to you or remove something negative from your life. 

If you have a habit you wish to break; or anything negative you wish to remove from your life, you must focus on what you want. That means you visualize and imagine yourself in the negative-free state right now. Imagine yourself in as many scenes as you possibly can where the negative situation is completely absent. Imagine yourself happy and free. Eliminate any picture from your mind of you with the negative situation. Just imagine yourself in the state you want to be in, and feel that you are that, right now." 

- Rhonda Byrne - 
Daily Teaching day 170

The above quotes awoke me from my nightmare. The long resting day plus the realization have helped me to break my dreamy world. Like a hammer bang onto my head, made a loud sound to knock my soul that I’d left asleep for a longer time.

I found the root of my problem and realized that I didn’t actually need it. I thought I should have it, to make my life complete. I thought I should control it and make it become mine. The terror of living in the falsehood, treachery, hidden truth, made me startled and honesty abused.

Oprah Winfrey quote (Source: Google.com)

It took me some time, a step by step effort, to reduce the intensity, to go back to where I was, and slowly into where I am now. I looked around and realized that the treasures had always been with me all the time, even more than what I requested. Only that, I always looked for what I didn’t have in life instead of focusing on what I had.

Indeed, it took time to realize but I’m thankful that the day has finally come. I know what I want and I already have it with me. It is even more than what I've imagined.

In order to find it, I need a non-stop effort, a never-give-up approach, and most importantly to love myself, wanting to let the wound heal and go away completely from my life, even the memories itself.

Thank you SB for the courage to push my inner heart, to do what I ought to do. Thank you for making me grateful on what I have and treasure it while it’s still around. I'm indeed grateful as I am now having what many others don't even have in their lives - honesty, respect, two-way and open communication, to love and be loved. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for having me awaken from this Maya :)


sancha rai said...

It was a wonderful post...it was nicely reflected on life proceedings ...thanks

Ankita said...

a very inspiring post! I loved the quotes by Rhonda B and Winfrey, they hold so true in every walk of life. the biggest loss in one's life is the loss of hope and optimism.


Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Sancha for your lovely comment! Wish you have s pleasant day! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Ankita for leaving your comment here! Yes, their quotes hold truth in every walk of life. I love it too! Hope you have a wonderful out there! Take care! :)

Kipchu Namgyel said...

Your post equally awaken us like you have been.It has always been a pleasure going through your posts.Thanks.

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Kipchu for your constant support and I'm glad if it can help you too :)

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