Saturday, October 04, 2014

Finally! A relaxing night at home sweet home :)

It's been a very long week for me. Since Monday I had been busy with my mundane monthly tasks up to this evening. So when the clock ticks to 6.15pm, I left my working place almost immediately.

Reached home slightly late after meeting up with besties for dinner. Although windy, I still longed for having a nice hot water shower with a nice perfumed smell bath gel. Hmmmm...... It released all my tiredness and I was telling myself that I should have it tonight! A chilling time with some drink and snacks, tidbits, whatsoever,  with relaxing music in background and not forgotten the yellow dimmed light on my dining room. Uppsss... plus accompany of my dear hubby! ^^

I searched high and low for the right drink-to-be. No soft drink nor juices inside my fridge. I had a leftover red wine. Not wanting to open a new bottle of Vodka (since only two of us), I decided to open another new bottle of red wine.

Russian Bar Choco Liquor

I started it with the leftover red wine plus the Russian Bar choco liquor that I bought in Moscow. I tasted two of the flavors - Cahors wine and cognac-soaked ashberry. The liquor weren't as strong as I was expected, but the choco taste was not bad.

Once the first glass had finished, I opened a new bottle and took the second glass. I felt a bit hungry ha-ha... I took a look inside the fridge and decided to make toast for supper :D *hownottogetfat!!!

I put small size cut of bacon on top of the pan. It sizzled noisily and I left it for a while. I reheat the oven and prepared the aluminum foil, topped it with four slices of wholemeal bread. I scooped the tomato paste onto the bacon once it got brownish and added some black pepper coarse and garlic to it. When boiled, I poured it on top of the bread and sprinkled with shredded Mozzarella cheese then put it inside the hot oven. After 10 minutes, Voila!!! The toasts were ready and it's time to eat.

Great home cooked supper ^^

Hmmmm..... a great accompany with my red wine. The slow music was still playing on the background. The warm food, tasty flavor wine made me a little sleepy now. Hope you enjoy your weekend everyone! Those who live in Singapore, have a great long weekend! :)


Ankita said...

making a small pizza out of a toast was gud!!

Rima Reyka said...

Yes Ankita! It's easy too! Enjoy your weekend dear! :)

Kipchu Namgyel said...

The ultimate place of happiness; home sweet home.Missing home.Have a nice weekend la.

Rima Reyka said...

It's true Kipchu! Have a nice weekend to you too! :)

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