Sunday, October 05, 2014

The All You Can Dream Buffet by Barbara O'Neal

"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Below is the synopsis written behind the book:

"Popular blogger and foodie queen Lavender Wills reigns over Lavender Honey Farms,  a serene slice of organic heaven nestled in Oregon wine country. Lavender is determined to keep her legacy from falling into the profit-driven hands of uncaring relatives, and she wants an heir to sustain get life's work after she's gone. So she invites her three closest online friends - fellow food bloggers, women of varied ages and background - out to her farm. She hopes to choose one of them to inherit it - but who? 

There's Ginny, the freckle-faced Kansas cake baker whose online writing is about to lead her out of a broken marriage and into a world of sensual delights. And Ruby, young, pregnant, devoted to the organic movement, who's looking for roots - and the perfect recipe to heal a shattered heart. Finally, Val, smart and sophisticated, a wine enthusiast who needs a fresh start for her teenage daughter after tragedy has rocked their lives. Coming together will change the Foodie Four in ways they could never have imagined, uniting them in love and a common purpose. As they realize that life doesn't always offer a perfect recipe for happiness, they also discover that the moments worth savoring are flavored with some tears, a few surprises, and generous helpings of joy."

First word that caught my attention was 'blogger'. Second, 'foodie'. I immediately picked the book from the library shelf and brought it home with sheer happiness :)

Within days I finished reading it. It described a lot about the Lavender farm, where the four women met, which reminded me of my visit to a Lavender farm in Tasmania just few months ago. I could imagine easily on how it looked like in the story.

It talked about friendship and relationship too! Women and their troubles in life! One way or another all of us face problems in life, which is very realistic kind of story. And with support and encouragement from dear friends, it makes us becoming a stronger human being and eventually we can find out what we really want in our life.

Hhmmmm.... For me, the title really fitted the feeling that I had while reading it. It made me daydreaming a lot when it talked about the trailer journey. Again, it brought my mind back to the Tasmania, where we saw many people driving it.

My dream holiday! ^^

In my imagination, you can use it as a place to sleep, to cook, to take a bath, etc. You can even blog from there too! It's mobile and can transport you wherever you want to go. You can stop somewhere with a view overlooking a beautiful and peaceful lake, for example, then build a camp and campfire nearby, picnic, fishing, etc. Or you can stop by at the roadside to indulge yourself with mountainous view or to see sunset right in front of you. How does it sound? ;)

Imagine that you can open the window that locates just above your bed where you can gaze at the dark sky filled with bright moon and billion stars! You can whip up delicious salad, pasta, even dessert from that small kitchen inside with fresh ingredients purchased from the nearby local farm. Huh! It made me wanting to try or experience it once in my lifetime! OMG!!!

I immediately shared the book to my besties whom I traveled with to Tasmania and asked them perhaps we could try taking trailer for our trip next year, when time and fate permit. Hehe.. I even told my hubby that one day, three of us - he, our dear Baobei, and I - should have tried it out in Australia. All you can dream buffet huh? ;)

Well, I don't know what you will feel after reading it but it gives me dream to look forward, which I have no idea if I ever have a chance to fulfill, and the sense of familiarity with the figures in the story (as we are woman, blogger, and given with problem in life too). I think this story will fit more to women and I hope you enjoy reading it as I did! :)


  1. Awww! Reading it makes me want to visit NLB as soon as I finish this Sunday Mass and grab this book!

    Dream about it Rima!

    When you want something (bad enough), all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it
    ~Paulo Coelho~

    1. I can pass the book to you Shel. Extend it for another round and you have ample time to read it slowly ;) Yes, I'll keep dreaming about this! Thank you for your support and encouragement! ^^

    2. Nah, thanks! Not going to be a greedier bookworm. I still have ur haruki murakami and loads of books to read hahahah... will read it when I have chance, anyway... it still 11 month away from our next trip *fingerscrosseditwillhapppen*

    3. Oops! I accidentally passed by NLB and accidentally found the very same book, and my hand couldn't resist not to reach it... It is on my lap now!

  2. Beautiful post Rima ma'am. Hope you fulfill your dreams in your coming future. Be happy and always smile. Take Care. :)

    1. Thank you so much Ugyen! Hope your wish come true! :)