Saturday, March 26, 2016


A: "Hey!"

H: "What? 

A: "You know what?"

H: "What?"

A: "Your time is up. It's time for you to come back."

H: "But..."

A: "But what? You have tried your best."

H: "I know. But...."

A: "You have really tried your best. It's up to them to make good use of it or not. But your time is up dear."

H: "Tell me. Am I such a failure?"

A: "No. You are not. I can see how you put your heart and soul into it. And..."

H: "And what?"

A: "And you are now falling into it. That's why you are reluctant now."

H: "Well... Is it a mistake?"

A: "No. It isn't. You are just caring and loving too much. That's it."

H: "So how?"

A: "There is nothing you can do now. You see, things get better now. She's been happy with her life and she has already known what she must do now in order to live her life to her fullest. What else do you want? Unless.."

H: "Unless what?"

A: "Unless you are willing to let everything go and go back to the earth, be reborn again."

H: "Reborn again?"

A: "Yes, reborn again."

H: "But it means..."

A: "Yes, it means... you can be born as her son."

H: "Her son?"

A: "Yes, her son."

H: "But... I don't want to be her son. I want to be beside her, protect her all through her life."

A: "That's what the son's job is. To protect his mom all through her life."

H: "Well, I do want to, but her son?"

A: "You don't have much choice dear. Either you come back to where you belong, or you will be reborn as her son."

H: *speechless and head spun around...

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PS: This post was inspired by this afternoon's conversation with my besties. They were saying that Chinese believed that if the son was the Mom's past life's lover while the daughter was the Dad's past life's lover. Then I told them that in this case, my father must have had many lovers in the past, and my poor hubby didn't even have one... :D

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Take time to sharpen the axe

Good morning! I hope all of you had a good sleep last night and wake up this morning with good health and mind, just like me ;) As I opened Facebook on my way to work, I saw these series of meaningful pictures that sometimes we all went through it unconsciously in our life.

This, intrigued me to share it to all of you on my blog. Here, let me thank the person who made these wonderful creations and hope you won't mind if I share your work here :)

So, how was it? Do you agree with it? Wasn't it a good reminder for us? Share it around if you think someone that you care and love needing it ^^

"Take time to rest. Your body and soul need it." - I'll have mine soon ;)

Wish all of you have a marvelous day and remember to live your life to the fullest today and everyday! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reading and to be read list book :)

Despite hectic life at work, I tried squeezing my time to read, e.g. while sitting in the bus, before sleeping, and so on. These past few months I could only read two or three books the most!

Go Set A Watchman - Thank you Rekha for the book! ^^

Last month I finally read two Harper Lee's books - To Kill A Mockingbird and Go Set A Watchman. And now, I currently read one of Ernest Hemingway's books - The Sun Also Rises - as I hadn't read his book before and was curious about his writing. P.S. Thank you Kipchu for sending me the e-books :)

And yesterday, when having a morning walk with my Bhutanese friend cum blogger, Uden, we suddenly talked about books. She loved reading too. So this topic caught my attention immediately.

Uden and I :)

She was asking me what book I was currently reading and then she told me about her favourite books, which she recommended me to read. Below were her recommendation and it's gonna be my TBR book list when I got them on my hand :)

1. Book written by Indian novelist, whose book had been shortlisted for the Booker Prize the times, Anita Desai. Uden couldn't remember the title, but she told me she loved her writing so much and asked me to read at least one of her books. She had written almost twenty books in total. Maybe anyone of you would recommend me which book that I should read it first? :)

When Breath Becomes Air - Paul Kalanithi 

2. "When Breath Becomes Air," written by Paul Kalanithi. It's an inspirational book. The author had just finished a decade's training as a Neurosurgeon, when he was diagnosed with stage IV of lung cancer. With the remaining time of his life, he wrote this book as he wondered what made life worth living in the face of death. He died in March 2015, yet his words lived on as a guide for the rest who remained alive. Uden said he wrote it beautifully and meaningfully. So, this would be my must to be read book this year!!!

The White Tiger - Aravind Adiga

3. The White Tiger written by another Indian author, Aravind Adiga. Uden didn't mention much about the content or story from this book. However, this book won the 40th Man Booker Prize in 2008. From the online review, this book depicted issues of caste, religions, loyalty, corruption, and poverty in India. Seemed interesting! :)

Thank you Uden for the list of books you recommended me yesterday! Hope I'd get it soon! Wish everyone a wonderful Sunday! Fill your time with reading book once in a while and hope one of the books listed above would be an inspiration of what to read next! ;)

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Learn from other people's experience :)

I found and read one article from Facebook. The title is 20 vital things a 40-year-old lady wants women in their thirties to know. Check the link out ladies! Even if you're not in your thirties yet, it does no harm reading it. In fact, I totally agree with the messages written there.

Have a beautiful Sunday morning! :)

Time passes by. Unknowingly I've come to the age where I guess I've lived and experienced enough things in life, especially in relation to study, relationship, work, friendship, health (mentally and physically), soul feeding, sports, traveling, spirituality, family matters, and so on. 

And obviously, I realized that it wasn't just me. I've grown up for some time together with my siblings, spouse, and lots of friends surrounding me whose having almost the same age and generation. We meet often, discuss things, learn from each other's experience, sharing our weal and woe together. We experienced lost, hardship, changes in life. We too experienced many joy occasions in our life depending on choices we chose in our life. 

Rhonda Byrne's Quote

I'm glad that I've experienced all that in my life. Adversity in life was happened for good reasons. It strengthened and made us learning from it. It also reminded us the reality of life that nothing stayed permanently and changed were a constant part in our lives. 

However, despite all that, I'm deeply grateful that I received helps when needed, found my ways on how to live and spend my life with, balancing on things that I wanted to do, and most importantly, to live my life to the fullest, find happiness within when I need it. I hope everyone would find their paths and ways too so that they can proudly tell to themselves how they were able to overcome and continue to do so for the rest of their life's journey. 

Thank you, thank you, and thank you everyone! :)

And learning from other people's experience is always the greatest thing to do in life. So, I hope you could learn few things here and there and apply it into practice and let's see if it could help you overcome your life. 

Have a great Sunday folks! ;)

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

March, you are lovely! :)

Hello March by Heather Rosehill :)

Today the weather was really good. This evening after work, I decided to go to the park nearby my house with a book on my hand and a cotton handbag at another. I bought a burger and a cup of Pepsi on my way there.

I chose a place near the stony round chair and sat down on the grass. Hmmm.... it was soft, like a cotton. The tree above me protected me from the shade. "What a lovely day," whispered me and smiled :)

I took the burger out from its wrapper and had a sip of Pepsi. Slurppp..... ahhhh.... it fed my thirst immediately! How long it'd been since the last time I had it. I wasn't usually taking soft drink. Perhaps, I took beer more often than that :D

I took a big bite on my burger. Crackkkk.... hmmmm..... this crispy chicken breast from the outside spellbound me. Again, when was the last time I had this junk food? Lol... I'd been eating so much less junk food as my age increased. Not a sign of aging, mind you. I'd just been more aware with what thing that entered into my body. As we knew, junk food wasn't that healthy for the body and the pocket :P

Slowly but sure I ate it up and emptied half cup of my soda. I lied my whole body down facing the grass then leisurely opened up my book and read it. What a treasure moment like this! This place was so harmonious!

Children were running around freely. They fell down sometimes, but they didn't cry. They got up and ran again, treating the grass as if it was a big layer soft carpet! They mixed around with anyone they met. Indian with Chinese, Malay with Vietnamese. Hm.... what a great place to live in!

The park was facing the river and I could hear the water sound from where I sat. What a wonderful place and day! And what a wonderful month - March, please be gentle with us. Let us smile and laugh again. But this time, let it be a real one! Wish you all a wonderful spring or autumn my dear readers! Hope yours are beautiful too! :)
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