Friday, April 29, 2016

One day. Yes, one day...

"I want to find a volunteer work abroad. But I don't know what I'm good at. Lol! Not sure if i can make it also with my health condition. I want to try at least 6 months. At least once in my life," typed me on my handphone screen to my bestie who stayed abroad.

"Come to my place sometime. And stay free. Don't work. Just eat and sleep," replied him.

"Woahhh.. so good ah??? Hahahaha... Volunteer to cook maybe? ;)" I typed again.

"I mean it. No need to do that even," said him firmly.

"Why made you do that for me?" asked me curiously.

"Because you deserve it."

Still in my mind our conversation that night. And now, here I am, on my way to Chau, a small village at the land of the blue dragon.

After some time, I finally made my mind coming here, to make my wish realized, dreams come true, as a volunteer in an organisation that protected Vietnamese youth from being trafficked as slave, or sold as prostitute, sending kids to school or training center, providing shelter to homeless boys and girls, and so on.

I will stay here for 6 months and help them writing and promoting the organisation, to find more donors from worldwide. After all, I'm capable of writing and hope it may bring awareness to outside world. I'm sure many people out there are willing to contribute to society, if not physical work, then in monetary way.

And in this rough, stony and dusty road, my mind imagined only the best and positive thing that will happen in the next six months. They already warned me the condition of the village that I'm going to stay. Hike at least an hour to reach their so called office, limited Internet access plus poor electricity and clean water access, very humble space to live in, limited health care access, and so on. It won't deter me anyway!

One day... yes one day.... :)

And once all this over, I'll then message my bestie back and claim for his words, let myself relax - just eat and sleep - no work.

P.S. It's just my imagination. Not the real story. However, it's what I want to do in my life, at least once. Don't know when and where, let's cross my fingers that this day will finally come. One day. Yes, one day :)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

5D4N Itinerary to Central Vietnam – Day 4: Angsana – Banyan Tree – Lang Co Resort

Back to weekdays now! The weekend had been well spent both in Hue and Hoi An! My friend got back to her duty and I had enough time for myself to enjoy :)

View from the balcony - Angsana, Hue, Vietnam 

After plenty of time spent sleeping and resting (after two full enjoyable days spent fully), I was greeted by the sun shine from my hotel’s room window. I took a bath, brushed my teeth, and packed my things.

Finally relaxing time!!! :)

My friend gave me permission to use her private swimming pool that located just outside her room. However, the weather was too hot for me :P Nevertheless, I still went there, sitting on one of the pool chairs facing the pool and the sea, listening to the music from my iPad mini, and writing out post cards and letter to my loved ones; not forgetting to munch the fresh mangoes and jackfruits that we bought the day before at the Hoi An wet market as breakfast :)

Jet Ski for lunch anyone? ;)

In the afternoon, I met up with my friend and her colleague for lunch. It was unusual lunch though, as we took Jet Ski to reach the destination ;) I sat behind and my friend started stirring it. Ouch!!! The waves, I tell you, were quite strong that day. It was my second Jet Ski experience (first one was done in Lake Toba, Medan – Indonesia, where the water was much calmer). Although we were all equipped with life-vest jacket, I was still not that willing to swim into the sea that afternoon :P So my friend tried her best to stir and ride it safely to our destination.

Lunch at the beach :)

There were huts along the beach and we went to one of them. Like usual, we sat on the small stools with our feet touching the sands and my friend’s colleague (local Vietnamese) started ordering some fresh seafood :) I really wanted to have cold beer I swear! But we still had to ride the Jet Ski back after lunch. Therefore, I had to turn the desire off and had mineral water instead ^^”

Clam with lemongrass, chili and ginger :)

First dish that came was a pot filled with clams, cooked with fresh lemongrass, chili, and ginger. Hm…. It tasted really delicious!!! With chopstick, we took the clam one by one, removed it from the shell, and munch it slowly. I scooped the fresh clam juice and slurped it slowly, felt the fresh sour and spicy taste to the fullest! I wished I could have another pot! Hahaha….. :P

BBQ Squid, Steamed Fish and Baked Oyster

Second dish was a plate of BBQ grilled squid with bowl of chili sauce and mayo. It was a little bit dry, but still nice. Third dish was another of my favorite – baked oyster topped with grated peanut and sauce. Hhhhmmmm…. Nyummy….. hehehe…. Last but not least was steamed fish Vietnamese style. I didn’t really like the last one though as they put salty vegetables with it. Altogether it cost us VND 600,000 or USD 27 for 3 of us. My friend was chatting freely with her colleague while I was listening to them and enjoying the beach scenery and air :)

Helpful Vietnamese. Thank you! :)

After lunch, we found that our Jet Skis were stuck deep inside the sand. Two women and one man would be impossible taking it out to the water. With one phone call, a group of 4 young Vietnamese men, who happened to have lunch at the same restaurant with us, plus the owner, came immediately to offer their helping hand. Wow! I was touched with their solidarity and spirit to help without expecting anything in return. Cảm ơn bạn or thank you lah everyone!!! :)

View around the island

This time I sat behind my friend’s colleague. We had a ride circling the island, gave me opportunity to take a look what existed surrounding the island, at the same time enjoying the ride :) Thank you both of you for the wonderful experience and kept me safe throughout the journey!

Both of them had to go back to work. I continued my activity. This time, accompanied by two resort’s staffs, I managed to try the Vietnamese basket boat. I saw it in Internet before and was wondering how it felt like to be inside it. The hotel had provided such facility for their guests to try and I would never miss out such an opportunity :D

Experienced the Vietnamese Basket Boat :)

One younger staff rowed and stirred the boat, while another one, whose hand was injured, helped me out taking photos throughout the journey hehehe…. The younger one saw me could not stand with the sun. He immediately removed his Vietnamese hat and passed it for me, asking me to wear it :) Oh, it was really useful lo! I felt cool and comfortable :) And it wasn’t as easy as I expected to control the boat. Without the staff around, I might have stirred it dunno where already hahahaha…. Or perhaps it ended up drowning into the lagoon :P

Cycling around Lang Co Resorts area :)

Ohh… although I felt a bit sore in my arm, it didn’t stop me from continuing the next activity, which was cycling around the Lang Co integrated resort area :D At first I wanted to cycle outside the resort area, to have a look at the real local life out there, but the timing did not suit me. So, no choice lah! Not much time left for me there. I chose one of the bicycles that were parked at the main entrance area. Guests were allowed to use it for free. So, there I went browsing the area nearby and made a visit to their new Organic farm just the opposite of the golf range.

Beautiful Banyan Tree Resort :)

In evening time, we checked in to Banyan Tree’s hotel room, which looked more like a villa to me, with a private pool and Jacuzzi in each room, facing directly to the sea. My friend booked one night for both of us to stay. After putting our stuffs into the room, we faster rode the electric buggy up to the hill, to catch the evening view and have dinner at their signature Thai restaurant – Saffron.

Great dining experience at Saffron - Banyan Tree Hue, Vietnam 

Wow!!! If you decided to stay in this hotel, I really recommended you to experience not only the delicacies, but also the service rendered by the staffs! It was really stunning!!! Many chose sitting outdoor with a direct view towards the beach and resorts, while three of us were sitting comfortably inside their beautifully decorated air-conditioned restaurant. It was my last night there in Vietnam and very grateful that I decided to have my dinner there.

After dinner, we were going back to the room. We were so full and could not sleep immediately. I asked my friend to soak ourselves inside the Jacuzzi. It was filled with warm water. Very comfortable sitting there and let the bubbles pampered our bodies. I sat and stared up there high in the sky while waiting for my friend to join me. It felt so quiet, peaceful, and wonderful. Once my friend joined in, we had chit chat too. Our conversation was like never ending. There were always topic for us to say :)

So, stomach was full. Body was pampered inside the Jacuzzi. What else? A can of beer, snack, then had a good night sleep. It’s been a wonderful day and it left me with another half day to go before heading back home. Stay tune for my last day experience in Vietnam and thank you for reading! :)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Thank you for giving me the best day of my life

I still remember the first day I saw you quote :)

Wow!!! I can hear the roaring thunders outside our office’s window. It’s been a while since the last time I heard it. I turn my head back and looked outside. The sky has turned dark and gloomy, not suitable for a day like this, Friday afternoon.

I have shopping plan to be done after work, to buy food stuffs for our early Mother’s Day dinner celebration. Just hope the rain will stop soon but leave the cool and comfortable weather around.

These past few days, I can’t catch the sunrise view from my bus window too. It’s been more than a week now. Thick clouds, hazy clouds have prevented the sun from rising up and shining its rays gracefully. As if they know that my heart is gloomy. OH, what a feeling!

“My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all
The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see at all
And even if I could it'd all be grey, but your picture on my wall
It reminds me that it's not so bad
It's not so bad

I drank too much last night, got bills to pay
My head just feels in pain
I missed the bus and there'll be hell today
I'm late for work again
And even if I'm there, they'll all imply that I might not last the day
And then you call me and it's not so bad
It's not so bad and

I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
Oh… just to be with you is having the best day of my life”

The acoustic guitar and melodious sound from Sound Cloud played from my handphone – posted by Dr Ben Studio – filled the whole office area. Everyone is so quiet and enjoying it. It really suits their mood, especially mine.

Alas!!! How it can coincidentally happen as I really missed my bus this morning and came late for work, due to the binge drinking last night with my friends, as we are separating very soon, plus something else that hid well in somewhere, in the corner of my heart.

Thank you for giving me the best day of my life quote

Except that…., there is no longer you beside me, nor any call or voice sound to be heard. It’s all over. It’s all end. That’s it. No matter what, I still want to thank you… for giving me the best day of my life… for giving me the best day of my life…

P.S. This post is inspired by the heavy rain and thunder outside.My friend once asked me to write when it was raining. The mood never appeared until today. So, here I dedicate this raining post for you. Hope you like it! :) Happy weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

5D4N Itinerary to Central Vietnam – Day 3: Hoi An

Xin chào or Hello in Vietnamese language :) Read about day 1 itinerary in Hue here

With a takeaway Iced Vietnamese coffee, we hopped into the hotel’s shuttle bus at 8 am. Today we were heading to Hội An, an ancient town recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It was a well-preserved example of a South-east Asian trading port back in 15th to 19th century. The journey took us about two hours to reach.

Journey to Hoi An from Hue :)

On our way, I updated my travel journal, then after sometime, I looked at the beach and rows of beautiful houses out there. It faced directly to the sea, a dream place to live in for many people in the world. When my friend told me the salary that her local colleagues earn, it made me thinking that those houses must be purchased only by the richest or otherwise by foreigners who married local and wanted to move outside from their countries for good :D

It was a bit hazy that day and temperature shot up to 30 degree Celsius. We stopped once at the marble shop for a toilet break. Many similar shops could be found along the roadside. My friend said that the marble mountain was just located nearby. She also explained to me about the development plan around the integrated resort area where we stayed, in the very near future. In short word, this place would boom and develop. So, you will have more choice on where to stay and what to do ;)

Post cards - Hoi An, Vietnam 

We finally reached Hoi An. We started walking around and going into shop to purchase some post cards :) Just a reminder, don’t buy too fast without checking the price at other shops. The post card I bought was sold at VND 10,000 or USD 0.45 each, but I bargained and bought 8 pcs for VND 65,000 or USD 3. However, later on I found the shop that sold the same post cards at only VND 5,000 or USD 0.22 each!!! Alamak…. :P

The other side of the Japanese Bridge - Hoi An, Vietnam 

Fyi, visitor was asked to purchase the entrance ticket to enter the Hoi An Ancient Town at VND 120,000 or USD 5.50 per pax (for adults above 16 years old). However, for frequent visitor like my friend, she refused to buy the ticket and brought me to enter through another entrance where the staff was not that strict. And once entered, we could not go out from the area, unless we planned to go out for good to avoid the ticket checking at the rest of the gates.

Japanese Bridge - Hoi An, Central Vietnam :)

The first place we visited was the iconic Japanese covered bridge - Chùa cầu – a unique covered structure built by Japanese with Buddhist temple on it connecting Tran Phu and Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street. It was believed to be created by Japanese who lived in Hoi An as a way to reach the Chinese quarter across the water. There were sculptures of dog and monkey at each end side of the bridge representing the Chinese years in which many Japanese Emperors were born and also the fact that the building of the bridge began in the year of dog and was completed in the year of monkey.

Hoi An Ancient Town

There were many cultural museums available at nearby area too, however, since we didn’t purchase the entrance ticket, we were not able to enter. Anyway, not very interested to visit those museums though. We spent most of our time relishing the scenic, old yellow building structures in the area, entering into various shops, buying some souvenirs, taking photos, and finally had our breakfast cum lunch at 2 pm.

Morning Glory - Hoi An, Vietnam

My friend brought me to the restaurant called Morning Glory. It was another recommended restaurant to visit by Trip Advisor. Oh, I was so hungry and tired!!! I ordered Bánh xèo (savory crispy pancake made of rice and mung bean flour, flavored with turmeric, folded and filled with shrimp, pork, and bean sprout, and served with peanut sauce, fresh herbs, star fruits and green banana at VND 75,000 or USD 3.50 per portion) and a bowl of Cao lầu (Hoi An’s most famous dish – rice noodles with marinated pork, fresh herbs, and croutons in a light, delicious broth at VND 55,000 or USD 2.50 per bowl), while my friend was having Hoi An wonton noodle soup with crab meat at VND 85,000 or USD 4 per bowl.

Coco Bana - Hoi An, Vietnam 

Oh, it felt good after that because we were filled and topped up enough energy to walk again :) At first I wanted to have fresh coconut at the newly opened shop called Coco Bana, however, after going inside, they sold more fruit infused green tea rather than coconut. The shop was designed uniquely and the staff was friendly. He let me browsing inside their store and introduced me what they sold. There were bikes with rattan basket behind it. He said, the bike were for anyone to ride around the area – for free. However, there was one condition to fulfill, which was for the rider to collect any plastic material rubbish they saw along the road, which afterwards, they would pass it to a granny, who then sell it to earn some money, as part of the sharing to community cause initiated by the shop owner. Wonderful, wasn’t it?

Hoi An wet market

We browsed around the wet market and got our instant Vietnamese coffee sold by one granny. We purchased a pack of fresh mangoes and jackfruits at VND 20,000 or USD 0.90 each. Wow! I wish I stayed there so I could buy and eat them every day!!! :D I finally had fresh coconut from the roadside, also only cost VND 20,000 or USD 0.90 each!!! My friend had New Zealand ice cream from one restaurant along the riverside.

Along the Thu Bon River - Hoi An, Vietnam :)

We spent our time walking along the Thu Bồn River towards evening and watching beautiful sunset. The place started to get crowded. Many people ate along the river with its small stool and table. The view and the environment was so wonderful!!!

Send my wish to the river :)

At the bridge, I saw a granny with long stick, stack of small open box, with small candle inside. My friends said that I could make a wish by lighting the candle and put the open box into the flowing river. I took out the note and passed it to the granny. She immediately lighted up the candle and passed the long stick to me so that I could put it down into the river. I closed my eyes and passed my usual wish from the bottom of my heart :)

Our dinner at Seedlings - Hoi An, Vietnam :)

Once the sun had set, we proceed to a first restaurant launched by Laguna Lang Co under Banyan Tree’s group, called Seedlings that provided training and job opportunities for disadvantaged local youth, giving them the necessary life skills for their future career in hospitality industry. It was located very near to the bridge. We were actually still pretty full from our late lunch plus drink and ice cream we had but still, I did not want to miss trying Hoi An signature dish - white rose dumplings or Banh Bao Vac and Cao lầu or rice noodles with Cashew pork plus their refreshing cocktail called Summer Seedlings :) Hhhmmm…. Nyummy…. :)

Ice cream time! ^^

Done with dinner, we proceeded to the nearby Night market. We had a piece of traditional ice cream stick each as dessert.

Beautiful lantern at Hoi An, Vietnam :)

My friend insisted me to go to Hoi An until night time as you could find range of colorful Vietnamese lantern being sold. Many people took photos, including the newly wedding couple. They too used the lantern for their wedding photos’ background :)

Hoi An Night Market - Vietnam

We walked through the whole stretch of the road to see what they had in store. Majority was handicrafts, souvenirs, local snacks, and so on. Bargaining and comparing prices were a must!!!

The bus left at 9 pm and we reached Angsana two hours later. Both of us were soo… tired. After taking a bath and drying our hair, we went to sleep. That was how our second day passed :) Continue next on the day 3.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

5D4N Itinerary to Central Vietnam - Day 1 and 2: Hue

My journey to Central Vietnam started when my ex-schoolmate was suddenly sending me message on my We Chat and asking me to go over there before her employment contract with her company ended. We had talked about it so often before, that one day we’d spend our time together there, visiting places, although initially we even thought of visiting northern part of Vietnam. But due to my leave constraint, I could only take three days off plus weekend, and here I shared with you my itinerary on what to see and where to go if you planned to go there :)

Let's go! :)

From Singapore, I took VietJet Air – the international low-cost airline launched back in 2011 – as recommended by my friend. It was newer plane and hence, safer? I booked VietJet Air from Singapore (stopped once in Ho Chi Minh), and returned using Jetstar - direct flight including meal and a 20-kg baggage - that cost me the total of SGD 250-260 (less than USD 190).

Singapore - Ho Chi Minh - Danang by VietJet Air 

Day 1 - Flight from Singapore - Ho Chi Minh - Danang 

I flew in the afternoon time at 1 pm from Singapore and finally reached Danang at 7.30 pm (transit in Ho Chi Minh about 4 hours until the next flight flying). I stayed at Angsana Lang Co in Hue, Vietnam, and it took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach there, by taking the complimentary hotel’s shuttle bus. The sky had turned dark by the time I reached the hotel and my friend had been so tired waiting for my arrival. However, she was smiling upon meeting me, welcoming me to my ready-made room, and chit chatting until very late at night :)

Day 2 – Hue, Central Vietnam.

Beautiful Angsana Lang Co Resorts - Hue, Vietnam :)

We had breakfast in the hotel. It offered international spread buffet completed with free-flow of Sparkling wine on the buffet table. You could taste variety of local food too, like Bánh mì (Vietnamese baguette), Vietnam coffee (hot or cold), Bún bò Huế (Hue style chicken rice noodle soup), Bánh chưng (glutinous rice w/ mung bean dim sum like food), and so on. I had my share enough and thanked my friend for the treat :)

Visiting Hue Imperial Palace or Citadel - Central Vietnam

We took the complimentary shuttle bus provided by the hotel to Hue at 10 am sharp. There were few guests coming with us. It took us one hour and fifteen minutes to reach the Hue bus station, in the middle of the Hue city. Both of us walked directly towards Hue Imperial City, also known as the Citadel, and met my friend’s Vietnamese colleague, Huyen.

Renovated area inside the Hue Imperial Palace :)

My friend accompanied me entering into the Citadel while Huyen was waiting outside, enjoying her fresh coconut drink under the shady trees. We paid VND 150,000 entrance fee (around USD 7) per pax and browsed the place ourselves. My friend guided me on where to visit and what to see as she’d been there for many times before too. Although her knowledge in regards of the Imperial history was limited, she tried her best to explain the famous figure and landmark of the area to me

Historical site - Citadel at Hue, Central Vietnam 

I never realized that the place was so huge!!! There were no proper signage to show the directions too. Luckily she went inside with me, otherwise I would get lost, walking round and round. It’s interesting to learn about their history. It’s pretty similar with what Chinese had. I imagined those Chinese drama when reading into their explanation :P

Hanh Restaurant - Serving local Hue delicacies

After two hours, we finally went out. We took cab to Hanh Restaurant. It’s Trip Advisor 2015 Winner for restaurant serving the authentic Hue cuisine, as recommended highly by Huyen.

Delicious Hue local dishes at Hanh Restaurant :)

She helped us ordering their delicious local dishes, such as: Bánh bèo Huế (steamed rice cake topped with chopped fresh shrimp and pork skin, served with sweet fish sauce and chili – VND 60,000 or USD 2.70 per set), Bún thịt nướng (rice noodles with BBQ pork – VND 30,000 or USD 1.40 per bowl), Nem lụi (lemongrass skewers – grilled minced pork – rolled in rice paper, vegetable, and peanut sauce at VND 70,000 or USD 3.20 per set), Bánh cuốn (steamed rice sheet filled with BBQ pork, cilantro, served with sweet and sour fish sauce at VND 30,000 or USD 1.40 per plate), plus a bottle of cold Huda beer for me in such warm afternoon! Ooohh…. The food and beer were equally delicious!!! I enjoyed every bits of it and felt very thankful to Huyen to bring us there! :)

Thien Mu Pagoda - Hue, Central Vietnam 

After filling our stomach, her friend, Tin, came with her motorcycle. Huyen had asked her help to bring both of us around the Hue city. Our next destination was Chùa Thiên Mụ or Thiên Mụ Pagoda. It was a historic temple in the city. There was seven stories pagoda, sitting on the Hà Khê Hill, facing the bank of the Perfume River. There was a giant bell, which weighed 3285 kg, and a statue of a large marble turtle – as symbol of longevity – on the left and right of the Pagoda. We walked around the area and went inside the main temple for prayer. I felt a heartfelt gratitude for Huyen and Tin to bring us there. This temple was exactly the place that I wanted to visit most during this trip, where it brought my heart closer to Buddha :) Thank you so much!

Motor ride in Hue :)

Next, we took almost 10 km ride towards outskirts of Hue, to the Tomb of Khải Định – Chau Chu Mountain. The weather changed cooler as we walked towards mountainous area and again, I felt a heartfelt gratitude for finally being able to have motorcycle ride in Vietnam! Although I wasn’t the driver, I could feel the sense of freedom in it. I was so so very happy and didn’t stop smiling all throughout the journey :)

Tomb of Khai Dinh - Hue, Vietnam 

Due to the limited time, I had to enter the tomb myself. The ticket cost VND 100,000 or USD 5 for foreigner. Khải Định was Emperor of Vietnam back in 1916. He prepared the mausoleum himself, influenced by French and European architectural style into his Oriental style. You had to climb the staircases up to reach the mausoleum and altar monument. It’s beautiful and unique, worth visiting!

Delicious Banh Canh Cua - Crab soup and sugar cane drink :)

The rests were sipping sugarcane drinks and I joined them afterwards. We rode back to Hue city. Before returning back to the bus station, Huyen brought us to taste their local Bánh canh cua (thick crab soup with Vietnamese rice noodles). We were sitting on the short plastic stools with short wooden table facing the roadside. Hhmmm… another delicious local delicacy and each bowl only cost us VND 20,000 (less than USD 1)!!! What a steal man!!! I really wished to go back and taste all their delicious local dishes! ^^

Rest of our time in Angsana Lang Co - Hue, Vietnam 

By 5pm, we went back into the Hue bus station to take the shuttle bus. At 7pm, my friend went singing Karaoke, where the room was located inside the Rice Bowl Restaurant. Too bad the MTV video wasn’t original and they could not shut their centralised music down. It was quite difficult in finding the latest songs too. Hahaha… We just sang in about an hour plus then decided to leave. Instead of going back to our room, we both played the pool (our own style and rules) for another hour or two. It’d been a tiring and long day for both of us. We took a bath, had a supper (in-room dining), then went to sleep. What a beautiful day we had!!! ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

MacRitchie Trails Part 2 - MacRitchie Reservoir

MacRitchie Trails Map  (Photo courtesy: National Parksl

When people mentioned MacRitchie, the MacRitchie Reservoir would pop right into my mind. As for our first walk in the area (read about it here), I thought my bestie would bring me to the Reservoir. But if you have a look at the map above, the reservoir is located at the southeast part of the area, which isn't near with TreeTop Bridge. You have to walk for another few kilometer in order to see it. That's why we came back again at another week :)

MacRitchie Trails Part 2 :)

Same place, same time. We met at Bishan bus interchange and took bus no 52 or 410W (about 10 stops) and alighted at Blk 454. We walked to the Venus car park in about 10 minutes from the stop.

My besties and I :)

So we were ready to go! ^^ This time, we walked towards southeast part of the park, to see the MacRitchie Reservoir :)

Natural beauty - MacRitchie Trails :)

Here, we walked through pristine forest. The trees protected us from the sun. Many people came here to jog. So make sure to keep left when walking or jogging there as the hiking trails weren't that wide.

Sun rays among the trees :

As the sun went up, we could catch their rays among the trees like the photo shown above. There were birds and other animal sound along our way, added the beauty of the nature that had already been beautiful! :) I walked myself down the road path, engulfed myself in the quietness, just live there at the present moment.

Finally! MacRitchie Reservoir! :)

After some time, we finally reached the Reservoir. There was park where people could do some exercise.

MacRitchie Reservoir - Singapore

Here, people could rent the kayak too! It's as serene as the forest. Again, beware of the monkeys. There were many walking freely :)

Workout details (Photo courtesy: PY)

Surprisingly we only walked that much and time taken was only 1 hour and 20 minutes. I expected longer route though ^^ Anyway, we are going to take another route and I'll cover it next time! ;) Wish you all have a great life out there! Spend your precious time wisely and most importantly, be happy! Have a great week ahead! :)
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