Sunday, April 10, 2016


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Who has never made mistakes before??? Anyone???

This month end, in one of the days of the month-end closing, I found out that I'd made a careless mistake when posting the invoice. The posting was done just a week before, when the work volume was unusually high, as everyone would submit their invoices, in order to close their deals and generate as much revenue as they could.

Fyi, I currently work at MNC (multinational company) where I handle posting invoices from many different countries. So, it was purely accidental mistake when I found out, after receiving email from the other region's manager, that I posted the invoice using the wrong currency (I posted it in US dollar instead of Thailand Baht). So imagine the difference it made in the price between these two currencies.

I was feeling very bad as I didn't do my job well. And I had this feeling that everyone would doubt and underestimate my capability, thinking that I was not capable enough in doing my work, in which it was very important to be detailed, accurate, and correct in regards with money related matter. Sigh...

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Well, I'm not a perfectionist. However, I always try my best to do my job well and ensure that I do my work right and as accurate as possible. So this one mistake had brought me into a very low mood that day. I confessed it to someone I was very closed with and he tried his best to console me saying that, "Everybody will make mistake. Don't count your mistake. Count your efforts. You are doing your best and your efforts would definitely outnumber your mistakes. So, be happy ok? "

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Hmm.... his words soothed me a little bit. He was right. I'd tried my best. And who in the world never made any mistakes? No one blamed me anyway. My boss didn't scold me. She just checked with me if I made a mistake when posting it. What I did next was to rectify the mistake and make it right, then apologise to the region's manager for the mistake that I'd done. She was replying me, "It's OK." She even added the 'smile' emoticon behind it.

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Later on in the evening when I was checking my work, suddenly I found unusual currency posting in one of the invoices too. All the previous invoices were posted in Euro, but the last one was posted in US dollar. After checking it, I found out that the invoice was posted by my boss. So I went over to her office and checked with her if the invoice that she posted was given in which currency. And true enough. After checking it, it turned out that she too posted it in wrong currency. It was supposed to be posted in Euro. So, what she did next was to rectify the problem and post it correctly.

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I immediately felt much better right after that, because if someone who was more capable than me would even make the same mistake, then why I took it so hard? I felt even much much better when the next day I received email from my boss to do a task that I'd never done before. I asked the other colleague who also received the same email. When he opened, he told me that this email was not for me, but it's for someone who had the similar name with me :P

Hahaha.... Even after working here for almost 3 months, my boss could send the email to the wrong name. So what it was when I sent the wrong message to her instead of my colleague just days after I started working there? Read about the incident here :D

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In the end I realize that all of us makes mistake once in a while in our life. Well, we may feel bad about it. However, don't let it drag our mood so low as people know that mistake is unavoidable and nobody is perfect in doing their thing. It is forgivable anyway as what you should do next is to acknowledge your mistake and rectify the problem. That's more important than just grieving about it for days, weeks, even months, and later on you end up making a regrettable decision (such as to quit your job) as you feel that you are not capable enough.

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Like what my friend said, your efforts would definitely outnumber your mistakes. So, cheer up! Learn from the mistake and move on! Jia you! ;)


Tashi Chenzom said...

Rightly said mam. We all do mistakes but the most important thing that we learn from it rather than feeling sad and low. No one is ever exempted from committing mistakes.

Keep your efforts going as they count a lot!!
Warm regards!!
Take care

Tshewang Dorji said...

mistakes are way of life! we grow and learn through mistakes, that's what i feel at the least...:)

Rima Reyka said...

Yes Tashi! Mistake is unavoidable and we should learn from it. I've learned a great deal of important lessons while working here these past few months :P Hahaha...

Thank you for your encouragement la! Take care and have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Rima ^^

Rima Reyka said...

It is Tshewang! I think most of us learn it through hard way from our mistakes. Thank you for your comment la! Have a nice day! :)

karma Thinley said...

“One who makes no mistake is in mistake of not doing things in fear of doing mistake” ~myself

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Karma for your beautiful quote! ^^

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