Friday, June 03, 2016

Our favorite place and food - Indian vegetarian Bhatura

"Hey Vina, later I'll take your bus today, Ok?" I greeted her as we entered the office building this morning.

"My bus? It's not my bus lah!" replied her.

"Hahaha... For me, that's YOUR bus!" I assured her with a big smile ;)

"Going to eat the Indian food again?" guessed her, as the company bus that she usually took was heading to Little India area.

"Yup!!!" and we separated to our own tables.

There were bus or small vans heading to different directions from the office where I worked. And this "Vina's bus" that I'd take, were heading to city area, connecting to the purple line MRT (metro) line. And usually, I could request Uncle (the driver) to stop me just opposite of my favourite Indian vegetarian restaurant, the connecting place between me and few of my best friends.

Our abundant happiness from the giant Bhatura ^^

Bhatura (or I often referred as 'Big Balloon') was our favorite dishes as it's hard to find such a delicious dish around the town with better hygienic standard. The restaurant was equipped with air-conditioner and they served a tasty Masala tea, another favourite thing I usually ordered.

Once we were seated with Bhatura and tea in front of us, we would both look into each other, smiled, and the conversation would start without any command :)

Hot steamed air came into sight as we tore the Bhatura with our bare hands and this gesture would flatten the 'Big Balloon' into tissue-paper-like form almost immediately. We dipped it into a cup of delicious curry Chana or chick peas with a dollop of lime juice. I bit the tip of the small green chilli and raw onion that were spread together into the plate.

Our favorite dish :)

"Do you eat your chili?" I asked Tien, my Myanmar friend after seeing her green chilli abandoned for quite some time.

"No no. You want? Take it!" replied her.

That additional chilli made my heart glowing of happiness as I'd been eating raw chilli since young back in Indonesia. Be it with fried tahu isi (tofu filled with vegetables), fried tempeh (fermented soybeans), it always something missing when the raw green chilli wasn't there. As a rule of thumb, one small chilli for one tofu or tempeh. Sometimes we took more though ^^

Bhutanese loved this place too!! :D

Anyway, the chat would usually continue even after our plates were cleaned. The staff would come and cleared the trays and it left us with the styrofoam or sometimes paper tea cups.

With these two simple order for each of us, we would sit down and chit chat heartily for hours. Usually we talked about what's going on in our lives, the recently past experience, the future plans, and so on. We chatted as if the world was ours. We didn't even realize how the restaurant had suddenly become very crowded occupied mostly by Indians.

Obviously - Uden and my favorite place to eat!!! ^^

When there was enough to talk, it was time for us to bid goodbye. I hope this place would stay for a long time. It's been my favourite hangout place to eat, drink, and chit chatting. And to find someone who had similar taste or craving, wasn't easy either, as not everyone here in Singapore could appreciate the Indian delicacy.

"Hey Rima, where are you? Are you taking the bus?" I saw Vina's message on my What's App. "I'm coming! In toilet now! Please wait for me!!!" replied me and I faster kept my phone inside my pocket and run to the bus.


Tashi Chenzom said...

Bathura looks so delicious and no doubt why u don't love it. I don't like Indian food much but your favourite one seems really tempting.
Anyways take care and miss you!!

Luzee said...

Next time I come, I will come with two arrangements: 1) Either inflate my tummy a bit; or, 2) order a smaller batura. I dislike wasting foods but how much can I eat? [Ha ha.]

When I travel, I look for Indian restaurants. They make me feel safe with vegetarian dishes.

Anonymous said...

Sis Reyka...I can say you have a life like heaven on earth...hehe!
I pretty like this post and the awesome photos. Never bored to see your post la.

Rima Reyka said...

Hehehe... It was indeed delicious la Tashi! ^^ If you see it next time, go and try la!

Enjoy your weekend dear! Take care and miss you too! :)

Rima Reyka said...

Oh, you don't have to flatten your stomach la! Don't be deceived by the size. Most of it is filled with air. I wonder how skilful they are to make such a creation! And worry not, small sizes are available there too! Come again and we will eat there again! ;)

Rima Reyka said...

Thank you Tenxin! Keep reading and wish you a wonderful weekend! :)

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