Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Birthday treats 2016

I loved traveling in September as usually the weather in any other country would be very favorable (not too hot and not too cold - i.e. autumn, spring, or raining season). And whenever possible, I would love to spend the special day outside of the home country. This year, it happened that I traveled to Australia.

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I never thought of anything for my Birthday except that I would like to be vegetarian for the day as my father always told us this was how we should appreciate our Mom who had given birth to us and suffered during the process on that particular day. So, that was what I had in mind. I never expected anything at all. But it turned out that my sister and friend were pampering me so much!!!

Surprised early Birthday lunch organized by my sis and her friends :)

On Thursday, 22 September 2016, my sis told me that she and her friends would organize picnic lunch. However, weather forecast said it was going to rain. Therefore, the lunch site would change to my sister's friend's house. Each of us would prepare dishes (we called it 'potluck'). Since morning, my sister had instructed hubby and I to prepare the famous Indonesian vegetable dishes called 'Gado Gado' - boiled various vegetables served with peanut sauce and keropok (shrimp crackers). My sister herself prepared the buffalo chicken wings. By noon, the food was ready and we reached the place in minutes as it was located only few blocks away.

Thank you everyone!!! :)

Food was arrayed neatly on the dining table. Fresh flowers were neatly displayed inside the long vase. "Happy Birthday" balloon was tied onto one of the dining table's chairs. Aha!!! So it was not the usual lunch!!! There were fried noodles (symbolizing long life), red boiled eggs (symbolizing happiness and good health), curry chicken, green sambal Hoki fried fish, Gado Gado, buffalo chicken wings, and bakwan jagung (vegetable corn fritters). We all had our lunch slowly while chit chatting. In a while we were all done and so full!!!

My first Birthday cake :)

It did not stop there though. It was dessert and tea time!!! Yuniar took out her newly bought tea pot, cups and saucers set from the packaging box. She was so happy with it as she got it with a good bargain the other day and she could finally use it with us on this special day. As I was busy photographing the tea pot, suddenly I heard the birthday song being sung and hubby came bringing the birthday cake with lighted candles on it. Ahhh.... alamak!!! No wonder the other day my sis was asking which cake did I prefer, durian cake or 'angmoh' cake and I told her I preferred the 'angmoh' or western style cake. And she chose blackforest cake for me. Thank you sis!!! :)

I made my wish and blew the candles. Kids were waiting for the cake surrounded the table. Although full, we finished our share with a cup of flower tea. Oh, forgot to mention the 'Birthday Girl' badge that she hooked into my jacket as the cake was delivered. It made me feeling like a ten-year old girl all of a sudden! :P

Birthday breakfast with love :)

On the Birthday that morning, I woke up with a bowl of longevity noodle with vegetarian stuff in it (cooked by hubby) plus two red hard boiled eggs at a side (made by my sis). Thank you both of you for your love and care!!! I felt blessed lah!!!

My sis passed me red packet the night before, saying there were vouchers to be spent on my Birthday. One was Melbourne river cruise for two, and another was chocolate set for two at Lindt Cafe. She asked me to use the voucher with my hubby on my Birthday. So after breakfast, we got ourselves ready. She sent us until the train station near her house and we took train to the city, walking to the Southbank Promenade where the cruise would start.

Melbourne River Cruise - 23 September 2016

The timing was just nice. We only waited in less than 10 minuted then the cruise came. We boarded to the boat together with many other passengers (mostly tourists). It went towards Dockland direction (about half and hour journey) then returned back to where we boarded (so total it took about an hour time). After the ride, we had Indian lunch from the Southgate food court. Hubby ate the butter chicken, while I had brinjal or eggplant curry with briyani rice and half slice of Naan bread, plus a cup of hot teh tarik.

Since we were full, we decided to have a walk along the promenade towards the Crown Casino direction. It was a great weather. Sunny day!!! Been a while to have a sunny day in Melbourne. We then walked inside the building and entered the Casino. At the entrance, the security officer told my hubby no need to show his ID while towards me, he said, "You are underage!!!" Hahaha..... kidding, of course! Then I told him that it was my Birthday. He was like, "Oh, really? Sorry I only saw the year, did not notice the date... Have a nice day then..." 

Birthday gift from Crown Casino :D

Like usual, we only walked around as we did not know how to play and not really interested in gambling. But that day, we passed by the 1 cent jackpot machine. Suddenly I had the urge to play. Well, with 1 cent for each game, I thought, why not? No harm huh? Just bet on 5 bucks, for fun!!! So I analyzed the area, finding the machine that far from the pillar (Chinese believed that pillars would stop you from earning money - hahaha... what a superstitious me!!! :P), and right in the middle of 3 machines, there was one Kungfu Panda machine, my favorite!!! :D With no knowledge, I just pressed here and there betting only 1 and 10 cent each game.

Hhmmmm... not sure if it was my good feeling that attracts some winnings or it was really my lucky day. You know, the law of attraction... :D Suddenly after some ups and downs, the machine generated special formation that keep the number rolling up. I did not know how much it was worth and I just waited until the number stopped and it stopped at $20.18. Hahaha... I immediately stopped my game. That's it!! Don't be greedy, I thought!!! :D I won $15 and that's enough to cover my lunch fee that afternoon. Oh man.. I was so happy!!! I seldom played and won too. So again, thanks to Universe and to the Crown Casino for my Birthday gift hahaha.... :P

Chocolate break at Lindt Cafe - Southgate, Melbourne

We walked back to Southgate Mall and finally sat down at Lindt Cafe. We changed the voucher into two set of hot beverage (a cup of hot milk chocolate for me and a cup of Cappuccino for hubby) with dessert set for two (one scoop of vanilla ice cream, two brownies, one chocolate cake with cream and chocolate sauce, two pieces of Macarons (one white and one milk chocolate), and 3 different flavors of Lindt truffles). It really sweeten the already sweet day of mine!! Thank you Sis for your birthday gift, kind thought and sincere wishes!!! You pampered me too much and I was very grateful with it. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

Birthday surprise from my sis and families - Second Birthday cake :)

It did not stop there. When we reached home, they had already prepared vegetarian dinner for me. There was 'Happy Birthday' wordings pasted on their window blind and another set of cake with three candles on it. My sis made simple garland from crepes paper and her son put it over my neck. We had the dinner and only then sang and cut the cake. Thank you Sis for making my day beautiful!!! And the day after, again it was celebrated by my dear friend. Thank you everyone for everything you'd done for me, also your Birthday wishes and story made, sent from faraway. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for making my day!!! :)


Tashi Chenzom said...

You are such a lovely soul and no doubt that your birthday be special. May Buddha shower with all his blessings.

Glad to go through your birthday-special day you had with your friends and family.

Overcome Life said...

Thank you for reading through Bumo!! May Buddha bless you and your family too la!! Take care and have a wonderful day! :)

Flora said...

You deserved to be spoiled charo ahah! Any ways it so nice to read about the time you spent on the week of your born day! Your sister really did such a wonderful things on your birthday! Got soul of gold or heart of gold I would say! Both sisters! Are same! Love you guys!

Overcome Life said...

She is indeed a great sister la!! Thank you Charo! Love you too!!! :)

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