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Sydney Itinerary Day 3 - Paddy's Haymarket, Fish Market, and The Rock

Day 3 - Paddy's Markets, Fish Market, and The Rock

We started our day by having dim sum or yum cha at the newly renovated Zilver Restaurant located at 191 Hay Street (corner of Pitt street). If you would like to find it easily - find the red bricks building just nearby the Capitol Square. You could see the signage hanging with Zilver name on it and it was located inside at level 2. We asked around from friends where to go to have a nice dim sum and they recommended us this place.

Dim sum at Zilver Restaurant - Sydney, Australia

We ordered the usual siew mai, har kaw, chicken feet as starter, followed by century egg porridge (the portion was so small - not worth it), Shanghai jian bao (pan fried bun), chives spring roll, spring onion pancake, and prawn rice roll (cheong fan). Most of our order were under big categorize of pricing with two special ones. No medium and no small categorize. They did not put the price in the menu as well. We only found out about the price upon payment. The big size cost AUD$7.40 while the special cost AUD$8.40.

The restaurant was clean and looked new. However, with the price charged, I found it too expensive. The steamer in the cart was not turned on too in the beginning. Our starters were cold. Quite disappointed. We only loved the pan fried bun among the rest. But you could find the same thing in other restaurant with much cheaper price. (Fyi, there was one Shanghai small restaurant next to the Asian supermarket just opposite of the Wolli Creek train station that sold pan fried bun for only AUD$8.80 for 8 pcs!!! Their noodles and dumplings tasted great too!!). So, dim sum? Next time I would rather eat at another place.

Paddy's Haymarket - Sydney, Australia

After that, we walked around the Paddy's Haymarket. It opened daily from 10 am to 6 pm except on Monday and Tuesday. There were wet markets selling fruits and vegetables, also shops selling souvenirs and other stuffs. If you wanted to buy souvenir for friends and families back home, this was the place!!! There were many items sold much cheaper compared with Melbourne's Victoria market, for things such as: pencil case, coin purse, tea towels, wine bags, sunglasses, etc. It was also much cheaper compared with many other shops selling souvenirs outside. So, do not hesitate to buy there!!! :)

Fish Market - Sydney, Australia

At 12 pm we took the light rail from Paddy's Market to Fish Market. There were few shops selling fresh and cooked seafood in it. Wow!!! It's a paradise for seafood lover!!! You could find anything that you wanted. We walked around from one shop to another to check on the stuff, which one served better variety of seafood, which one served delicious cooked seafood, and so on. There were alfresco (open air) dining too outside but many seagulls would wait by your side waiting for food from you hehehe...

Fresh seafood for appetizer at Peter's - Fish market at Sydney, Australia

We decided to have the spiky urchins and a plate of cooked big prawns with fresh oysters as appetizers plus we bought a small bottle of Jacob's Creek Classic Chardonnay from the wine shop there to complete the taste in our mouth.

BBQ Grill - Fish Market Cafe at Sydney, Australia 

From there, we moved to the next door's shop called BBQ Grill - Fish Market Cafe. This place was recommended by my sister's friend to try their cooked seafood. We ordered Seafood Platter for two people consisting of grilled scallops, Oyster Mornay and Kilpatrick, BBQ baby octopus, calamari rings, king prawns, battered fish pieces, crab stick, and chips (cost AUD$38.50) plus half Rocklobster Morney with chips and salads (cost AUD$24.50). It turned out to be so much as they gave lots of chips at the bottom, which we could not finish. The lobster tasted great. But I would suggest for you to order other stuffs in a la carte as they did not mention how many piece of those stuffs given in the platter. Overall, we all satisfied with our seafood lunch!!! :)

Queen Victoria Building - Sydney, Australia

My sister left us after that sumptuous meal as she had to catch her flight back to Melbourne. Hubby and I went back to Paddy's Markets and continued our shopping. I had some time to spend before my appointment with my high school friend, so we walked from there all the way to Circular Quay and passed by the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) and many other shopping centers. I bought the Zumbarons again there hehe... simply couldn't resist!!! :P

Met my high school mate with her two kids

So, I spent some time with my high school friend and two of her three children at Circular Quay station's McDonald's who chose to settle down in Sydney over a decade ago. 'Til that, we had not met for twenty years! Wow! We were keeping in touch through Facebook though.

Dinner at Lowenbrau - The Rock
Right after that, I had another appointment with my friend's sister and her husband. I had German food this time round. Since I was still very full with the seafood meal that afternoon, I told them to share our meals. We ordered Chicken Schnitzel with Pork Trotters and two glasses of 500 ml lager beer for four of us. It turned out the portion was just nice. The food tasted delicious. With live music at the background, it made our dinner experience feeling great!!!

Four of us with Sydney Opera House at the background :)

And before we separated, we took another picture of Sydney Opera House with night light at the background. It was kinda special to commemorate the Rio 2016 Paralympics. Another great day we spent at Sydney city. Story goes on...

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