Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sydney Itinerary Day 5 - Manly Beach

Ferry ride from Sydney Harbor to Manly Wharf

I felt that my stay in Sydney would not be complete without paying a visit to Manly Beach. It was a Sydney's northern beach, took us merely half an hour ferry ride from the Sydney Harbor (Circular Quay train station). The view from the ferry ride was beautiful. It was right for us to sit at the back of the ferry, so that we could capture the beautiful Sydney Opera House from the other side :)

Manly Court House

I went there too seventeen years ago, but could not really remember on what to see or what to do. I did not prepare anything either. Just wanted to go there to take a walk along the beautiful beach, feel the sea breeze blowing upon my face, eat some fish and chips, and relax, just be there, to relax and unwind.

Everyone recommended me to eat fish 'n chips while going to any beach in Australia. I had no idea which stalls selling the nice fish 'n chips. Therefore, I referred to Google this time, and it led me to TripAdvisor who recommended me to go to Fishmongers Manly. I had to turn on the GPS to find this place (11-15 Wentworths Rd), as it was located one block away from the beach, at the small corner, quite a small shop, which opened at 12 pm.

Gourmet Fish 'n Chips at Fishmongers Manly

I asked the staff on what to eat. I would like to have fresh fish (instead of frozen Hoki fillet), so she recommended me the fresh flat fish (battered) served with chips (potato wedges) plus sweet potato chips, and added the salt 'n pepper fresh Calamari, served with sweet Thai chili sauce and Tartar sauce. It was nice! Not many people eating there though. Perhaps due to the location, and it was not the traditional fish 'n chips as what I first imagined too hehe... Nevertheless, it was a great lunch. Hubby and I enjoyed it very much!

Seagulls everywhere - Manly Beach

The weather was very good that afternoon. The sky was blue and bright. We walked along the beach. There were many seagulls down there. Some were waiting for the food, some were flying, some were sleeping on the sand, and so on.

Beautiful flying seagulls - Manly Beach

The above picture was captured beautifully!!! Loved it so much!!! :)

Beach activities - Manly Beach

So, as per planned, we both walked along the beach. It was such a warm but windy afternoon. I had to tie my hair to avoid being messed up :) After a while, we sat down on the wooden bench facing the sea looking at people out there. Just relaxed and unwind... Hmm......

Manly Wharf - Sydney Harbor

We walked back to the Manly Wharf after some time passing through the Corso - the pedestrian road with shops at left and right, and caught ferry back to Sydney Harbor. From there, we walked along the Pitt Street towards the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) to meet my high school friends for dinner.

Dinner at Makoto and had Gelato at Messina - Surry Hills

I finally met up with Putra again (after 14 years!!!) and Sylvia (after 8 years!). We had dinner at Makoto Sushi Bar and Restaurant. Hmm... just knew that Putra did not eat fish. I mean.. befriended him since junior high school time but never noticed that he did not like and eat fish :D But he did not say anything when we said meeting at sushi restaurant. Lol! We almost moved somewhere else to have the second round.

We did though, second round, but not for dinner. It was to have delicious Gelato or ice cream from Messina. They were thinking to go to the Star Casino or the Surry Hill's outlet and at the end Putra suggested the Surry Hill's one. But did not expect the road was really hilly!!! My hubby was not feeling well and had no idea about the road condition. He was having fever and had no choice but to follow. Poor hubby... The Gelato was really good!!! The long queue was worth it. I tried pandan and coconut with salted caramel with the flakes. OMG!!! The salted caramel was really delicious, so did the other one. Loved it so much! Thank you Putra for keeping your words to treat me the ice cream when I visited you there :) So, that was how another day passed by... One more day spent in Sydney. Coming up soon....


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