Monday, February 26, 2018

New year wishes for you :)

Wish everyone a wonderful 'Dog' year ahead!!!

Hi hi, it's been a while since my last post. First of all, let me wish everyone a very Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Losar Tashi Delek to those who celebrate!!!

Happy Losar Tashi Delek la!!! :)

Wish everyone be blessed with good health, lots of love, luck, wealth, joy, and happiness in your life especially this 'Dog' year.

Those who are studying, may you can study well, pass your exam successfully with flying colours and continue pursuing your next level according to your wishes and dreams!!!

Those who are working, may you have happy environment not only happy and satisfied with your work, but also with boss and colleagues. May you get whatever things you think you deserve to get.

Those mama who stay at home being home maker or housewife, may your hard works paid off with the love given by your spouse and children. To see them eating well, properly clothed, healthily growing up, life full of laughter would be the best contentment you get.

Those who are unemployed and currently looking for a job, may you find it soon, hopefully, according to what you want.

Fall in love with yourself :)

Those who is single, may your wishes come true. If you're looking for a wonderful partner, may you're blessed with one. If you prefer stay single and lead a life full of freedom, may you stay that way happily.

Those who are in a relationship, may your relationship remains happy and loving. If you think of going into a further step like getting married, may you both be blessed with good fate and karma so that it can go on smoothly. But if you both are not ready for marriage and prefer to enjoy this state of relationship, go ahead and enjoy while you can. No matter what it is, stay faithful and loyal to each other.

Those who are already married, wish you are happy with your married life. No one is born perfect, including ourselves. So give and take, complete what lacks in other with your capabilities and make it workable. Shower it with lots of love each and everyday. In times of giving up, remind yourself why you both were together at the very first place, think again if it's fixable and worth keeping.

We complete each other perfectly :)

We all know life is full of challenges. No one passes through life without fights, challenges, hard work. We've all gone through it. As long as we are not giving up, we all can go through all the obstacles and challenges that we have in our lives. It's how our mind take it.

Take good care of your health! Watch what you eat. Do exercise regularly. Exercise not only body but also our mind. Practise mediation as much as you can (a good reminder for myself :P). Balance your activities well.

You must have read or listened to the above advices a thousand times but it isn't harm to read and listen to it another time. Sometimes we need the reminder to keep ourselves alive.

Let's make a wish!!!

Live well
Love much
Laugh often
Meditate regularly
Pray everyday
May all your wishes and dreams come true and have a wonderful year ahead!!! :)
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