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Intoxicated aka drunk

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Are you a drinker? Have you ever get drunk or intoxicated before? If yes, how often? And why???

Suddenly I just want to write on this topic. I learned how to drink since I was in teenager's time. Perhaps when I was 12 years old. I mixed Sprite with beer in the beginning so that it tasted good and did not contain too much alcohol.

When I went to college, the friends and environment made it conducive for me to drink more alcohol. However, it was limited only during weekends, that too only for a glass of beer mostly (as I had limited money to spend as student).

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However, when I started a relationship, you know, when I was disappointed or angry with my bf over something, once or twice I would act stupidly by e.g. drinking 3/4 bottle of wine by myself, or pouring a full glass of Malibu or Vodka neat, with the hope of after finishing it all, I would get intoxicated and forget about the problem I faced.

Life after college, I still drink within limit. However, as I remembered, there were many occasions I drank till I dropped, meaning, to the extent that I could not go home alone without any assistance, toilet bowl was my companion for the night, sometimes people had to drag me along as I attached too much to the ground, etc.

There is a limit on how much my body can take. And I realized some things from the experiences (after the recent intoxicated moments and looking back at many intoxicated times):

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1. Do not drink on empty stomach. When you do, the alcohol effect runs faster. Therefore, food must be there to accompany the drink (that is why Bhutanese needs 'changpa' or food for drinking, which is a good because usually the drinking session starts first before the dinner).

2. People say, do not mix the drink. Meaning, you do not drink beer, wine, and spirit altogether at one session. Try to stick to one type. So far, I have no problem with it. I can have different types at one time as long it is within the limit of what my body can take. So, bring it on.

3. "All you can drink" session is dangerous!!! It is when I most likely get drunk. Be it at pub, disco, friend's house, company event e.g. Dinner and Dance, wedding party, hahaha... I will usually make sure someone will be there to reach me from MRT station, or friend to accompany my journey back home, or to the taxi, Grab, whatsoever. In any case, someone must be there.

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4. Drinking makes me feeling 'emo'. Calling or messaging bf or ex-Bf just to tell them 'I love you' is not something I am proud of doing. I regret many times after I get sober the next day.

5. When drinking, I do not usually feel anything. My stomach seems to be able to absorb anything like nothing. However, the kick will only start when I get up and go to toilet (after so many rounds, going toilet is unavoidable). That is when my head starts spinning and I start getting blur. That is when I have to embrace myself, control my actions (speech and mind) the best I can. Usually by this time, it is time to go home.

6. Luckily I have good companies. Good friends are there to ensure I can reach home safely. Some will even accompany to home, or my station, before they themselves are heading home. I always feel thankful for all of them.

7. When dinner was served after the drink (usually when I was invited by Bhutanese friends), I could not remember what I was having. But I always remember to take photo before having it (as I want to collect the memories with people who invited me and were there with me during dinner). So the next day, when I browsed the photos back, only then I tried to remember again what I was having. Lol...

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8. Sometimes I lost thing on my way home. I lost EZ link card before (most probably dropped it from my bag) and luckily so far no wallet and mobile missing!!!

9. The next day I usually woke up very early in the morning because after vomiting at night, my stomach became empty and I felt very hungry!!! Then heavy breakfast was a must!!! (I think I could even eat an elephant!!! :P)

10. And while eating, my mind would wonder how I managed to go back home. Many times I could not remember the full process. Just pieces and bits.

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11. Sometimes I found pictures that I did not remember taking as well. Only after asking my friend, they then would explain why I took the pictures. Hahaha... luckily no naked pictures taken lol....

Well for me drinking is kind of entertainment, as well as for socializing. It is no longer to intoxicate myself, or to forget problems (cos problems will always be there whether I am drinking or not), or to make myself suffer (as to hurt my own organ - liver - and to die faster). Not anymore. No way.

It is really purely for socializing reasons. Sometimes I enjoy the feeling when I am high, but it is not necessary to become drunk and collapse. Most of the time I will stop when I reach my limit, although sometimes I miss that breaking point accidentally.

Drinking is supposed to be enjoyable, not hurting or making your self suffering or regretting it later. Drinking session is also better when you have a great accompany or accompanies.

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Try not to drink alone, as it will only reflect a loneliness and feeling depressed. Try not to store beer in home's fridge too unless you prepare it for drinking session with friends. It will be giving too much attraction to see the chilled beer sitting on the chiller like that. And will only make you addictive to it.

As we all know, alcohol is not good for our body. No matter how much alcohol you drink, it cannot kill the virus inside it (not Corona virus either). Drinking moderately and occasionally are still preferable. Best is no drinking at all though. At least when bar is requested to close for sometime due to the prevention of Covid spreading, you do not have to feel sad, disappointed or dispirited by the news. You do not need to join the super long queue at NTUC to stock up beer as well. Hahaha...

So, drink responsibly and within limits are still my aim when drinking. And I hope I do not have to trouble anyone anymore in the future due to over drinking :)

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