Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back at 2012

My wish for all of you...
It's New Year's Eve today!!!

Year 2012 - It's been a good year for me that my health has been good, things goes smoothly in work (there was minor relationship problem with co-worker, but it's been getting much better now - hopefully can continue on), tried to attend the class twice (but too bad, not enough motivation to take exam), managed to own house (never dreamed of, but eventually it happened!) and sell the old house (found a good new owner), everything has gone smoothly during house renovation, buying things, etc., managed to attend the annual activities, such as: OCBC Cycling, Run for Hope, Three Steps One Bow (San bu yi bai), etc., celebrated 10th Wedding Anniversary and Baobei 10 years old Birthday, celebrated CNY at home sweet home in Jakarta with family members, went for holiday trip to Nepal and Bhutan (including birth place of Siddharta Gautama), went to Bali with friends, etc. This year, I've met new people, and known kindhearted strangers who has now become my friends and part of my life. I've learn from them too and because of them, I've purpose in life. Living faraway from city has changed my lifestyle too. 

After today, wish I have enough strength to carry on things I've planned, to actualize my dreams, to make things possible, and have enough fate to go to place I wanna go, and to meet people I wanna meet. 

And of course, pray that everyone, every sentient beings, will be happy with their lives too... Be avoided from any suffering and difficulties in life. Bless them with lots of health, luck, wealth, joy, and happiness. Let them live, love, laugh and be happy :) Sabbe satta bhavantu sukkhitata - Sadhu sadhu sadhu 

Happy New Year 2013 everyone!!! Have fun and be grateful with what you have now!!! Keep on moving...

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