Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When wine meets with chocolate

Fendant & Chocolate du Swiss

Wow!! Today is my day :)

I met up with Shelly for lunch at next door shopping mall. She just came back from Europe with her husband for holiday. And guess what she bought for me?? She bought a small bottle of Swiss wine, Trador Fendant AOC du Valais!!! Waaa... I'm so missed to taste the Swiss wine!!! Used to drink it while having raclette or fondue for our lunch or dinner in Swiss. Finally she was so kind-hearted bought that back to me. Merci beaucoup mon amie Shelly!!! Je t'aime!!! She also gave a chocolate for my Baobei and Eiffel Tower keychain for me.

I was studying Hotel Management many years back in Switzerland. My school is located in the Swiss Alps in the Canton du Valais, in a small tiny village, called Bluche. I spent 2.5 years staying there and another year in Geneva to do my service (as a waitress in Chinese restaurant) and kitchen training (dessert maker in Swiss restaurant).

Still can recall back my first day arriving in Geneva. We were fetched and took a bus for about 3 hours going up to the mountain, and it was snowing. What a wonderful feeling!!!

So many beautiful memories that I had over there. See how a small bottle of wine can bring me back all those memories??? Fyi, Swiss wine is not exported outside. That's why I only can depend on people who fly there to bring the wine back for me and this is the first one I've received since 11 years.... Hahaha....

Hey Tashi, if you manage to go there, please bring one big bottle of Fendant for me ok? We'll have it back in Bhutan when I visit you guys! ;D

Shelly asked me, what's so special about the wine?? I told her, I just miss it very much... Haven't got any chance to visit Bluche back in 11 years. Well, I do hope visiting there this year when there is a reunion, but so far no news announced yet... So, for a moment, let me enjoy this wine first... Ya.. I'll enjoy it tomorrow, on a special day... Fendent and I.... And let my son enjoys his chocolate.... :)

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