Tuesday, September 19, 2023

As I Grow Older

Lol... :D (Pic source: Google.com)

As I grow older...

I have seen and experienced many things in life - good and bad - mostly from people surrounding me. I can not say that I have become better or wiser, but I have definitely learned a lot and am still learning from it. 

As I grow older...

my perceptions towards certain things in life have changed. What is important, what is good, what is true, what is wrong, what is nice, and what is not.

Is money important? Is health even more important? 

Is being truthful good for you? Or is telling a white lie better?

What determined good quality friendship? Is friendship valued merely friends with benefits? 

What does love mean to you? Attachment? Afraid of feeling losing? Distrust? Is it even healthy at the first place? Relationship with no trust, who to blame?

As I grow older...

what used to be important, no longer is. 

As I grow older...

losing friend is part and parcel of life. There are things in our lives that are not meant to stay.

As I grow older...

I put more importance on quality than quantity. Books I read, food and beverage I consume, things I wear, friendship, relationship, and so on.

As I grow older...

"love" in relationship can not be build in a day, a week, a month, or a year. It is over time. Someone who choose to stand right by my side no matter what my situation is, who speak up for me while the rest are mocking me, who protect me from any physical and mental harm, and love me the way who I am with its strengths and weaknesses.  

As I grow older...

I begin to realize, of what I need, and of what I need to leave behind.

As I grow older...

being naïve is no longer possible. People is just easily taking advantage. 

As I grow older...

the less I have, the better it is.

As I grow older...

it is ok not to be ok. You are not alone. 

As I grow older...

my priority in life changes, so with everything else. 

As I grow older...

I realize the importance of being surrounded by good people, people that are good for you, good to you, and good for your soul. 

Therefore, for now, I will cherish what I have and let go what not supposed to be. 

Somehow, it is just necessary. Plus, the changes we do not want, are the changes we need, in order for us to grow.

And sometimes, walking away is necessary, a step forward from those, who do not want to be part of our lives. 

You happy, I happy. 

Let us be happy :)

P.S. I just heard it from someone, "You cannot change the people around you, but you can change the people around you," and that is my new favourite quote :)

Friday, September 15, 2023

Current Purpose of Life :)

The scenic view of MBS and CBD area of Singapore

As some of you had already known, I was no longer a full-time traveler now. The job was kinda tying me down to remain staying in Singapore city. I had no problem of staying here at the country as I had traveled enough for the past two years after the pandemic had eased down.

Starting this month, however, I had another kind of life, a life that I used to lead. Out of nowhere, I received messages from many of my good friends who were staying overseas. They informed me that their friend, or their cousin, or their spouse, or their family, or themselves were coming down here for a short trip of many different purposes. Some was for holiday, some for working, some for other foreign country Visa appointment, some for attending religious purposes, and so on.

I was very grateful that they all still remembered me, despite we had not met each other again for quite a long time (since before pandemic, or and many years before that). As long someone went over here, they would think of me. I was very happy with their remembrance of my presence here. Many would even ask and offer if I had anything that I wished to have from their home country. Such a sincere heart touched my heart.

Since last year, many of my Bhutanese friends flew to Australia for studying and or working. There were lots of them. I felt like 80% of them were there to experience a different kind of lives. But the rest of 20% was still remaining in Bhutan and led their lives like usual, and some with changes happening through their lives due to some circumstances. And those whom contacted me of the arrival of their acquaintance, mostly were residing still in Bhutan.

Lao Pa Sat - It's Tiger time!!! Cheers...

So, once in a while, with their visits, I would have a chance to meet up with them. If they stayed longer, we would have more chances to meet and if I was free, I would be able to accompany them to visit some of the Singapore tourist attractions. However, they would usually follow my plans (which usually traveling in budget) by visiting places that required no admission tickets to purchase. It would both save our pockets while we still could enjoy the beautiful scenery of Singapore city.

Personally I felt that the prices of the tickets to those tourist attractions had increased a lot and very expensive. E.g. visit to Singapore zoo would cost S$48 per pax, while visit to both zoo and River Wonder or Bird Paradise would cost S$88 per pax. There might some % of discount offer, but it was still expensive for me. SEA aquarium would cost S$32 per pax. If you were coming alone, it was fine and especially if you had never experienced going such place. But if you came with family (spouse and children), that would cost quite a lot!

Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple - Little India

So usually, I would not bring them there. They could visit on their free time. But under my guide, I would bring them to see Singapore beautiful city scenery like to see the famous Merlion statue sprouting water from its mouth, the view of Marina Bay Sands, CBD (Central Business District) area, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay, to specialty areas like Chinatown, Little India, Arab Street, and so on.

Apart from guiding them on how to go around Singapore by themselves, I could also advise where to buy things they wanted to buy, where and what to eat (different categories of food providers here, such as: hawker center, food court, and restaurant), and even took beautiful pictures for them (as I was blessed with quite good quality of camera phone). Compared with usual Singaporean citizen, I was sure that I was good enough to provide such hospitality to my dear overseas friends. Hahahahaha..... In a way, I was still travelling, but domestically and within the country ^^

This post was not written for me to show off, but to share with you my activities lately as I had to remain staying in Singapore and no longer became the full-time traveler. And I never asked them for money nor tips of my service hahahaha... but they usually showed their gratitude and appreciation by giving me gifts from their home country. So, thank you very much for your kind thought and gesture lah :)

I had a chance to browse the country as a guide and tourist, exercised my legs, challenged my brains on what to do, where to go, how to go, and so on, like took it as some form of exercising both physical and mind, becoming an active individual rather than just staying at home, doing nothing or just watching some dramas.

Beautiful scenery of the Garden by the Bay at night

That was also why I chose to settle down here in Singapore - for their geographical situation, for their safety to go around day and night, for their convenient public transports and accesses, for the free shows offered to both local and tourists in some places, for the government and political stability situation, and so on. The only downsize was that it all came with a price (the increasing cost of everything here - food, transport, utility, services, tax, etc.)

Still, I felt grateful and thankful. Well, that was the post for the day! Hope you all found your purpose in life too apart from living a mundane everyday life. Wish you all a great weekend and F1 weekend is here!!! Those who came to Singapore for this special event, have a great time ahead!!! Ciao!!!

Monday, August 21, 2023

Most favorite time

Loot of the day :P

One day, upon looking at the handwritten weekly school schedule, a man asked a young kid, "What is your favorite subject in school?"

The kid was innocently answered loudly with so much proud, "Recess is my favorite!!!", and 'Recess' was really written there in between English and Math between 12 to 12.45pm from Monday to Friday.

Hahahaha..... ^^"

And if you asked me what is my most favorite time of the day during work, that would be 'lunch break.' Lol!!!

I think I mentioned before the location of my office in previous blog post. If you could not remember, it was located at the Singapore's famous shopping belt area. Apart from Uniqlo, Zara, Iora, and so on, there was my most favorite place to browse during my lunch break. 

Guess what???

Jeng jreng jeng jreng.....

One of the boutique library in Singapore :)

Yessssshhhhh!!! It was library!!!

It was such a beautiful one!!! I wrote about it last time here, just less than a month after it was opened. It was still clean, beautiful, quiet, with many book collections, and many seats available too!!!

Book browsing at local bookstore :)

Sometimes when I browsed bookstore on weekends, I would check books on shelves, flipped those that were gaining my attention and checked if it was according to my taste or not. I would take photo, browse its title in the Library apps, and checked if such book were available (both e-book or physical one).

So when I had time, I would first check the availability of the book in advance. If it was there, I would walk there, get it, scanned, and brought back home.

Browsing healthy recipes :)

When I had too much time, I would sometime browse and read the book until my lunch break was over. Especially when the book was too thick and only few pointed things I would like to know, then I would capture its content in my camera phone and I could browse it again when I needed it without having to borrow.

Capture the beauty of knowledge :)

There was just too many things to learn from the books, the beauty of the knowledge that the authors shared with us :)

Thank you Singapore 🇸🇬 ☺️ 

So, I am truly grateful for everything that happens :) For the easy access for such beauty in life, and everything else. I hope you all enjoy your most favorite time of the day too, just like me :)

As of now, I wish you all a wonderful week ahead as I had to get back to work :) See you again!!! 

Friday, August 18, 2023

Weekend notes

Happy weekend!!!

Was it just me? Or did it apply to anyone who were employed? This month - August - went extremely slow. Hahaha.... We were only going to finish the third week of the month and two more weeks to go!!!

With monthly pay, the pay would be the same no matter how many days it existed in a month - be it 28 or 31. Well, maybe just me! Hahaha....

This week the weather was with many raining days, even this upcoming weekends. Unlike the weeks before, with more sunny days around. This week we had also started the ghost month or known more as the seventh month (in Chinese calendar).

The air was smoky, which came from the burned incense sticks that were put all along the roadside, plus the money with other accessories / belongings (like car complete with its driver, house with servants, series of latest mobile phones and tablets, branded clothes and shoes, latest design jewelries, and so on). So the rain, perhaps helped in washing out the heat and smell.

We were lucky enough to live in a country that was blessed with good geographic location with lesser natural disasters and extreme unpredictable weather, like what happened in the other countries surrounding us.

The typhoon had hit Japan and Korea recently. The severe flood had also hit many countries in the world recently, affecting many lives and the daily lives encounters. So again, I was grateful for being here, living in this country.

Well, reading too much news during past time was really not good for the brain. Lol! I think I should have browsed less on the news and read more on positive kind of news or books. I had returned to my reading habit recently though, on my journey from and to work, and before sleep (it really helped in getting sleep fast) Hahahahaha..... :D

Since tomorrow was predicted to rain, I would finally have an excuse not to go for the once-a-week morning walk exercise. Then I guess I would just sleep late tonight and wake up late tomorrow. The weather was really cooling here during nighttime that we did not even have to turn on the air conditioner. 

Just jotted down my thought here as the blog update today and wish everyone had a great weekend ahead wherever you were!!! Hope you were all in good health, live in peace and harmony, surrounding by people you loved. Take care and have a lovely time!!!

Monday, August 14, 2023

Just another day

Dark clouds

It was just like another weekday afternoon. The weather was hot outside, and yet, dark clouds were seen from afar. Melancholy feeling came and overwhelmed me once again.

Kiss 92 played one of my historical favourite songs by Boyzone, oh really historic, indeed!!! Some of the good memories was suddenly playing at the back of my mind. 

I decided to make myself a cup of coffee using the atas Starbucks origami coffee bag. As I poured the hot water into it, hmmmm..... the smell was awaking me up, reminding me a little bit that I was sitting at the office working table, and not on vacation at the bar on top of five-star hotel with amazing view! Ha!

I took out Cannolo Cioccolato from my shopping bag (as usual, I grabbed something during my after lunch walk that would be a perfect company of my coffee or tea), and hmmmm...... perfecto!!! Just ignored the calories that it contained in that piece of sweet pastry, and as I bit the top part, the Cioccolato burst inside my mouth, I closed my both eyes and focused more on the intense flavour that filled my whole mouth!!! Yum!!!

Next song was sung by Firehouse. What a nostalgia feeling they tried to lead us into! 

Outside the leaves were moving along with the wind. And the rain seemed like coming in soon. I turned the radio volume up after both coffee and cannoli filled my belly.

It was time to work again!!! Focus, and concentrate!!! Read and reread! Understand and remember! Yeah... three more hours to go. Let the time fly and enjoy the ride before it was over!!!

With every kiss, our love is like brand-new
And every star up in the sky was made for me and you
Still we both know that the road is long
We know that we will be together
Because our love is strong

I finally found the love of a lifetime
A love to last my whole life through
I finally found the love of a lifetime
Forever in my heart
I finally found the love of a lifetime
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