Wednesday, August 09, 2017

"National Day" Celebration with dear Besties ;)

Well, not really National Day though. Just happened we celebrated it on National Day's eve :P It'd been a while since three of us having a get-together kind of thing. Ms. Busy had always been busy with her work. Ms. Free flew aeroplane sometimes when she had too much fun during her free time :P And myself had been busy traveling too - on and off.

Friendship celebration night - 0808 :D

Let's count this as "Friendship celebration night" ba, at the auspicious date- 0808 :) (Think about it, suddenly I'm thinking of buying 4D. Who knows it will open tonight! Then we can realize our dreams to travel together.  Hahaha... Huat ahhh!!!).

Cheers for our friendship... :)

Three of us grew up and came from three different countries in Southeast Asia - but none of us was from Singapore :D Wasn't it such a beautiful fate and good karma that we could meet here in this country?? It's just like mixing 3 different ingredients into the wok that blended nicely and created a delicious dish!!!

Ms. Busy and I - Knew each other since year 2004

We managed to know each other from the same working place but weren't working together at the same time. It's more like I knew Ms. Busy first, then later on, after I went back to the same company for the second time, that's when I knew Ms. Free.

Ms. Free and I - Toast the spirit on Octoberfest 2009 :D

I was good with both and there was a time when I met them both together. They ended up click being together and that's how three of us started the friendship journey together :) (I think I'm good at bridging people together. Consider that as my strength ba! ^^).

Celebrated Christmas at my house - year 2013

We went through many events together, from cycling event, walk event, Christmas celebrations, Birthday celebrations, etc. After leaving the company we have changed jobs at many different working places and never once met again as colleagues.

Ms. Free Birthday celebration - Our first night over in 2014

The above was our first time night over at Ms. Free house together. We bought ingredients and had steamboat. Drank and slept there. I think the next day we went for walk event early in the morning. And last night it was a second time we gathered and slept over night, but this time it was held at my home. Ms Busy bought KFC and the rest prepared the beverages.

Time is the greatest gift quote (Pic source:

It wasn't easy to maintain friendship. Everyone had their own lives and lived in their own world most of the time. Yet, we still spared our precious time to be spent with together. There were highs and lows throughout our lives and usually we could only share it with people we trusted the most.

Friendship quote (Pic source:

And for women, as we grew older, our problems varied a lot - from family matters, working life, boyfriend/ girlfriend matters, health matters, money matters, and so on. However, we readily offered our ears, lent our hands, and shoulders to lean on at anytime, and kept the secret safely just between us. Having each other presence and support was the greatest gift that bestie could offer too!!! :)

 That's what friends are for! :) (Pic source:

It wasn't always sweet either. Sometimes we were angry with each other but after some time we managed to click again. There would never be grudge. Just momentary unhappiness, which was soon be forgotten.

To all my friends: I'm grateful for you :) (Pic source:

I'm very grateful having both of them in my life. Really really grateful. We learned from each other about many different things in life. Thank you gals for trusting me to be your best friend all this while. I know for sure that we shall treasure our friendship together, if possible, 'til the end of our lives. 'Til our hair turned gray, skin wrinkled, teeth gone, et cetera ^^ Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! :)

Sunday, August 06, 2017

One year since I last worked

Be positive, be happy :) (Pic source:

Yalama!!! Time flies mo? It's been a year since I was last being employed. Then onwards, I had gone through many places all over the world, be it meeting my siblings in Australia, Hong Kong, and Jakarta, and accompanying my dear parents for checking up at Malaysia. Went for holidays with dear Baobei also to Hong Kong and Jakarta.

I guess, that's all for now. I really want to travel on my own enjoyment to Bangkok right now or celebrate the upcoming Birthday somewhere with my dear friend, who understand me as a person, and willing to accompany me drinking as the clock ticks away.

Life is in your hands (Pic source:

A year without working. It all seemed like a dream. No income obviously, but I've been living my life to the fullest. Even if I stayed at home, I'd spend my time doing things I loved doing, like cooking, meeting friends, reading, watching movies, and so on. The privileges that working people couldn't get. The free time. Monday to Sunday.

I've enjoyed all my time to the fullest. And I guess, it will soon be over. Need to get to workplace again, gain salary, saving parts of it for the necessities and next holiday plans, and so on. Nevertheless, I've been felling grateful for what life has brought me this far. I'm truly and indeed grateful. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Whatever will be, will be (Pic source:

Perhaps I'll spare another month? Let's see where my fate brings me into. This will be one of those posts I wrote about my feelings instead of what I usually wrote. No one knows what future will be. Many goes to fortune teller to give them clues what their lives would be in this year or next year to come. I choose to resign my fate to nature, let the fate brings me where I should go. Everyone's fate is different. This is for sure.

Cheers....!!! :)

No matter what, I choose to be positive all throughout my life journey. May Buddha bless everyone, every sentient beings, who are struggling in this Samsaric worlds. With this post, I wish everyone is blessed with good health, be happy, free from suffering, life full of peace and joy. Whatever will come, I'll have to face them bravely. Wish me luck!!! ;)
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