Thursday, August 28, 2008

Feivel & Me

After a year, I managed to meet again w/ David. I only realized that it's been a year after I passed through my old post blog. Wow! Now Feivel is 1 1/2 years old. Don't you think he's cute?
It's my first time meeting him though. Hehehe... He is sooo chubby.. like his dad.. eh.. btw, David has lost weight la.. He has lost 6 kgs since we last met. Thanks Pid for buying us lunch at Chinese and Seafood Restaurant near Sunter Lake!!! Next time when you come over here, it'll be my turn to treat you ya~~ Cya.

Exam result

Just wanted you to know.. that I've passed my exam!!! Hehehe... Thanks God! I thought I would fail... 'cos I'm not confident of passing my exam... It was very tough and I left lots of blank spaces in my answer paper. I managed to get 61 marks for my F7 paper.. hihihi..
Hopefully next year I can start again to take the next paper... Wish me luck ya!!! Jia you!!!

Annual D&D 2008

Hehehe.. I'm back!!! Just right after my trip to Indonesia, I joined the D&D of my company for my first time. The theme of the D&D was 'Retro'. I prepared my outfit weeks before the 'day'. I found it in OG after searching up and down in Bugis area. At that time, I went w/ my colleague and he thought that the outfit suited me, so I brought my hubby there the next day and showed it to him. He also thought that the cloth suited me well and since I have only a restricted time, then I decided to buy it first and I was thinking if I found another cloth that could suit me better, I'd buy it. But after my trip, I didn't find any better replacement, so I decided to stick to that outfit. I bought the pants in Indonesia, very cheap he... only 25,000 rupiah.. less than SGD 4. I also bought the belt there, it only costs 15,000 rupiah, about SGD 2.50. It would cost SGD 9 to 10 in Singapore for the pant and SGD 5 for the belt. So I managed to save quite lots of money for it. Hehehehe...

Too bad I couldn't find the accessories... Luckily my friends haven't bought their as well, so we went out during lunch time to find our accessories. I managed to buy the earrings, necklace, bandana, and sandal hehehe... Not bad... all of our efforts were not going in vain. 4 of us were chosen as finalists of the Best Dress.. Kekeke.. but too bad all of us didn't manage to win the 1st prize, which is SGD399 cash... It's not because we didn't dress well, but it's more to unfairness in judging us. Can you imagine, what is the relation between 'Best Dress Competition for Women' and 'Seduce a guy who was blindfolded'? And what is also the relation between 'Best Dress Competition for Men' with 'Strip your clothes w/ "Tuo Diao" song by J-Chou??? Anyway.. just be part of it and have some fun la... Below is the pic of me w/ some finalists (total 6 finalists, but not all were taken).

We entered the Ballroom at 7.30pm and started at about 8pm. We had buffet dinner first, then followed by some performances from EXCO and HOD, also from other staffs. MC then started the game divided the whole ballroom into two groups. Yeah.. just follow lor...

There were lucky draws as well. I think the lucky draw gifts were about 250 plus, while the staffs were about 400 plus.. so not all staffs got it. The top 30s were only drawn after 11.45pm. For the sake of the lucky draw, I waited and waited for it. Not me alone. My hubby who came right after work to discuss some matter w/ me, also waited quite long until we went back at about 12.30am. But the waiting time was worth it for me... 'cos I managed to get the 23rd prize, which is an iPod shuffle 1GB (purple colour), and $250 Best Denki Voucher. I was so happy 'cos usually I never ever had a great prize for lucky draw while this time, I really need the money to buy microwave for my sis-in-law's new house. Hehehe... Thanks God!!! ^^

Well.. overall the D&D was alright, but was dragged to long. I'm sure many people wanted to go home and rest early. After went back home, I took a bath and only slept at 2am. What a tiring day!!! But finally over! Hehehe... Well, hope you enjoy the pics!

Friday, August 15, 2008


It's a boring day. Alone. Guess no one understands me. What I want, what I do.
Well.. end up watching Heroes season 2. Just b'cos I'm bored.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The result came out last Friday. We never went there for witnessing the ballot, but my mother-in-law went there to ask for the result. The result is... Reever has successfully gained a place in Xin Min Primary.. What a release!!! Thank you SB for giving him the best!!!

I fell sick since Thursday night. I was down with flu, lack of sleep, too tired, and fever. Perhaps because of the nasty weather these few days. It was hot then rain, then hot, then rain again.. My office cubicle is also very cold and when I went out, I could feel the hot air from outside.. Haiz... My colleague was also sick. He went to see co' doctor and passed some of his medicine to me. Thanks S!

Yesterday was Singapore's National Day. And also 4th death anniversary of my father-in-law. My hubby, me, and Reever went to the temple where his ashes were put. We paid our respect there then went to Bugis to pray in Kwan Im Temple. After that, we had our lunch and browsed around in OG, Bugis Street, and had our earlier dinner @Soup Spoon in Bugis Junction. We went to Bishan to pass the zoo pass to my father's friend's daughter, and browsed around a while in Junction 8, then headed home.

The night before, 080808, I watched the opening of the Olympic Games 2008 Beijing. It was a very nice opening. My hubby kept getting proud w/ China and 'wah' all the time when the opening was being shown. I believed him when he told me that it was his first time watching the Olympic opening... kekekeke....

We didn't finish watching the whole opening as I was feeling very tired and didn't manage to see the team of Singapore when they were introduced to people around the world.. kekeke...

Today I didn't go out anywhere. My hubby bought the porridge for me and I just slept for another half day. Now he and my son went to swimming w/ his cousin.. Weather was not that good. It was raining in the afternoon. Well.. write 'til here. Another week to go and I'll be going back home. Hopefully I can get well soon.. Please pray for me!!!
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