Monday, November 30, 2015

Give wings to fly

It's the last day of November. As per my previous post, I've been trying and doing my best to fulfill it. Just in week after, I had already decided on where to go next considering the budget limitation, time availability, companionship (who to go with and who would be there to meet and be with), etc. And today, it would be the day. Hahaha... :D

Think, feel, and imagine - Buddha

I just came back from China ten weeks ago and that time I told to myself that I wouldn't visit the country again in near time due to some endurance and unhappy experience that I had to go through. However, it didn't stop me from meeting my long time Beijing friend that I knew since beginning of the year 1997. And the last time I met her was in September 2001 when the 9-11 at the New York's Twin Tower happened.

Celebrating Birthday with my bestie in Beijing year 2001 :)

So, the decision came very quick and without difficulty I bought the tickets (good bargain with slightly endurance that we have to go through - to transit for 10 hours on our journey back home); planned the 10-day itinerary without any difficulty (since I stayed there before for a year back in 1996) - Oh, but the current metro lines are challenging and I guess we have to adapt with the distance and time spent especially when we have to keep changing and connecting to the other lines; booked few nights stay at youth hostel and local Inn (with hope that they can provide good heater and hot water throughout day and night) - winter time is tough in Beijing! Moreover it's already started snowing since a week ago; and many other preparations (winter clothes, gifts, etc.)

I bring my son to this trip and I hope both of us can spend a good quality and bonding time together, physically train his ability to walk, carry bag, endure public transport, let him taste the youth hostel's life, and hopefully - if lucky enough - to taste the snow falling from the sky. Pray hard! But what I'm sure of, his main motivation for this trip is to eat! Lol! (I had to use this method to rise his interest to travel saying that Beijing has the best dumpling, roasted duck, jian bing - pan fried pancake, and so on ;D)

My precious Baobei and I enjoyed the food at Chinatown ^^

I too have a cousin who is studying at the school where I studied before and I'm going to meet her. Three of us will browse around the school, dormitories, library, canteen, classes, sport ground, and so on; to reminisce the good old days, to feel nostalgic with my life back when I was still teenager time, and not to miss the delicious and reasonable price of Korean food nearby the school - it used to be my favorite hangout place for lunch or dinner.

Hm... it must have changed a lot now! Can't imagine once in my life that I'll be bringing my son there and showing him the place around!!!

And you know what? It's actually been my dream to bring my son to Beijing, ever since he was in a very young age. I was hoping that he could attend one month summer class learning Chinese with many other international students. However, I didn't have one month leave to accompany him there and not sure if I had enough money to pay the school fee and my own accommodation plus flight tickets for two. Therefore, that dream had never been realized.

Now that he has grown up and it will be just nice to bring him around touring the city, many famous attraction places (like Great Walls, Temple of Heaven, Imperial Palace, etc), perhaps cycling through small alleys in the middle of the city, sitting and relaxing at parks, and so on - for traveling, as a tourist, and let this be an eye opener for him.

I wish you'd be a flying horse just like me! :)

Perhaps after this trip he would develop more interest to travel around the world, in budget way, develop his courage and curiosity, etc. Yes, I'm hoping something will change from deep inside him. I'm hoping that we both develop better and greater mother and son relationship. I'm hoping that... well, I'll let nature takes its course on what will happen for him, and for us. Nevertheless, this would be our trip together after such a long time. So, please pray for both our safety and health throughout the journey. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Wish all of your dreams come true too! Have a wonderful life out there and be happy always! :)

Let's hope that this ordinary trip will become extraordinary! :)

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Get the right mindset to overcome life!

Time flies. November is going to end very soon and the last month of the year is awaiting at the corner. Once it's over, it will be another new year and automatically our age will be increasing by one year without us realizing it!!!

Throughout the year we have gone through many ups and downs. This year though, it's not exception for me. The first half of my year was filled with many doubts and disappointments. But after that, it's followed by many dreams came true, almost non-stop, even until now ^^

These days I was quite free and often met up or chatted with friends. And usually, when chatted with those who were employed, many would convey their disappointment towards their work or their colleagues (especially their direct superior). They even thought of changing job once they got the AWS and bonus. And those who were unemployed, they would also share their fighting through their job applications, interviews, and so on.

Ok, that's about the working age people. Those who were still studying, they were these days fighting with their final exams. Some paper were challenging, some were even much more challenging hehehe...

Some didn't encounter the above problems but, they had problems with relationship, or sometimes for not having the relationship that they were hoping to have.

At the end of the day it just gives me one conclusion, that we, human being, will never be free from problems. It will always be there. But how we are going to face the problems, that will depend on how we are going to take our action.

Quote by Rhonda Byrne (Source:

As my personal opinion, I'll say, face and accept your problem positively. Perhaps, start it with gratitude feeling. E.g. for those who have problems with their work or colleagues - be grateful that you are employed and receiving salary every month; Those who haven't found a suitable job yet - be grateful that you are still surviving with your saving until your dream job is found. At the mean time, relax, take a break, and do things you always wish doing but can't, due to having too much work or overtime.

Be grateful quote by Rhonda Byrne  (Source:

For those who face challenges with too many things to study for exams - be grateful that at least you have a chance to get an education and enrol the school. Many people in the world may not have this privilege as they have to earn money for their living, even in such a very young age.

Quote by Rhonda Byrne  (Source:

For those who have problems in relationship or don't even have one - well, with the above examples, you should by now be able to think what to be grateful for, shouldn't you?

Get a right mindset and you can overcome it all! ^^

Sorry if I have to repeat this again and again, but it is true, that life is short. We will never know if we will still live in a moment even after reading this post. So, take your problem in life easily, always think the bright side of life, of what you have, and not what you don't have. Be grateful and content always! And very soon, you'll have happiness right in front of you without you realizing it!

So, if you're facing any kind of problems and challenges in life that make you sad and unhappy, think the above advice and get yourself down to a nearby shop to get yourself ice cream, chocolate, a sweet looking cake and any kind of dessert to get a sweet bud into your tongue and believe that it will soon sweeten up your life! Have a try and good luck!!!

Hehehe... Wish everyone be happy always! - Overcome Life :)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hello, c'est moi... (Adele)

It's November again.

Every year, this particular month brought me back memories from the past - about someone I used to know. Hm... it's been years, almost a decade maybe? Or more??

Hmmm... Why suddenly I remembered him?

Ahhhh... Tsk, I remember now!

Hello, c’est moi…

As I sipped in the hot ginger tea on my balcony yesterday evening, I heard a familiar music from my neighbor's window below my apartment. Although it was drizzling, the music was clearly heard, and the beautiful woman voice was coming out.

"Hello, it's me," I hummed along.

But I heard something different...

"Hello, c’est moi…"

Oh mon Dieu!!! C'est Français! - meaning, it was French! And it was not Adele's usual English song. 

I continued listening into its lyrics... 

If you can't open the above video, click here

Je me demandais si après tout ça tu
Voudrais qu’on se voit...
Pour se parler, faire le bilan
Le temps est censé nous guérir mais

Il n’oublie jamais vraimant

Hello, est-ce que tu m’entends ?
Je vis dans un rêve où tu devais  
Pourtant m’accompagner
On était jeunes et libres
Mais j’ai oublié tout de ce monde
Dans lequel on s’aimait

Tant de différences entre nous
Et tu es si loin de moi...

It's been a long time since I spoke the language during my college and internship time, a three-and-half-year spent in French-speaking area back in Switzerland. The song meaning though, wasn't that complicated. I could understand it, although not completely understood. 

Hello, est-ce que tu me vois ?
Je t’ai appelé tant de fois
Pour te dire désolé pour ce que j’ai pu faire
Mais quand je t’ai cherché, tu n’as fait que te taire

Hello, est-ce que to me vois ?
Je t’ai appelé tant de fois
Pour te dire désolé d’avoir brisé ton cœur
Mais aujourd’hui je sais que pour toi,
Je n’étais qu’une erreur 


Right on all those lyrics, where it was reminded me of him. Yeah, the man I was just mentioning in the above. We were both young and free. We spent our times and moments together in many places of the world, almost in all continents!

Hello, est-ce que ça va ?
C’est tellement typique de ma part
De toujours parler de moi
J’espère que tout va bien
As-tu réussi à t’enfuir de là où tu
Ne vis plus rien ?

Mais tu le sais qu’entre toi et moi,
Il nous reste plus que ça

And suddenly we lost contact. Lost of touch. He was living his way and I had lived on my way. So, yeah, the above song, it reminded me of him. It's so faraway now and I didn't hear any news from him too for so many years. But I believed, he was doing great out there, and having great time with his family members. Perhaps having a great career? Happy life? Well, perhaps!

And as I turned on Kiss92 from my mobile phone, the English version of "Hello", sung by Adele, was suddenly played.

"Hello, it's me..."

Not sure if it was the ginger tea that I'd been drinking, or the longing feeling that I had just a while ago. I felt the warmth from inside me despite the drizzling and cooling rain from surrounding me. 

I closed my eyes listening to the rest of the song:

"Hello from the other side
I must've called a thousand times
To tell you I'm sorry for everything that I've done
But when I call you never seem to be home

Hello from the outside
At least I can say that I've tried
To tell you I'm sorry for breaking your heart
But it don't matter, it clearly doesn't tear you apart

and ended it with prayers and warm wishes for him, for his long life happiness and success. 

Source of inspiration: "Hello" - by Adele (English version) and by Sara'h (French version).

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy 11th Anniversary Overcome Life!!! Share with you beautiful sunset from Punggol! :)

Happy 11th Anniversary Overcome Life! :)

Oh dear, time goes by so quickly! And today, it marks the 11th year of my blog - Overcome Life :)

A slice of Red Velvet cake to celebrate the special day! :)

As I put on my post before, "Without readers, writer is no value." Therefore, here, I would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to everyone who have been following my blog all this while, reading the blog post/s of mine, leaving your beautiful and supporting comment/s, gaining the travel information on where to visit, what to eat, and so on. I hope somehow it might bring any help, inspiration, lasting moments into your life journey. Also thank you for the friendships that you offered and hope it will last forever. Thank you, thank you, and thank you everyone!!! :)

And on this special day, we were blessed with such a perfect weather. As I cycled this evening nearby the area where I stay, I managed to catch the beauty of sunset and nature, a great Almighty's creation. Let me share what I captured with you below (all was with no filter - original color taken from my mobile phone), and I hope it would expand your loves towards the nature surrounded you as well; let us be grateful with their existence in this world and not to take them for granted. Enjoy!!! :)

Sunset with beautiful flowers and trees at Punggol :) 

Sunset near Punggol Marina :)

Punggol beach view taken from Punggol Jetty :)

The Singapore - Malaysia sea border - Northeast part of Singapore - Punggol :)

Returning back to catch that beautiful sunset! Punggol :)

Ohh... its beauty melted my heart!!! Sunset at Punggol :)

Its fullness before it slowly disappeared behind the clouds - Sunset at Punggol :)

Magnificent sunset view at Punggol :)

I stood there and watched it til the end - Such a beautiful view! Felt blessed!!! :)

Before leaving the area, the marvelous view after sunset at Punggol :) 

It isn't goodbye

The sun sets so that it can rise again tomorrow
With the departure of the sun
It welcome the arrival of moon and stars

Therefore, be hopeful and grateful always
For today that we manage to overcome
And for tomorrow that we still manage to live

Wish you all well, be happy and life filled full of love always!
Take care and stay safe!  

~ Overcome Life ~
18th November 2015 

With my warmest regards and lots of love - Writer of Overcome Life :)

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Short term goals :)

Positive quotes by (Changi Airport)

Well, people are wondering what I'm doing right now after quitting my job and going through series of holiday trips to few parts of the world, for months. Fyi, I'm back home, back to reality now. I was supposed to search for my new job since last month, but a short trip was offered, and again I had to be away for few days. Then, I was sick for almost a week, but thank God, nothing serious happened! :)

Follow your heart :) - Traveling quote (Source:

And now, I'm still in relaxing mood, even thinking to have the last trip of the year 2015 to ensure that I've followed my heart and passion to live my life to the fullest, as it's usually very difficult to take leave on the holiday season - those who works in hospitality industry, and especially during month end - those who work in finance, know this situation very very well ;)

Why relax? It's coming to the year end very soon and usually, people try not to resign from their job as they are expecting to get the AWS (Annual Wage Supplement) or so-called 13th month salary as a bonus at the end of the year. Therefore, finding job at this time is quite tough, although it doesn't mean impossible though.

Make a plan quote by Heather Stillufsen

And today, after going through days and nights, contemplating myself further and listening to what my heart has been saying, I've finally come out with few written goals that I need to achieve in this short period. (I usually set it from time to time as I need to focus on my direction, where to go and what to do from here).

I won't share it here in details but I will share more in general :)

1. To find a job that I'm looking for - the specific field that I intend to learn and master it in few years time. I won't choose the same thing with what I'd done for the past years as I realize that it doesn't bring me elsewhere. I don't have enough experience, skill, and knowledge to do other field if I only walk through that path only. In fact, I wasn't really enjoying it :D

Greatness quote by Robin Sharma

I want to widen up my ability so one day I will be able to create and handle it alone if required. So, this will be something new (not completely new though) and I have to learn from scratch all over again. What I need now is a chance to let me in and a great teacher or mentor who can teach and guide me through. Let's hope and pray that I will get such job and meet such person in my next course of work :) (At least now I know what I want to do. Because after quitting my job, I was wondering what to do next ^^)

2. From my holiday trips this year, I realize that fate has brought me closer to Buddha, Goddess of Mercy (or Avalokitesvara), and Guru Rinpoche  (or Padmasambhava). I met them often during my trips, truly destined and fated to learn deeper about Buddhism.

I am grateful (Source:

Thank you Dawa for gifting me 'Words of my Perfect Teacher', the book you were reading halfway when I visited your office. And thank you Luzee and Kipchu for encouraging me to read 'The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying'. Both are my basic guides towards my spiritual learning journey towards Tibetan Buddhism.

I realize I've missed so much things but I believe that it's never too late to start learning about it NOW. In life, continuous learning is also part of life's journey no? Maybe in long run, as Kinley said, I may become one of those who go to Dharamsala to learn the Tibetan language so I will be able to recite the chant and understand Dhamma in greater depth? Well, we'll never know ;)

3. Meditate at least once a day. Well, at least 5 minutes each day maybe?

Meditation quote :)

Well, it has been a great challenge for me, even if it's just for 5 minutes a day. However, I'll do my best! Wish me luck! ^^

4. Keep fit and healthy! And get close with nature ALWAYS! :)

Health is the greatest gift quote - Buddha

Don't let laziness overcome me. Cycling, walking, anything!! You can do it Rima! :D

5. Be positive and spread love, kindness, help and motivate others :)

Love and kindness by Heather Stillufsen 

"You will be happy in your life in direct proportion to the degree to which you will be helpful to the world" - Robin Sharma.

So, that's what about it! These will be my short term focus and not forgetting to always live at the moment and to the fullest! If you are floating around, maybe it's time for you to create them too, so you'll have clear directions and motivations on what you'll be having in short term. Good luck (also for myself), and wish you all the best! :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy 60th Birth Anniversary Fourth Druk Gyalpo - HM Jigme Singye Wangchuck :)

Birthday wishes for Forth Druk Gyalpo :)

Today let me join and convey my heartfelt wishes for His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck who is the Fourth Druk Gyalpo (forth King of Bhutan) 60th Birth Anniversary - 11th November 2015.

Faraway from Singapore I could feel the happiness and this joyful occasion celebrated by Bhutanese all over the world, and it started from the home ground, of course.

Thimphu city celebrating 60th Birthday of Forth Bhutan King (Photo courtesy: Ugyen Lhendup)

Thimphu city was decorated beautifully with colorful Bhutan flags, King's photos, and many other auspicious decorations giving a joyful atmosphere and happiness to its citizens. Other activities and performances were held to public too at the Clock Tower. Lightings at night beautified the already beautiful city!

60th Birthday of Fourth Druk Gyalpo Celebration from Samcholing MSS (Photo courtesy: Rupa Gurung)

A three-day holiday is spent well with celebration and many activities in and outside the city. Schools are not exception. Reading year was also a tribute in conjunction with King's Birthday this year.

Everyone, includes villagers, they are all celebrating this special day by reciting long live prayer, singing, dancing, etc.

Celebration and warm wishes from Bhutanese in Melbourne (Photo courtesy: Flora Yang)

No matter how far it is from home country, Bhutanese are proud of their King, who had contributed a lot for the development of their country, especially measured by GNH (Gross National Happiness) rather than the measure of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Students celebrating the joyous occasion from outside Bhutan (Photo courtesy: Kipchu)

Bhutanese students were celebrating this joyous occasion too organised within themselves, like the one posted above, combined with the Diwali (festival of lights) celebration that falls on the same day. They cooked delicious curry, sang Bhutanese songs, danced, and finally cut the Birthday cake reaching midnight.

Many of them will gather at the Bhutanese Embassy in New Delhi today. Not just those studying in New Delhi, but also from outside.

How I wish there is Bhutan Embassy in Singapore too and if I could join the festivity with many other Bhutanese who live here in Singapore! ^^

Nevertheless, I'm happy here and here my humble and gratitude post to Forth Druk Gyalpo for becoming such an inspiration to your citizens and many other people like me worldwide :) Wish you be healthy and happy always Your Majesty! Long live to you! :)

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Heavens on Earth - Hemu Village at Xinjiang, China

Good Things, Good Thoughts Quote - Overcome Life

My dear and I just had our 3-course candlelight dinner from one of the few restaurants available in this area. The time shown was 9 pm. The sky had turned so dark and the air was so cold. 

"Wait dear,"stopped him. He stood up right in front of me and tighten up the red velvet woolen shawl on my neck, to ensure that it kept me warmth enough, especially this season, the beginning of winter season. He tidied my hair up a little bit and, "Done!" He smiled widely showing his rows of beautiful white teeth, and his eyes, that small little eyes, in which I almost couldn't tell if he was opening or closing his eyes.

"I love you dear," whispered him gently.

"I love you too," and I smiled back at him.

Beautiful night at Hemu Village - Xinjiang - China

We walked through this beautiful row of houses along the wooden path and sometimes wooden bridge, along the different size and shapes of lamp posts, along the stacked of river stones at the side, and along the rows of flowers that were going to wither soon, with our hands clasping tightly side by side.

The lights in the darkness made everything surrounding us looked much more beautiful.And when we looked up high in the sky, the moon and the stars were there shining brightly. It added the romantic view that we had already had! 

"Oh dear, don't you think God create heaven on earth, just like this place?" asked me while admiring everything that happened that night.

"Yes dear. In fact, I never believed before that one could or can create heaven on earth. But now, I believe that it is possible," replied you.

Rows of flowers and grasses - Hemu Village - Xinjiang, China

We kept walking until we saw a small cafe. From the frosting window outside, we could feel the warmth atmosphere inside and when the door was opened, we could hear chattering sound and slow music from the inside.

As if you could hear my mind, you were asking me, "Dear, shall we go in and have a cup of tea there?"

I nodded my head and smiled. We walked in together.

Heaven on earth - Hemu Village - Xinjiang, China

As we entered, the warmth feeling immersed inside us. You helped me removing my jacket and we chose our seat, the one near the window. 

"Ooohhhh..... What a cosy place!!!" shouted me excitingly. I looked at the surrounding and was awed by it! 

The place was not quite big, only filled with few wooden tables and chairs. In fact it was almost full occupied. Despite such crowd, it was not noisy at all. Everyone maintained their level of noise just within their table.

Some were seen occupied with their books and a cup of hot tea or coffee in front of them. Some were busy tapping their iPad and mobile phones. Some were romantically dating, lovey-dovey, just like us! :)

There was small chimney and wooden logs were burned inside. Ahhh.... no wonder this place was so warm!!! Beside the chimney, there were wooden book shelves filled with books and magazines that anyone could borrow and read. 

"Wow!! What a place!! This place was just perfect for us!!" told me again, excitingly.

I did not know how you feel but it seemed it was more exciting for you to look at me rather than this place. Haha... I could feel your eyes were following me rather than the surrounding. 

We ordered two cup of hot ginger tea to keep our inner body warm. And we stayed there, talking our hearts out. In the background, this music lyrics were heard...

I know that if we give this a little time
It'll only bring us closer to the love we wanna find
It's never felt so real 
No it's never felt so right

Just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight
Just a touch of the fire burning so bright
No I don't want to mess this thing up
I don't want to push too far

Just a shot in the dark that you just might
Be the one I've been waiting for my whole life
So baby I'm alright, with just a kiss good night...

Source of inspiration: Hemu Village at Xinjiang, China visited on 20-21 September 2015. It's such a beautiful place - another heavens on earth :) One night here felt like never enough! Such a dream place! Well, at least for me :)
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