Wednesday, April 28, 2010

28 April 2010

Yesterday I received 2-night complimentary voucher to stay at any sister properties outside S'pore as a mark of 'one year anniversary' working in this company. Time really flies. Today I'm going to do 4th stock-take in 2010, or my 13th stock-take here.
I face challenge every month. Pray very hard that things would go smoothly. It's really not easy, you can't control what you've supposed to control.
Must open my mind and be calm.

MBS has been opened yesterday. I haven't got any time to visit it. Maybe one day. May will be a busy month as well. Vesak Day is coming. There will be 3 step 1 bow this Saturday ay 5.30am for Saturday/Sunday school children, parents, volunteers and teachers. Not for outsiders. I would love to join, but not sure if I can make it this time. See how ba!

On 8 and 9 May, there is Vesak celebration at Ngee Ann, Orchard. Want to attend the morning session, but Reever will have Kumon. Dunno if he can attend the later class or skip? Everything clash together. There will be praying for mother in conjunction with the upcoming Mother's Day.

I think I write enough. Must prepare myself soon. Please pray for me :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Queen of No Marriage 败犬女王

Didn't sleep from Friday night. Spent a whole night out from 12 am to 11am watching the series above, which is now shown in Channel U everyday at 10pm. And then woke up at 3pm continued watching until 12am. Today, watched it again from 11am to 4pm. Finally it's end. If you're interested, you can go to this link:

That's the first episode. But must make sure that you won't addict into it, otherwise, it would be like me. Hahahahhahaha....

The story is about love that comes between a girl 32 yrs old and a boy 25 yrs old. The 8-year age gap that made things more complicated. The choice between old lover and new lover that has different background that made a girl hard to choose. Well.. life isn't always easy to go through, especially in the relationship. Trust is important. Without trust, the doubt will always appear in mind. Anyway... finally I can sleep peacefully at 10pm everyday, without having to wait for this series to show, which means.. I'll have enough sleep every night from now on. Kwakwakwakwa....

Thank you laogong for allowing me watching all night long.... Muach...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yesterday after work, I finally made a booking for trip in August. In less than 4 months time!!! Wow! I just hope everything goes well and we can actually go to the places we want to go.
Hope our dreams come true :D
Today I'll be going for FHA in EXPO. The last time I went was 2 yrs ago when I was still working at another hotel. Time flies seriously. Even this event was looked very long time ago, but now has started already. I think it'll be the same thing for Shanghai EXPO.
Oklah, can't talk much right now. Gotta prepare myself to work :D Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earlier trip?

Seems like I have to go for earlier trip this year. Just now checked the availability of the tour package and most likely three of us have to go in August rather than in September. I won't celebrate mooncake festival there, nor my birthday. A bit sad. Hehehhehee... Aiya, nothing is perfect what! Going to arrange my leave tomorrow, see if it's being approved. Otherwise, I may just have to quit. Kinda disappointed with my performance. Haiz... This year is not a smooth year for me :( must face some other unhappiness thing in life. Just wish that I can go through it or even change my destiny. Haiz... Easier to say than done. Anyway.. Now I'm in Suntec with Reever. We took a new MRT Circle line from Dobhy Ghaut to Suntec, dropped in Promenade. Lucky we didn't stop at Nicole Highway as I thought that supposed be the place. Hehehe...
We had a great lunch at the food court, my favourite Ipoh curry horfun :D Now my son is still inside the Toys r us, browsing through his favorites toys. Time to get him now. Hope all of you enjoy ur weekend!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself, and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things."

Got the quote above from someone in FB. Some kind of truth from those words. But somehow, do I part of your source of many wonderful things? If I weren't around, will I make change to your life? Sometimes I want to get rid from some situation. Perhaps if I weren't there, their lives may somehow much better than now. Do you think I should give up?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Go back late again tonight. I started the day with a whole body feeling very weak. Not because I didn't have enough sleep, but something happened this morning. I was partly wrong in this matter. I didn't mean to harm other, but too bad she felt so.. Kekeke... I guess she is just a very sensitive person. Seriously I wasn't thinking of her at all until my colleague told me that apparently she was asking if she was involved in this. Aiyah.. Don't care la. If u're not happy, just leave la!
These few days I had to face many mentally challenge. I was backstabbed my some people. They all put the blame on me. That's fine. Don't think that I don't know anything what they said behind me. It's all just learning process for me. I don't know where I have the strength to take all the things positively. Tried to sometimes.. But thanks to someone who is actually supporting me although I made mistakes. At first not happylah, of course. But after all, I heard she mentioned that asking us to be positive. Don't think that the more thing is given, the more burden you'll have. So whenever one day you leave this place, you at least have brought something from here, a lesson to learn, rather than nothing.
Maybe that sentence that keep me going. No matter what I shouldn't give up and will keep trying. Until one day I feel that it's end, then I'll end it myself.
The horoscope said that I have to beware of those people who will backstab me. Only that I didn't expect those who backstabbed me were people who I deal most with.
Observe! I should learn more the way they harm people. Need techniques too, you know! Kekeke... Anyway... Reach home already. Tty again next time!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Getting much more fed up with my work. First, many more things to do. Second, well, not that I blame on others, but if they can't get their job done or in proper way, I'll be the most likely to clean their backside. Some is very stubborn. Already said many times, still never changes. At the end of the day, when things went wrong, I'll be the first who kena all the blame.
Yes I've tried my best to do things that I can do, but yet, they just wanna save their face. They didn't know what difficulties we are facing. Even we have told them through memo, email, or whatsoever, still they took it blindly. They only thought about losing face.
I finished my work at 9.30pm. Now still inside MRT otw back home. My colleague is on leave, so I have to cover her. Half day were gone just like that. When I was about to do my things, someone called me asking me things that I didn't aware on how the number comes from. Only today they realised that I didn't know much things about the other system, which at the first place, noone even bothered to teach me. Anyway, the less I knew, the less my job, isn't it? Hehehe... Your wishful thinking!
Anyway, I spent three hours to find out those reasons required. Well, good to learn, at least I know what I'm doing now. Kekekkee...
Tomorrow will be another busy days. Plan to collect passport tomorrow afternoon. Hope I have enough time to settle my thing. Will have another session of dept meeting, which I have no time to revise all things required. Anyway, don't bother so much lah! Then the stupid new contract which will turn my life to become busier.. Where is the make thing simple as they dream of???? They're still dreaming, I guess.
Btw, talking about dreaming, it reminds me of what I dreamt last night! It's horrible!!! Never I had dream like that!! Dunk everywhere.. Eeyakh... Watery... Heeee... Better not describe it any longer! Hahaha...
Well.. See how things go. Few people is going to leave the company. They didn't let me know their real reason. Who will anyway??
K'lah, reach home soon. I have missed the last part of the TV serial tonight, hope still can watch it in the web :p good night!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I should thank God for everything I have had and been through. I should be lucky that I have found my partner in life and started family together and so far everything is alright.
There are lots of other people who has not found their 'the one', or even they have found and got married, then they divorced. So, really must treasure for what I have.

Today is Saturday. Cleaning my room for a half day, then I got mattress from my bro and sis-in-law. It's being delivered this afternoon. Later going to AMK Hub and having Popeye's for dinner with my bro and family. Thank you ah!!!

Reever skip the 'fo xue ban' today.

Oklah.. nothing much.. going to take a bath soon... Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Treasure what you have now

Few days ago, my sis' father-in-law was admitted to hospital. He was attacked with stroke that made his left arm immobile. Now he is still lying in hospital bed and having further follow up. My bro-in-law will fly back to see his father and reach there tomorrow afternoon.
Same few days ago, the cleaner who works in place where I worked was also suddenly going back to her hometown in China. Her is worst case, that her father passed away. Just a day before it happened, I was asking her when will she go back to her hometown. Because she works here under yearly contract. She told me maybe another half year later then she will go back together with someone, who can accompany her taking flight together because she will be having air sick by taking airplane or even car or bus. So she said, if she has to come here, make sure its just once, and after go back home, she won't come here again.
She will only come back here on 27th.
Time flies. Now it's beginning of April. By the end of this month, I would have worked here for a year.
The higher the post is, the more responsibilities I have. If my subordinates made mistakes, they will see me as incapable leader, who are not capable in making things right though I've been telling them same things for many many times. They still make the same mistakes over and over again. I'm kinda tired honestly with this small matters. But anyway, try not to make myself unhappy because of that.
I had few trainings these pas few weeks. I understand what they require from us, as a leader. But the problem is, how to make them understand and do as what we wanted them to do. It ain't easy at all.
Tonight I'm going to distress myself. Tomorrow will be a busy day, hope that I can have more rest on Sunday.
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