Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I slept at 1 am last night after watching one disk of the Korean series. Now I feel very sleepy... zzz... zzz.. wanna sleep.. hiks hiks hiks..

Later I will have lunch gathering w/ my ex-colleagues from D'Crepes =)

It's been 3.5 yrs since our last gathering. This time, my friend came from Brunai and I managed to get 3 persons and she managed to get another 3. So total would be 8 persons. Not bad ya? Too bad we can't get more 'cos two can't make it and I don't have others' contacts. We'll have lunch @Delifrance, Bugis. Our outlet was used to located at the opposite of Delifrance, the most successful outlet. The best place for the human traffic and it has the best view as well. There were lots of memories from there. My hubby used to wait for me finish my job and fetch me home. We used to walk around the area too.. hehehe...

Now time passes quite slow at the office. It's only 9.50am. Still 2.5 hours to go. Now one of my ex-colleagues works at Delifrance there and she told me that she'd give us 20% discount for lunch later.. hehehehe... good ya??? ;P

My lady boss will come too. She is so happy knowing that there'll be more people coming 'cos initially it's only like 4-5 persons gathering. I've brought my camera w/ me.. hope the battery will co-operate w/ me.. hehehe... Later I will post some pictures... ^^

About the Korean series.. not bad.. the girl acts very natural. The boys are not bad too.. hehehe.. one is cool & stern face, while another one is more smiley face and both are prince.

Aiyahhh... still feel very sleepy. I should've drunk a cup of coffee this morning... hiks.... hope that I can survive!!! I will survive!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Rainy day @Palawan Beach

My hubby, son and I went to Palawan Beach again last Saturday. We reached there at about 3pm and there was no sun. At first, we were quite happy with the weather. There were more people coming to the beach. Like usual, we brought our own food. We purchased it at Harbourfront. We bought whole piece of chicken, 2 sausages, and assorted sushi from Cold storate, and 2 pizza from New York Pizza. The pizza was not nice. It is more like a bread topped w/ cheese and other things. No wonder they could sell it cheap. I also bought Movenpick ice cream sold at nearby the place we sat.

Too bad, it started raining at 4 plus. We had to move to the nearby food court to get a shelter. My hubby and son continued swimming at children's playground while I was playing bubbles with myself.

We finished up at 5 plus and had a walk at Vivocity. My son and hubby went to Toys r us while I walked myself and browsed many clothed shop to find suitable thing for me. I only found one long pant. There were many clothes I like, but I found the prices were quite expensive so I didn't buy them. I met my primary school's friend, who does his training in Singapore. He was walking with his friend and we only talked for a while then continuing our own activity. We went back home and bought some food for dinner.

I watched Korean DVD afterwards. My sis just lent me one set. I thought it was a short series, but little did I know that we need 3 hours to watch one series. Hahaha... The series was quite good. It is quite refreshing and entertaining. I slept at 3am that night *I was thinking of watching another series, but I decided not to, otherwise, I would only sleep at 6am and create panda eyes on my face.. no no.... ^^

I woke up at 11am. Watched another series (disk 3) then got myself ready for high tea. My hubby and I had it w/ his friends (Wilvin and Kate). We used the voucher won from the family day 2 months ago. We met up at the restaurant. It was ok too.. hehehe... the food served was not "WOW", just "ok". They serve lots of fried food. The mee siam was not nice *better the one served at the canteen ;P Oklah, we quite enjoyed it. Ate and chatted at the same time.

Once finished, we went to Liang Court. Wilvin wants to take a look at LCD TV. He wants to buy one but was still thinking which model to buy. Then we went to Orchard and sat down for a drink before we went back home. I watched another disk again 'til 12am yesterday before fell asleep =)

I was woken up by my son. He had a nightmare. He was screaming to me asking me not to let his father know that he has shit on his pants. Actually he had shit on his pants that night and asked me not to let his father know as he was scared that his father would scold him and I had it cleaned up. But it gave him a nightmare. I turned on the light and checked his butt and found nothing. He slept again afterward.. hahaha.. my bao bei... I love you very much bao bei.... muachhhh....

Now.. get back to work!!!! =P Jia you!!!


Finally I had dinner w/ my sis, her flatmate and her flatmate's friend at Arirang Korean restaurant, located at 93 Amoy Street. I went on foot there, but lost my way 'cos I remembered the address wrongly. I thought it was Ayer Street or Telok Ayer Street, which I found, but couldn't find the number. Lucky my sis called me and told me the address, which is located at Amoy Street, one block away from the Telok Ayer Street.

We ate there, 'cos my sis's flatmate's friend, who is Korean, helps her auntie to work in the restaurant (so the restaurant belongs to his auntie) and they serve toupoki (rice cake), which is my sis' favourite food and she hardly finds it in any other restaurant. We ordered bulgogi, chicken BBQ, japjae (fried Korean noodles), dulsot bibimbab, and the toupoki. The portion was not much per plate and the price ranges between $15-$18 per dish, which I found quite expensive. The taste was ok for the bulgogi, japjae, and toupoki. Didn't feel "WOW" with the food, but just "ok". Maybe I was thinking the the BBQ was done on the spot, which was not (they cooked it for us at the kitchen). And the belly pork and other pork that we wanted, were not available *what type of restaurant is that??? That's why we ended up ordering chicken BBQ, which was not nice at all. The toupoki was quite fresh and tastes nice. We ordered one alcohol drink shared by 4 persons, but I don't like it. The taste was blend and simply alcohol taste. And we were the only customers at that night.. They only have one Chinese server who didn't know much about the standard/basic service (in the beginning he didn't give us plates and cutleries although the food had been served into our table). The total price is $115.50. I found it's not worthed for the dishes we ate. I don't think I will go there anymore.

Friday, May 25, 2007

School holiday

It's been almost a week since my last post. Today is Friday. I already feel so exhausted. Yesterday I went into the PD training and they gave us homework to do the case study and was discussed this morning 'til lunch time. Feel very tired...

Just now my desk was full of papers and documents. And now I almost finish it.. but I can feel that time goes very slow. Imagine!!! It's only 3.35pm now!!! Hiks... I hope my energy is enough for another 3 hours. Later I'm going to have dinner w/ my sis @Arirang, another Korean restaurant at 93 Amoy St. I have no idea where is it and will use my intuition on how to go there on foot. Actually I don't feel like going there. I prefer to go home, meet my son and treat him dinner @McD or wherever it is.. but I've already agreed w/ her since Tuesday. So...

Well.. tomorrow the school holiday starts. My son will go back to school on 25th June. Today my hubby went to Reever's school. He was having a session w/ Reever's teacher, asking her about the progress that Reever's made in the school. And she said that Reever did well in the class, only that sometimes he talks a lot hahahahahhahaha...... =D Raymond said there is a report as well, and most of it were given 'very good'. I haven't seen it myself yet.. But hopefully he is doing well as what his teacher has said.

Wah.. soooo tired... Anyway.. my boss's mood is quite good today. Perhaps today is Friday and many people are not around today (some were on leave, some were on course, etc.) and this afternoon she asked my colleague to buy some food for us to relax for a while... hehehehe.. and she treats.. of course.. =) But I can't eat too much... hahaha.. otherwise my stomach won't have any space for dinner later..
Ok.. write 'til here. Tomorrow I plan to go to Sentosa again.. hope the weather is as friendly as last week.. hehehe.. Ciao!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Palawan Beach, Sentosa

This afternoon sun was glowing very bright. I woke up at 10am - after having a sleep at 2am on previous night - took a bath, had my breakfast nearby my house, and bought some food and fruits. We slowly prepared our things and went out to Harbour Front by MRT. After reaching there, we went to Giant to buy drink and snacks, and bought some snacks at Old Chang Kee. We also bought the sand building equipment at Toys r Us before we headed to Sentosa Express.

We stopped at Beach Station and we queued up for the tram. At first, we took the tram to Siloso Beach. My hubby and I were wondering what Siloso Beach looks like 'cos so far we only heard it from TV/magazine 'cos the beach was often be used for big party. At that time, the weather was really hot!!! My buttock was burnt when we sat on the tram (the seat was damn hot!) We just sat one round on the tram and decided not to stop there.. The place is more suitable for youngsters rather than for family. So we went back to the place where we headed in and took another tram to Tanjung/Palawan Beach and decided to stop at Palawan Beach, when I heard that there were 7-eleven, food court, and children playground at Palawan Beach.

Amazingly.. once we arrived, the weather changed. It was not hot anymore. The sun was hiding somewhere.. that I didn't even need sunglasses. We parked ourselves near the children playground facing to the beach. We laid down our mat and started to have our late lunch. When I noticed, it was 3.30 pm already. No wonder I felt a little bit hungry. We took out everything.. hehehe.. and ate our nasi lemak using the Old Chang Kee's sticks (forgot to bring spoon and lazy to get one from the food court nearby). We ate sotong ball and gyoza from Old Chang Kee too and I was drinking Tiger Beer.. hehehe...

Once we full, my hubby and son started to play w/ water and sand while I started to put the small speaker and connected it to my handphone and listened to the media player and radio. I was lying down on the mat.. enjoying the music, watched the leaves above my head. I was even fallen asleep when the wind was blowing comfortably.. hehehehehehe... I really enjoyed it. My son and hubby enjoyed their activities too. My hubby was even swimming in the sea... Too bad, time has passed so fast and we packed up at about 6.30pm and by the time we finished, it started to rain. Lucky just a small one. So we could walk back to the tram station on foot.

Overall, it was a nice trip. I still have 3 tickets to go there.. I plan to use it again next week or another week before it expired... ^^

St. James Power Station

Friday nite... gals nite out... Hehehe... Finally I went to see what St. James Power looks like. It was my first time being there. There were 5 of us. Me, PY, my sis, Lina (CM), and Genevieve (AR). We went in at about 10pm. Since we all were using hip guru pass, we all went in free *no cover charge. Lina, PY and me went there first, while my sis and Gen came at about 11pm. So 3 of us browsed around the area first.. At first, we found that the place was quite confusing, but after that we managed to go to different areas, such as Bellini, Lobby, Power House, Dragonfly, etc. (I forgot the names...).

Since it was Friday nite, the place was over crowded and most of the time it was full house. Those who got seats and table, most of them were ordering bottles of hard liquor. It wasn't that enjoyable at the end.. Too crowded, too smoky.. not for me.. So we decided to go home at 12.20am.

My sis, PY, and I were sharing a cab and reached home at about 1am.

Finally I came to know about the places that lots of people were talking about. The salsa one, the karaoke room, the jazz, the power house, rock & roll, etc. If went there on weekdays, maybe it's better.. We took some pics there... I danced only for a while.. hehehe...

There is an open space pub outside. They put funny seats there.. and PY, Gen, and me, who played 2nd life agreed that those place can be easily found out at 2nd life.. hahaha....

Well... it was not that fantastic.. but I hope that's just b'cos it's overcrowded.. and not b'cos I'm too old for it.. ;P

Friday, May 18, 2007


On Wed, I received a call from HR asking me to join the teambuilding that would be held on Thur. My boss appointed me to join since other staffs were busy w/ their job.. And since I didn't have something important, I agreed to it *very last minute hor???

So yesterday I went to Singapore Recreation Club. It's my first time to go there. It is located at the opposite of Raffles City, at the end of the Padang field. It is a nice place. There were 20 people joining the session. Well.. it was fun.. I enjoyed it. There were few games to practice the teamwork. We also learnt and understood more about our company's vision, mission and core values, which we should adopt in our working place. Not only that.. they also encourage us to apply it to our personal life..

Frankly speaking.. currently I don't have a vision in my personal life yet. When I was studying, I used to have goals. For example, to graduate w/ gold medal for my Diploma.. to get Honours to my degree.. to earn and save money from the training.. to travel around.. and my mission was to study hard and play hard. And I did it.

After got married, my mission was to have a balance of life between work, study, and family. My goals were to get driving licenses (car & motor) converted, to enrol ACCA, to get an office job w/ office working hours, and few more. Now I have had my driving licences.. I've enrolled ACCA, although I haven't finished it yet.. As for the job.. I've found one w/ office hour and good working environment.

I was just thinking.. I think I have one goal now for my personal life.. which is to spend a good quality time w/ my family (my hubby and son). As for my career wise.. I always say to myself that I'm not the ambitious type of person and I don't aim high for my career. Hm.. what the trainer said yesterday perhaps could wake me up.. I mean.. what I need is actually a dream.. a dream to be realised.. I haven't got my dream yet.. perhaps no dream.. only nightmares at nite.. hehehe... Perhaps I need time to search my soul.. on what I want.. where should I go.. ^^

Back to the teambuilding.. In the morning, the trainer tried to wake us up and to know each other's names from clapping hand's games. Then we also had a holahoop to be passed around w/ our hands joined one another. Our team managed to pass 2 holahoop w/in 50 seconds and 3 holahoop w/in 53 seconds after few tries.. not bad hor? As long as we worked in team.. we should be able to reach our goals.. that's the point..

And we were also asked to make something from square thing into something that is unbreakable. My team managed to build something that we called 'snowflakes' *see pic. Even the facilitator said that our creation was the first time for them to see.. hehehe... as long as we work in team.. we can make everything... wee wee.... ckckck... hahahhahaa.....

We also had a simulation game after lunch to operate a bakery shop. I worked as a supplier to suppy dough, cutleries, plates, etc to the 3 shops. It was fun too.. I like seeing the cakes and cookies made from the dough by my colleagues.. They even held a birthday party for their customers. *see pic -->
And at the end we had our group's photo..
Well.. learn quite lots of things from there.. And like my colleague said.. make it to practice.. What I've learnt, I will try to put in into practise.. hope so... ^^

Blades of Glory

My sis-in-law's cousin smsed me telling that he got 2 extra movie tickets to be used on Wed nite. When he told me the title of the movie, I was thinking, what type of movie was that??? I tried to search in Internet and it's still on sneak preview and they didn't say what is all the movie about. Only when I told my hubby, he said it's a comedy.. Well.. I had nothing to do that nite, so I agreed to take the tickets.

My hubby and I went there w/ shuttle bus and we took our dinner at BK before watching it. Not bad at all.. We laughed lot of times during the show... It was really entertaining.. released stress.. hehehehe... Actually the story is about two single men (Jimmy and Chazz) who compete on ice ring and both were happened to win the competition but when they received the gold medals, they fought and both of them were banned from competition forever - for single competition. Few years later Jimmy's fans found out a loop hole in the law that it didn't ban them for couple competition and Jimmy's couch, who at first disagreed w/ Jimmy's intention to join the couple competition, was thinking that both of them could be a couple for the competition. And both of them indeed became the first couple who were man-man couple in the competition. They've made it to the top final. But their competitors tried to get rid of them by putting a wicked plot using their sister, who likes Jimmy. Well.. at the end everything goes back to the track and finally both of them won the competition..

From enemy, became partner.. It wasn't easy huh??? I guess all of us often heard that when we had enemy in school time (especially when we and our enemy are opposite sex), people would say.. hey be careful.. who knows in the future both of you would be a couple.. hehehe... ;P Ever encountered that before???

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hotel approval ^^

Yipppeeee.... I received a good news this morning. My colleague called and said that my application for room reservation using anniversary stay voucher & extension using staff rate was approved!!! Wahhhh... so glad!!! It's my first time using the anniversary stay voucher. The voucher was given by the company to staff who has worked in the company more than a year. They will give 2 nights accommodation free in any chain hotel that I work, but can only be used overseas (not in Singapore). While staff rate is the special room rate for staff for any same chain hotel everywhere in the world, which is normally more than half cheaper than a normal room rate.

I bought the budget ticket airline last year end to Bangkok for me and my hubby since they had promotion (5 cents only per journey per person... soo cheap!!!). After added taxes and other charge, it became $222.20 for 2 persons. I planned to go in June end 'cos I was thinking of going there after exam and to celebrate my hubby's b'day at the same time.

I also planned to use the anniversary voucher and extend another night using staff rate. I've heard recently from other colleague that it's getting harder to get the room night at that hotel 'cos their occupancy rate is high. That's why I didn't expect so much that it will be approved and had myself ready to look for another hotel to stay.. but I still tried.. 'cos no harm at all for trying. And today... yeahhhh... very happy to find out that the application was approved.

And like I wrote at my previous blog, at first my hubby still thought of not going there 'cos he's afraid he'd get a job and requires him not to take leave.. so I said to myself.. if the hotel was approved, I will still go there with or without my hubby.. And at the same time, Ching has also shown her interest of going there and meeting me.. so.. I guess my holiday will be on!!! I was thinking of cancelling the trip too if the hotel wasn't approved.. but since Ching is going.. so I'll still go and now.. added w/ hotel approval.. I will definitely go.. hehehehhehehehe.... Hopefully the political condition will be stable at that moment.. otherwise.. my hubby won't let me go :P
Ching may go there earlier.. Her father is planning to travel w/ tour group but she might not join the group but may fly at the same day together w/ her father.. and I will only meet her on my first day there...

Although Bangkok is not faraway from Indonesia and Singapore, I've never been there before.. Dunno why leh... So.. quite happy that I've a chance to go there.. Since I finished my study 6 years ago.. little did I expect that I would still travel around. Most of the time I will fly back home to Indonesia and if not, to Hong Kong, where my sis is staying. Other than that.. the near destination is KL or Genting. Only starting last year, I started to go to places I'd never been before.. Started w/ West of America. Then beginning of this year, I managed to visit Macao (also never been there before). And now.. to Bangkok... Weee.....

Still have some places in my mind.. like Tibet, East of America, Canada, maybe Batam/Bintan, Italy, etc. Hehehe.. later lah.. if got enough money.. and time.. hope my dreams would come true....

Well.. thanks God for the arrangement. Hope my hubby can make it as well.. so he can enjoy life for a while too before really get in into his job. Hope he can find a suitable job soon!

Btw, today's leave was cancelled 'cos doctor appointment was postponed to next Monday. I'm thinking of taking leave next Monday. Hope it'd be approved too.... :)
Well.. continue my job now... Ciao!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy month

Hehehehe.... so happy I didn't choose to take exam this June.. Otherwise, I can't do many things this month... ^^ Just now I discussed about the Bangkok trip w/ my Ching. And hopefully everything will go on smoothly.. I also asked her to visit Singapore for few days after her trip to Bangkok.. hehehe... but she will look at it first lor...

Today I take Sentosa entrance pass from HR. 1 staff only can take 2 passes.. so I asked my colleague to help me take on their behalf.. hehehe.. I'll ask my family at home if they want to go or not this Saturday.. otherwise.. I will go there w/ my hubby and son lor...

I plan to go picnic.. hehehe.. let Reever play w/ sands since he loves it very much.. and water too at the beach... I want to give him a very good and memorable childhood times w/ us ^^ as I have a very good and memorable childhood times too w/ my family. My parents always brought us to travel around Java and Bali.. almost every year my dad went to other places in Java.. to pray.. to play.. and bound w/ family =)

Well.. gotta continue my job now.. hehehehe.. just wanna thanks my parents for giving me a good life... ^^

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

This year mother's day I just spend the day at home taking a good rest and logged in to SL. I slept for a while and when I woke up, my hubby was cooking our dinner. He cooked fried vegetable (too salty), deep-fried pop corn chicken, deep-fried chicken nugget, and deep-fried fish coated w/ flour cooked w/ black paper sauce (also too salty). Hehehe... lucky he doesn't need to cook everyday.. otherwise I will have high blood pressure soon.. ;P Well.. it's the thought and effort that counts =) Thank you Laogong!!!
My mother-in-law went dinner w/ other RC's members and went back home w/ fan - won from lucky draw.. not bad huh??? *I should join them next year.. hahahahhahaa....

Wild Wild Wet

The weather was quite hot at 10am on Saturday morning. So we went out having our breakfast first nearby our house. We ate porridge and fried beehon & noodle w/ chicken wings, veggie, and fish cake, shared by 3 of us. We stopped by NTUC to buy grapes for uncle and banana for us then went back home. I prepared all the things required and we went out from home at 11am.

Once we reached, we saw the announcement that the Wild Wild Wet was closed to public since they have May Day Festival. But luckily they still accepted the authorization letter from my company and we were still be able to go in otherwise.. it's a waste of everything...

So.. here we are!!! It's very crowded but still manageable. We still got a locker room to rent and played everything we want. The queue was moderate. And most importantly.. we were really having fun!!! It's very relaxing too.. I even talked to myself that.. how lucky I was.. to live here in Singapore (not anywhere else in other part of the world), where I could enjoy a good times together w/ my family - husband and son. It was really fun!! Well.. the water was little bit dirty, but what can u expect??? My son used the vest provided as he was able to float in the water and felt how floating was like.. He drank quite lots of water.. hahaha.. 'cos he's not used to it yet.. We paused for a while at 3pm to have our lunch break - KFC. Then we took 'Ularlah' twice - too bad we couldn't get a nice pic.. otherwise, I'd have bought the pic already..

We played 'til 5pm and got changed. Not long after that, it was raining.. *lucky we've finished everything and ready to go home... We took Taxi back to home. I took a rest while log in to SL and had vegetarian la mian w/ my son at the opposite of our house.. Very nice zha jiang mian.. hehehe... Then we watched TV before we slept. What a wonderful day!!! ^^

Friday nite

I managed to visit Uncle in SGH on Friday night. My hubby finally made his way to SGH after finished doing his things. We met there. I walked all the way from my working place. Transitted for a while at Hong Lim Food Centre to buy fish porridge for Uncle and reached the hospital at about 7 plus. He was warded in coronary department. I was unsure about his sickness. He only mentioned about something wrong with his liver.. but when I was thinking about it again.. how come liver sickness but admitted to coronary (related to heart disease) department??? So perhaps his daughter didn't let him know about the real sickness to him as they didn't want him to worry about it. And I didn't ask more since then.. He stayed there since Monday, 7th May. His handphone was taken by his son, that's why we only knew about his stay on Thursday. He looked yellowish when we visited him.. and hopefully if everything is fine, he can go back home today. Hope you get well soon, Uncle!!!
My mother-in-law and my hubby's sister was going to visit him on Saturday and since we planned to go Wild Wild Wet on Saturday, my son wouldn't be able to go.. So.. I asked my son to draw and passed it to Uncle to see. He drew us. On Friday night we were sitting at living room after having our dinner. My hubby was having blood on his mouth.. My son drew him w/ blood on his mouth.. hahaha.. then he drew a sofa (where we sat), w/ my mother-in-law and Reiner on her lap, and drew me as well who sat beside her and himself next to me. So cute... ^^
Then I asked him to indicate who was the person in the drawing by writing each name next to it. I helped him spelling the name while he wrote it himself. "I love you Ape..." hehehehehe....
I love you Reever...

Interview tips - check out the company's name and address

Ever go to the wrong place for your interview??? What was ur feeling after knowing that?? Did u still go to the right place? Or give up the interview?

Well.. sometimes we send lots of resume to many companies at the same time. So when we received the call to come for interview, we were too happy until we forget asking which company was it who called us and we ended up going to the wrong place.

I help my boss to call new candidates to come for interview. And there was one recently who actually came to our sister's company and not our company. I don't know should I angry or laugh... Pity for the girl but it's her mistake not to ask clearly about the company name nor the company's address. She finally came here after knowing her mistake. But if you as an interviewer knew about it.. don't u think ur impression would be bad???

This morning I called another candidate. This time, she was asking the full company name and address. And I was impressed (although I'm not her interviewer..) 'cos she knows what she supposed to do tomorrow.. about where to go... and avoid the mistake of going to the wrong place..

Well.. it can be a lesson for all of us next time when receiving call for interview. Hope we won't make the same mistake in the future...

Friday, May 11, 2007

TGIF... finally I can wake up late tomorrow... It's been days I've been waiting for the time to come.
Btw, I just took the letter, which also a pass to enter the Wild Wild Wet tomorrow. Still dunno when to go.. I mean.. afternoon or evening time.. 'cos I need to see the weather.. If it's too hot, I won't go there too early.. otherwise I'll have my skin burnt for nothing..
Actually I plan to visit uncle this evening.. but thanks to my hubby to make my mood gone. I think I will just go back home and have my dinner.. still mad at him now =(
Life sucks...

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Feel very tired now... =(
Refreshing for a while before continuing my job. Maybe because I don't have enough sleep.. or the work may just too much today, or... combination of both.
Managed to chat w/ my ex-colleague who stays and works in Brunei. She said she will come to Singapore end of this month and I was telling her to arrange a meeting during either lunch or dinner. She said she's afraid that she can't make it for dinner.. but she will check again w/ her friend about her bus schedule. So, at the mean time, we fix for lunch appointment. I smsed 4 of my ex-colleagues and managed to get 2 persons to join. One of them can't make it 'cos her lunch time is only 45 mins and her working place is very far from our meeting point, while another one hasn't replied my sms nor answered my phone call. The last time we worked together was 3 years ago.. How time flies...
About my Bangkok trip... I just thought of something.. At first, I was thinking that.. even though my hubby can't make it.. I will still go there.. provided if the hotel's arrangement was approved. If not, maybe I just give up the air ticket, and go to Bali w/ my sis & spend a week there. Then, when I went ol to msn, I remember about my friend, Ching. She is Taiwanese and now still working on her paper. Then I asked her how is her paper going? She said she should be able to finish it by end of this month.. hopefully.. Then I told her that I'm going to Bangkok, maybe alone... and I asked her if she wants to go there as well or not.. And.. she said.. she has been long wanted to go there.. and maybe can join me if her paper is done by end of this month.. So.. I will just wait lor for her decision. Hopefully she can make it. If she can make it, I might extend my stay there and cancel my Bali trip. And if the hotel wasn't approved, then I will just book other youth hotel as long as I'm not alone there... hehehe...
When I told my hubby about it, he was just worrying about me going there alone. Hm.. if really something must happen to me.. I don't think I can do anything about it... Leave it to the nature and fate...
Wahhh.. still so tired.. This week is really hard to pass by.. Luckily tomorrow is Friday.. hiks.. I keep thinking that today is Friday.. hiks hiks....
Oh yah.. today I looked at the job advertisement that will be posted on Saturday newspaper.. and I realised that there are many of my colleagues resigned from the hotel. Hm... this is part of working life, I guess.. I also don't know yet how long will I stay in this job...
Really feel like sleeping 'til noon this morning.. I was sooo tired.. but now feel better thanks to coffee... My son doesn't go to school today and tomorrow. If I know, I'd have taken childcare leave today. I forgot mah... I thought he only off on Friday. Actually his school arranges a half day trip to Bollywood Veggies but since the place wasn't interesting enough, my hubby didn't let him go. That's why he has 2 days off.
To fill his day I'll use company's pass to go to Wild Wild Wet. I've checked w/ HR and I can use it this Saturday. Weee.... It's been quite some time since my visit there... I just bought goggles and the wing rubber for my son yesterday. He is very happy. He has one goggles at home, but when he used it, everytime he went down to swimming pool, once he came out, the water would go half inside his goggles.. hahaha... So.. hopefully he can enjoy swimming using the new and better quality goggles =)))
The pass allow 4 persons to go in free of charge. It'll be 3 of us. I asked my sis to join along, but she has to work on Saturday.. so, I guess, it's just 3 of us lor... Hopefully weather won't be too hot nor rain. Weee... so lucky that someone has cancelled the pass this Saturday, otherwise, I have to go on Sunday...
Still dunno if I'm going to Bangkok or not.. 'cos my hubby still uncertain w/ his job and other thing.. anyway, I heard that it's not easy to use the anniversary voucher in the hotel there too as their occupancy rate is high and they prefer to let the room for guest who pay full rack rather than giving free... See how lor....
I keep have a feeling that today is Friday.. Perhaps I'm tired lah... Too bad my colleague is on leave tomorrow, otherwise I'd have applied leave tomorrow to take more rest.. anyway... only one more day to endure.. Jia you!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I need sleep

Hoaaahhheeemmmmm...... I am soooo tired today... Last night after work... finally I went for facial w/ my friend. Since she recommended me to go there, I received 70% off for the fee. And it's only valid for 1st time usage. So, the staff recommended me to try the vitamin C treatment costs $98 instead of the basic costs $38, 'cos after discount, it only costs $29.40. Still very cheap lorr... But it's written there that the treatment is supposed take 135 mins, and my one only took 90 mins - perhaps because we reached there late... But overall, it was good. And my friend will have her next facial (same with the one I took) free for introducing me there. Good offer, ya? I can introduce it to my sis next time.. hehehe...
We finished at about 9.30pm then we had our dinner before we went back home. I reached home at about 11pm. I took a bath and watched first serial and then tried to sleep, but I couldn't. So I watched another serial and managed to sleep at about 1am. Hoaaaa.... and I had to wake up at 7am, which means.. I only had 6 hours' sleep last night.. Hiks... And today is only Wednesday.. still 2 more days to go..
I just received email from HR saying that the overnight tour was cancelled due to the poor response.. Disappointed, but also relieve.. 'cos I can only imagine how tired it will be.. hehehe... So, I don't need to worry about lack of sleep on weekend.. unless if I spent the night for my second life 'til the next morning... hiehiheiheihiehie... no lah.. try not to.. I wanna accompany my son more... Yesterday he made the flower shape paper w/ ice cream stick for me and only this morning he handed it in to me and wish me "Happy Mother's Day" ^^ Love him very much... I love you bao bei.. muach...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hyong To Gol Korean Restaurant

I had dinner w/ my sis last nite at Korean restaurant named above. It's located at Amara Hotel, Tanjong Pagar. I got to know about it from food reviews at blurbme.com. They reviewed it until so nice and thought that it's the most authentic one. To satisfy my curiosity, I went to have a try. Coincidentally my sis went to the place nearby the hotel at the time near my off-working hour so I went to meet her lor...
The restaurant is located at level 2. Not much decoration inside but it looks tidy and clean. There were not many guests inside. Perhaps only about 6 tables fulfilled (less than half of the available seat) . And they have more than enough staff to serve the guests.

Well.. we decided to eat BBQ meat instead of steamboat 'cos BBQ meat is more suitable to be eaten w/ beer.. I was in the mood of having beer, relaxing and chatting for that evening. Somemore, it's been quite a while since my last sip of the beer (almost 2 months). So, we ordered a portion of BBQ beef anchangsal, BBQ pork belly, salad set to accompany the meat, shredded beef soup yookgaejang, and the seafood pancake, haemool paejeon. Fyi, it's only two of us. Hahahaha...... And a bottle of beer for each of us (Corona for my sis, and Hite, Korean beer, for me).

There are 10 type of side dishes, but not all of them nice. There are two types of kimchis, which similar one to another. The meat was cooked by the staff and the good thing is that the smoke was sucked directly surrounded the pan, so the smoke won't come out and our hair & body won't get smelly. The seafood pancake was very nice. This is the best thing I could taste from all food I ordered. It's crispy and soft at the same time. The flour wasn't too thick. The taste was perfectly nice accompanied w/ the sauce. It's quite big portion too, contains 8 slices. We only managed to finish 5 and I took it away for home for other 3 slices. The soup was fine. My sis doesn't like it. But for me, it was ok. The beef was really shredded long and mixed well w/ the vegetable. Perhaps the food is too much that's why we can't really enjoy each of them.. hahaha... The meat was alright too.. Nothing special. There is no extraordinary thing that makes me want to go back there. I still prefer the Korean restaurant at International Building. And I still miss the Korean Restaurant at Tsim sha tsui, Hong Kong. Their pancake is the best mannn!!! And so does the BBQ meat. Moreover, the prices are comparable too. Next time I go Hong Kong, I must go there again... hehehehe...
Well.. the Hite was not bad.. It's my first time to try Korean beer. If you wonder, it tastes same like other beer. But it's quite ex lor.. A bottle of beer costs $9.50 each. And all meal costs us $130. Hahahahhaa..... crazy... But we have prepared ourselves for it.. and go dutch. At least now we know how the food taste and the quality like.

They served cold ginger water at the end of the meal. It's very refreshing. I took one bowl extra for it.. hahahahahahaha....... Both of us were verryyy full.... Once going back home, I took a shower, watched my TV show 'til 11pm, and went to bed soonafter.

Hm.... if my sis decided to move to Aussie later on, I'm going to miss our makan session since both of us share common interest on food.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Hm...... now enjoying kopiping from Yakun.. bought from next door.. hehehe... the coffee taste is soooo good.. fragrant.. but little bit ex.. hahahahaha... once in a while oklah.. 'cos I really lack of sleep and quite sleepy just now.. The coffee is so thick, although with ice.
Tomorrow my friend will bring me for facial. Actually I was looking for a nice and reasonable facial recently and my hubby mentioned one place in Sengkang.. but my friend, PY, has recommended me the place she used to go.. and tomorrow she has appointment there, so she asked me this morning if I'm free or not.. of course, I'm free.. hehehe... so.. tomorrow I'm going to meet her lor... And she told me, first visit recommended by people will only have to pay half-price.. weee.... I will try first, how was it.. If it's really good, then maybe I'll visit them again in the future.. otherwise, maybe I'll have to look for other place, nearer one.. It's not very far from the place where I work, but quite far from home. Once in a while, ok lah..
My colleague also informed me that I can bring another person for the overnight tour, since they're now allowing non-staff to join the tour and I asked PY along and since she has agreed, then.. it's good then.. the more the merrier.. hehehe...
One day we'll go out for night life. My company also has 4 hip guru passes for employees. So, next time I can bring my sis and friend to enjoy the privileges.. hehehehe...
Oklah.. that's it for today.. I've written 3 posts in half day... continue enjoy my kopiping now...

Second life

Gotta know the above from my friend last Friday. Actually she told me before, but I just didn't try and I started to join in on Friday night itself. In the beginning, there is a lesson on how to play it. Slowly, I know how to play but still have to learn as many things are there. Learnt how to fly, how to walk, how to change appearances, clothes, etc. We created our new character, created our new name, and so on. On second day, I got to learn on how to earn money and yesterday my friend and I spent quite some time to earn money there. Actually I dunno why I collect the money.. Just in case, maybe? I mean.. I don't dream of building my own house there.. 'cos I know it's very expensive.. She says we can rent.. but rent also doesn't come cheap as well.. So, just wandering around from one place to another has made me satisfied. We can fantasize about many things.. be in many places we want.. and amazingly.. there is no small child on it. There are adults only. So, u can't get pregnant and can't have any children in ur second life.. hehehe... If you want to try yourself, just login to www.secondlife.com It's a world of imagination. Hope that I won't addict into it.. as I still have a real life to go on.. hehehehe.... So sleepy now.... not enough sleep laaa....
Yesterday afternoon my hubby, son and me went swimming next to our house. It was in the afternoon but it's windy.. I applied sun body lotion all over my body and sun cream on my face, but this morning when I looked at my back in the mirror.. it was red.. hahahaha... My hubby's also red allover as he didn't apply any lotion. My son's face was also reddish... I didn't really swim.. just accompanying my son who wanted to learn some swim from my hubby.. He still can't find the right way to swim yet... and it was funny seeing him try to swim on his way.. At least now he can put his head into the water and walk at the side of the swimming pool.. hehehe... Well.. gotta work again now.... Ciao!

Eeriee.. nightmare..

Kriiiiinggggggg.................. I was woken up by the alarm clock this morning and I was so glad it was just a dream.. Walaw lehhh... in my life, I seldom dream this kind of thing.. very eerriee..... hieeeee..... The dream was about a special occasion, held for students. I remember there were my high school friends in my dream. I sat at behind. At first, the seats were located surrounding the bushes and trees. And it hasn't started yet. So, people were still busying preparing for the show. My schoolmate asked me to write something on the board since I was taller than her. I agreed to her, but when I realised what should I write, I gave up, 'cos it was not just words, but kind of drawing that I didn't think I could draw.. so I passed it to other people who coincidentally passing by near the board itself. Then there was a lucky draw and I won a Genting trip but they said it must depend on the availability * so funny lucky draw's present... then it was break time where everyone went in and out to take a break. I saw some people gathered in one place watching something.. and I thought someone was sick, so when two people took the black plastic bag (inside was the sick person), then I helped them to carry but to my surprise, both of them threw the plastic harshly and it ended up that my hands were still clinging on the body and I had to take it out for a while and when I looked the place where it was from, I found out that there was a graveyard. Hiiiiiii.... the feeling was awful.. I decided to go out and I suddenly wanted to apply the anti-mosquito lotion and took it from the owner of the shop for use, with her approval, of course ('cos like what I said, the place was located with lots of bushes and trees.. that's why I used the anti-mosquito lotion to prevent from being bitten. But when I came in again, the place had changed. The floor was covered by the red carpet and there was air-con in it. I sat together with my 3 good friends, then still with scary feeling, I asked them to move out somewhere but they were all also terrified with the situation. And then kriiiinggggg...... Wah... I was still terrified even after waking up... lucky it was only a dream.... eeeee......
Maybe I was too tired. I woke up once in the middle of the night to go to toilet. I still feel very tired now.... A lot of things to do today... so.. must jia you!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007


It sounds like that after having a delicious cheese cake from Hilton Hotel... hehehe... Thanks PY!!! She deliberately bought it and sent it to us.. how nice she is... ^^
Quite heavy leh.. 1.5kg really full of cheese... hm..... slurp slurp... and since she is free, later I'm going to meet her for dinner. It's been quite some times since we had dinner together.
My lips dry leh... I have lip balm, but I put it at home... kekekeke....
Tonite I'm not going to miss up my show.. I have asked my hubby to record it so I can watch it tomorrow...
Oh ya.. I've signed in the overnight tour.. hehehe.. I found khaki liao... hehehe.. Hope it's fun!!! Yeah, be ready of falling asleep at the bus... kekekeke.... and plan to buy some veggies too at the wholesaler market.. learn mah from the auntie on how to buy.. ;P
My knee pains ya... maybe I should rub it w/ the balm tonite.. hope it gets much better tomorrow morning. Well.. write 'til here la... Have a nice weekend everybody!!!
I lived in a past for some time this morning. I felt very release as I flipped around the pages. Felt a bit fake in some way and felt so much in wrong from other's perspective. Who cares? I was just there to find a clue, but I didn't find any.
I asked my sis yesterday, what have changed on me since I changed my name. Other won something, and women felt some changes in their hubbies.. For me, perhaps my decision was the first start for the effect of changing since if it wasn't changed, the result might be the other way around. But my feeling is.. even though I didn't change, my decision was still the same. But there were many things predicted that haven't changed yet and I hope that bad thing won't happen to me.. it's so scary to me...
I went to Bugis yesterday after work instead of going to my school 'cos my hubby die die didn't want to go there.. I had my favourite halal chicken rice while my hubby had meehoon soto. It used to be the other way around.. that he had chicken rice and I had soto.. My eating portion has changed, I suppose.. kekeke... Then we walked around. He was looking for a new pair of sandals, but he ended up buying new shoes - the shoes of his dream. While I managed to buy small pouch to keep my thumb drive *just bought it two days ago at Carrefour - good offer leh... The pouch is sooo cute... It's frog's face. And I bought another one to my colleague who also bought the thumb drive 'cos they also sell his fave' cartoon face.
Btw, had I told you about my recently fave TV series??? Hahaha... Recently I always try to be at home at 9pm 'cos I was trying to catch Mars Vs Venus - the new local TV series. The show is about 3 women. One has got married w/ 2 kids, one has just getting married, and one has married too, but the hubby is womanizer, but at the end, the hubby was found died in other woman's bed. While they also focus on three different men. Two of the men was the hubby of the two married women, while another man is single and insists of keep being a single to avoid those hassle of life after marriage, which also means no commitment, responsibility, and so on. The show is really interesting. They always show the different thought of woman and man. What they expect from man and what they expect from woman. It's really realistic with woman and man relationship in real life. That's why I love the show so much.. hehehe.. After that, I continue watching another Hong Kong TV series from channel u. Just for satisfaction.. before going to bed. Hm... good entertainment but I feel tired sometimes.. hahaha....
Oh ya.. I'm planning for another trip in August. My sis has just called me regarding the ticket. Hope it is as fun as I imagine. And this time.. hopefully is women's trip again... w/out hubby around.. hahahaha.... Ciao!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Wowww... It's May already, how time flies...
Yesterday was labour day. I watched news last night and it said that lots of countries were in chaos, such as: Macao, Turkey, etc. There were demonstration as well in Seoul, Jakarta, etc.
Only Chinese celebrated the long holiday in their country.
Wah, this morning I almost fainted inside the train. I felt very weak. I lost my energy. My hands started to trumble, I could feel my face turning pale, and my eyes sight were blurry.. Luckily when reach Dobhy Ghout, someone who sat behind me walking away so that I could occupy his seat for a while before I went out in the next station. I felt better but not well yet.. I had to walk slowly and tried to gather my energy.. hoped that I could reach my office safely and I did. I managed to reach the office safely. I went to canteen first to have a grab of pair of toast w/ kaya and butter and half cup of coffee.. to gain some energy from it.
Wahh... it was terrible.. Imagine you were alone in that type of situation. It wasn't my first time. I encountered the same thing before. I guess, it's because I drank water before I went out, then I read newspaper since the time I stepped in the train and when I lifted up my head, I started to feel uncomfortable. Oh ya, plus the air-con. I kept praying for the rest of my journey.. Thanks God!!!
May... One of my schoolmate will get married on 9th May in Jakarta. But I don't think I'll be able to attend it.. =( There will be overnight tour organised by my working place next Friday, but I don't know yet if I attend it or not. I'm afraid I only end up w/ sleeping in the couch all the night instead of browsing around the places hehehe... I'll have medical appointment in the mid of the month. Hm.. not much plan yet.
Well.. start working now... take care!!!
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