Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's Saturday afternoon. I'm inside the bus on the way to Bugis. It's been some times since I went to Kwan Im Temple, since Chinese New Year? Or maybe new year. Can't remember.
Somehow looking for clue, forgiveness, direction, protection from harm, and anything else. Reflection about what I've done. There were many things happened in such short time. Will it end? To the better or worse?
Everything is uncertain, like walking through the dark, need some guidance.
Skip the weekend chore of fetching Reever again this week. Hehehe... Well, enjoy ur weekend!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Being here in less than a year has made me learning a new thing. It changed my personality on not trusting on people, who so called 'a friend', even I regard her as 'good friend', too much. Or maybe, specifically, I lose the trust on them.
One day I talked to her. She said, someone is testing her and other people's opinion for many times by asking those questions in another way. I didn't realise that one day, she was actually testing me too, by asking me questions in another way. I regarded her as a good friend, so I told her honestly what I was thinking. But I didn't know how she translated those answers into something else. Perhaps she has had a prejudice at the first place about me. After that 'talk', she became so cold towards me.
For your info, I said that because I trusted you. Never did I thought, you had another agenda behind it.
Now we are in cold wars. I've already told myself, not to interfere whatever things that's going on here. I came here purely to do my duty and task, and nothing else. I don't bother a single thing, neither I care a bit about it. If someone knew anything else, I won't be taken a rap anymore.
Someone is right. I don't have to 'like' someone. They just didn't worthed to be cared about. I'd rather use my time and thought on something else$
This will be the last time I would say about. I'll treat you transparent as how you're treating me. Good bye.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

I made it!!

I'm on the way home now, taking a bus from Suntec. This morning, I woke up at 5.20am, and out from home at 5.50am. Took cab to my working place, then took bus to nearby F1 pit. Well.. With lots of determination and preseverance, all of us manage to finish our race. I'm the first woman (from our hotel) who reached the finishing line. Not from the whole people who joined. Kekeke... I enjoyed the ride very much. Like people say, it's the process that is enjoyable and more meaningful. We started our ride from F1 pit. Went all the way through the Guillemard road, and many other road to East Coast. I took a break for a while to have few mouthful of 100 plus, then continued my ride all the way 'till the finishing line. I enjoyed rode through the Nicole Highway, watching the view of Fullerton, Esplanade, nearly completed Marina Bay Sands, and many more. Actually at first I wanted to ride together with my friend, but didn't know why, I rode faster and faster and left them behind. When I was riding, it reminds me of times when I was on my Secondary School. I took bicycle from home to school everyday. The distance was ok, about 20 mins to reach ba.. Also must pass through 1 high bridge. It explained how I got my big legs.. Oops.. Big muscles on my legs. Hahahhaa...
I felt great when I rode fast.. And enjoyed my time being alone. Along the way, I could find all good numbers, such as 8888, 7888, 8088, 8373 (last 4 digit of my contact number), etc. ;P
I started the ride at 7.45am and finished it at 8.45am. About one hour time.
Few of us (10 to be precised) had put our rented bicycles in the wrong side. And we had to find the bicycles all around the parking area. Lucky we managed to get all bikes. We also had to find our helmets that were scattered all around in different boxes and bags. We took about an hour to get our things back. And because of that, we didn't manage to take a group picture. :( too bad....
Never mind lah, I took some personal pics anyway...
Few friends and I went to have our lunch at food court in Suntec. Then my friend and I bought few 4D numbers related to our cycling today. Hahaha... Wish us luck oh!!!
Overall, I really enjoyed the cycling as I have fulfilled one of my wishes. Try new thing in life. Hope to fulfill some more wishes this year, to make sure that I live life to the fullest.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Tomorrow is the day. It'll be my first time to experience cycling together, a 20-km long, with all people across Singapore on a major road in the city. Just hope that I'll be able to cycle to the finishing line. Need lots of luck on it!
My hubby has supported me in any ways for this event. Today he fetched my son to his Chinese and Buddhist class. Hehehe... He also bought the sunblock cream for me. Thank you Laogong.
Now I'm in the bus, otw to buy long sleeve shirt and pants for tomorrow. Hope I can find a suitable one. Jia you!!!
Just pray hard that the weather won't be so hot tomorrow and the sun won't shine too bright. Hahahahaa... Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sometimes I wonder, what my life would be in 5 years time, or in 10 years time. Would I still be alive? Somemore with unfriendly enemy within my body, which can attack me anytime, anywhere.
I must tell myself to live this life to the fullest. Do whatever thing I wanna do. Go to every place I want. Meet everyone that I wanna meet without keep thinking there is still next year or when the time is right, or wait til I have enough money.
My attitude to life is more towards 'live for today' direction rather than 20 years later I wanna ...
Just wonder if I can see my son growing up or anything else. Kinda moody now. As my battery flat, I'm going to end it here.
I'm kinda sad these last few days on how people around me trated me as if I'm transparent, some thought I fringed their privacy, n some thought I was the one who tell around who they were going out with, which I didn't. I don't have to explain what has happened as at the first place, they just didn't believe in me. I treat them as friends, but is that how they perceive me? I'm not sad that I have lost friends but I'm sad 'cos at the first place, they didn't even trust me.
Maybe I just have to cool myself down. Perhaps living without them will be better. Just concentrate with my work and personal life.
Sometimes I pity myself to become too straight in showing what I feel. But I can't deceive myself about what I feel. Like means like. Don't like means don't like. And I'm not like some people who are good just beacause they need to ask some favor to do things for them. That's not real friend's motive.
Well, perhaps I'm too naïve, believe that there were real friends in this days of society. It pushed myself of become friendless.
Kinda bored with no plan going around. August is still quite faraway. What I need maybe some air of freedom, going to a cool place to cool myself down, with a company. But I don't think I'll find that company.
Just now I took a glance on TV. If today is your last day, who will you say 'I love you' to? I will say 'I love you' to my parents, papa n mama, all my sisters and brother, thanks for supporting me all through my life, with your care and love I can be what I am today, believing that there is still unity in family relationship, also to my hubby and son whom I share my life with.
I love you guys!!!
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