Sunday, January 31, 2016

Run For Hope 2016

Run For Hope 2016

Today it marked the 23rd annual Run For Hope in Singapore. But for my son and I, it marked our continuous 6th year support. Even after leaving my previous company, we still joined in this run together with my bestie and usual walk/ run kaki :)

Me and Baobei - 6th consecutive support for Run For Hope :)

Time flies. See here for our first run. That time it was held in East Coast beach. We joined the wrong group. Instead of following the short run, we followed the 10 km one :P

Sunrise reflection - Run For Hope 2016

These days the run was held mostly at the Promontory Marina Bay, in the middle of Singapore city.

View of Marina Bay Sands :)

I loved the morning view there and would never get bored of it :)

We did it!!! ^^

This time both of us ran separately. Unlike previous years, this time we were really running! Oh, I was so surprised looking at my son suddenly ran overtaking me :D Indeed, he has grown up now. Before, he joined us just because of breakfast after running - at McDonalds :D Well done Baobei! ^^

With previous GM ^^

After finished running, suddenly I heard someone shouting my name for few times. It sounded so familiar. Hehe... True enough, my previous GM was calling me. He was there with his wife. And after that I met and saw few other ex-colleagues too :)

Thank you SB for the lovely weather this morning! Hope we can join in again next year and more years to come! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happiness is the Path

This too shall pass! Cheer up and have a wonderful life! :)

As from my previous post here, you would have been aware that now I am in midst of my new job. It's been two weeks now. To be honest, I'm having a very hard time dealing with it. During my first 10 days, I was trained by the current staff who is leaving soon (exactly one week from today). I had to learn two accounting systems that I'd never used before, and handle three different companies' payable. 

After resting for half a year, I needed to adjust my brain back to the working conditions. I even had a difficult time to memorize the passwords for my office login Windows and few others for different systems and applications, especially nowadays when they required the password to consist of big capital letter, small capital letter, number and sign in between, etc.

Everyday time seemed like never enough for me to revise so much things within a very short time. I was afraid I could not cope with the work. Each time I felt like crying, as I felt useless and brainless. I even thought of handing the resignation letter within my first few working days :D  

Everything has a beauty quote, but not everyone sees it - Confusius

And within a week's time working at the new office, I had already made few silly mistakes due to too much stress!!! :D

For instance, my Boss suddenly appeared and came to us, telling us to go for lunch together. Both my new colleague and I was looking at each other. Inside my heart, I was like, "Hah? Why she was suddenly asking me (and not towards my new colleague) to have lunch together? Maybe she wanted to know how well I coped so far??"

And I only knew the reason why, when we were seated with our food on the table. She was suddenly asking me, "Why? You were so stress in the office ya?" in front of the Finance Director and one Assistant Manager.

I was surprised! How came she knew? Could she read my mind? But I tried to reply her in humorous way by saying, "Ha? How come you know? Is my face here written 'STRESS' word?" My hand was even pointing circularly on my face while saying it.

She then said, "You messaged me ma, asking for lunch together and de-stress."

Suddenly a bell rang on my head! OMG!!! I think I had sent the wrong message!!! Lol!!! Instead of messaging my new colleague (through the company's messenger's system) to go for lunch together and de-stress, I messaged her! Hahahaha.... :P

Everyone in the table was laughing out loud and my face was so red and hot like tomato, feeling so embarrassed yaaa! Lol!!! (That incident taught me a lesson though, not to type any private message through the office's messenger system!!! :D)

Nature is the medicine for the weary heart and mind quote - Rima Reyka

I confessed to my new colleague and loved ones about what I felt. They never stopped encouraging me and telling me the reasons why I felt that way. They said, first, I was new and completely new with the job that I was handling. Definitely I wasn't familiar with how things worked, compared with the staff who had been working there for months or even years.

Second, perhaps I put too much pressure and expectation within myself. Like as new staff, I was being too sincere and eagerly to do my best. So when I couldn't reach that point, I felt like breaking down and useless.

Third, I was afraid too that once the current staff was leaving, I had no one to turn to whenever problem arouse. Unlike the other new colleague, at least the person whom she learned from, would still be working there and she herself had so much working experience in this area and used the same system before.

Everyone whom I confessed with was trying their best to lift my spirit up, encourage me, and ease my heart saying that people, including my Boss. would understand my situation and they would not expect too much from me. They kept telling me to relax, don't worry, and take thing easily. I had no choice but to persevere, go on, and listen to their advice fully.

Happiness is the path - Buddha's quote

Everyday I listened to Buddhist chant on my way to and from work. I meditated before sleeping to bring myself in peace and calm. I wrote my feelings into my journal and lots of time I wrote in positive way to motivate myself.

I looked at the beautiful sunrise on my way to work from my bus's window and the shining sun on my way back home, with a clear blue and white sky in front of me.

I went for cycling, let the rain washed away my mind's weariness, sang along many of my favorite songs, and reminded myself to live at present moment.

At the same time I tried to get more familiar with the work by bringing the company's laptop home. Btw, it was my first time bringing work home, even spent my whole weekend revising and tidying up my notes!!!

Wise words from my getting wiser brother :) Kadinche-la! 

Well, no one says the journey will be easy, but I think it will worth the pain. With so much job restructuring and retrenchment happening nowadays in Singapore due to the slow economic situation, I have to say that I am very lucky having one right now. I am so much grateful too to the person who taught me everything she knew (although sometimes she did half-heartedly). At least, someone was there to teach and guide me.

I am very grateful too with the new colleague, who has always been encouraging me to keep going, motivating me, reminding me to keep positive about my job, etc. She is helpful too and generous with her knowledge. She is hoping that I'd go through this journey together through ups and downs. Without her, I must have handed my resignation letter within a week of my working life there.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, support, motivation, and encouragement. I can only say I am surviving now as I am still walking on that journey, and "persevere" is the only word that can describe what I feel now. I won't deny the low feeling that I am encountering right now. Sometimes,I didn't even realize that I think negatively towards my situation. Without all your help, I won't be walking still. Thank you SB and everyone for everything! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Just hope this too shall pass soon! Wish me luck and wish you all have a wonderful life!!! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A new phase of life

A moonlight in a dawn :)

"Uuggghhhh..... what time is it now?" 

The sky was still dark from inside my room. I turned my handphone on and headed to toilet to release.

"Hhmmm.... it's 5.38am. So fast," mumbled me.

I hid myself inside the blanket and hugged my Doraemon doll with heart shape written 'I love you' and one cupid bear shot an arrow to another.

"Relax! Breath Rima.... Relax your mind... It's still early!" talked to myself.

In a while I was awaken again, out of nothing. Well, out of something I guess, anxiousness! And time shown was 6.15am.

"Oh my.... what should I do now? Just lie there?" asked myself again.

"Hell no! Let's get up! Prepare your breakfast and write your journal!" said the other heart of mine.

"Hm... ya hor! Since it's still early and I need that!" thought me immediately.

I got up taking 2 thick but short brown books from the lamp table beside me plus my owl pencil case with wooden phallus hanging on it. I put it on the wooden table at balcony then went to the kitchen to boil water and prepare two slices of bread with Nutella spread. I poured half packet of ginger tea mixed powder into my tea cup and poured the water once it's boiled. With both hands I took the plate and cup out.

"Hoahhmmmm.... still dark!" I yawned and switched on the balcony's light from inside. Not very bright but manageable.

Journaling time :)

I sipped in the hot tea and took a bite of my bread then opened the Daily Teaching book by Rhonda Byrne (one of the thick brown book that I took out) and flipped it out.

"Aha! This one suits me!" acclaimed me.

I opened the other thick brown book, which was my journal with 'Om' Tibetan word in front, bought from Dharamsala last year October.

I copied down the quote into my journal then I continued writing my heart out. Unknowingly, I'd filled the whole 3 pages with gratitude feelings towards everything that happened into my life.

It started since the beginning of the year where I was able to meet my parents and siblings and all of us managed to fulfill our dreams to go for the siblings reunion cruise trip together.

Soon after that I received good news from my brother that there would be a job opportunity for me. It turned out to be something that I'd been looking for! Totally out from my previous industry but still related to the same thing, but different items sold. It's temp job and the perks were great! They needed me immediately too so I started it soon after I had my interview.

So things just worked and crafted beautifully as per what I wished. The Universe simply made it work, designed suitably with my situation!

"If it's yours, it's yours. And you need fate with your working place," was what I always said to my friends when they concerned about me getting my new job.

And this new job, had given me completely new experience starting from working place, transport getting there, new environment, new colleagues, and so on. Things happened awed me with no words.

I know they expected much from me (that's why the perk was not bad), but it was a little bit more than my expectation! Hahaha... :D No matter what, I accepted it with my open arms and with more time and guidance, I'll surely and slowly make it! Wish me luck!

I looked at the time on the right corner of my phone, 6.55am. Yalama!!! I closed my journal and brought them in back to my room after putting the plate and cup into the kitchen's basin. I turned the heater on and took a quick bath while listening to Kiss92 fm from my phone.

At 7.10am I walked out from my house and took elevator down. I checked the SBS Transit Iris apps to check my bus timing while walking. Oh! Arriving! I ran my heart out towards the bus stop but luckily it had not arrived yet. Ah, it's coming now! I stood there and caught my breath.

"Ugghhh.... really new experience that I have to adapt!" talked to myself. Because once I missed it, the next bus would come 9 minutes later and it meant I would miss the company shuttle bus.

Let it go.... let it go.... My phone rang. I peeked the caller's name - Lisa - my new colleague. "Uncle, deng yi xia... (means wait! )" I heard her voice speaking to our company bus driver. I looked up at my watch. Sh*t!!! It'd already 8am and the bus still crawled another one more stop to reach.

"Rima, the bus is here! Reached already!" said Lisa anxiously. I couldn't let them wait for me because there were still one more place for them to go to pick other colleagues.

"It's OK. You can go ahead. I'll take bus 990 on my own," told me calmly and surrendered to the situation. In just 2 minutes later I reached where I supposed to board the company bus. I went down and took another bus to reach the company.

So, this would be my new life for the next few months! A completely change of environment and working place changed some stage of my life. And here as I'm typing this in my phone, I'm still stuck inside the bus reaching to my new office.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Special gift from Bhutan - Inside Kuzuzangpo la Inflight Magazine! ^^

This evening I met up with Sonam Tobgyel, a civil servant working at PMO - Cabinet Secretariat, who came to Singapore to attend the work related training program. It's a second time I met him. First time was last year May, together with Uden. We had bakuteh (peppery pork rib soup) at Clarke Quay.

First time meeting in May 2015 :)

Just like our first time, he came with many parcels from Bhutan. And when going back, again he had to bring many parcels with him hehehehe...

Lucky bag! ^^

Today, I collected my cabin bag that Luzee brought back to Bhutan during her last visit (as a result of shopping too much :P), but this time, it was full of things inside!

Chom from Bhutan!!! :D

Sonam gifted me Bhutan red rice and dried chili. Rekha gave me the Harper Lee's book - Go Set a Watchman, while the rest of the items were given by dear Luzee.

Happy Chips and Misty Peak from Bhutan. What a great combination! :P

She gave me Misty Peak (Bhutan whiskey replacing previous K5) as a New Year's gift. Two packets of Happy Chips - potato chips produced by Bhutanese farmers, (finally she found it in market - it wasn't available on my last visit there) were gifts for my dear son. The book by Sogyal Rinpoche was her gift for me, and as usual, she sent me my favourite ema (chili) and datshi (cheese). Thank you Sonam, Rekha, and Luzee for all your gifts la!

Kuzuzangpo la - Dec 15/ Jan 16 Edition

However, among all gifts, what made me surprised and awed was the article inside the above magazine! :) Kuzuzangpo la was the Bhutan Airlines inflight magazine. Inside, there was an article written by her, about our journey to east Bhutan back in July 2015. Read the details story starting from here :)

Around Bhutan in Eight Days by Lungten Zangmo - Kuzuzangpo la inflight magazine

Click the picture to read the article :)

Around Bhutan in Eight Days by Lungten Zangmo - Kuzuzangpo la inflight magazine 

She summarised our 8-day trip together in Eastern Bhutan in these full four-page article completed with photos of places that we visited. She even mentioned my name there many times in the article :D *shy shy She too never forgot mentioning the names of people who had helped us, accommodated us, throughout our journey. Indeed, it was a memorable and unforgettable journey! I could never thank her and everyone enough for everything they had done to make this trip possible.

Thank you everyone that made our journey memorable and unforgettable! :)

And yes, if you are planning for a trip to Bhutan, those are the places you should consider to visit instead of the usual Thimphu - Paro - Punakha route. This way, you are able to stay longer too, be away from your hectic and mundane life back in your home country.

The choice is in our hands :)

Get yourself closer spiritually by visiting more Chorten or temples - especially the breath-taking statue of Guru Rinpoche at Takila, Lhuentse, Gom Kora, Chorten Kora, etc.; breath fresh mountain air, feel the splash from the natural fountain and the scary feeling when driving through the Namling cliff; stay at local Bhutanese villagers house and feel their culture that are still deep implemented in their daily life, and so on. And just like Luzee wrote, it would also thank to the karmic connection that made us being there. Do you think you'll have that too???

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Siblings reunion - Mariner of the Seas 3-8 January 2016

Time flies. It still felt like we were still discussing about our siblings reunion last month and now, it's over in a blink of eyes! Today my second sister flew back home and tomorrow the rest would follow.

With two cute little boys :)

Still remember the last day of year 2015 when these two cute little boys were put at my home and I had to babysit them ^^ Both were shy and busying themselves with their gadgets ;D But both were behaving very well. They didn't shout or cry looking for their mom even at stranger place (my sis and families stayed in Australia and it's been two years since their last visit. The younger one was still crawling!) They took their nap quietly too until their mom and the rest came :)

Steamboat dinner at home sweet home :)

We had steamboat family dinner that night. My parents stayed at my home for few nights.

Lunch gathering on New Year's day! :)

We had New Year's lunch gathering at Tony Roma's then browsed around Suntec City Mall for some shopping :)

Garden by the Bay - Singapore

Then followed with visit to the Garden by the Bay :)

Day 1 - Mariner of the Seas :)

From 3rd to 8th January 2016 we took Mariner of the Seas cruise trip together, my first time experiencing it.

Day 2 - Mariner of the Seas - Port Klang, Malaysia

It departed from Singapore to Port Klang and Langkawi (Malaysia) plus Patong Beach at Phuket, Thailand

Day 3 - Mariner of the Seas - Langkawi, Malaysia

There were so many outshore activities to choose from and all was chargeable (all in US$). We chose more on nature and landmarks of the place like Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park, eagle feeding place, Beras Basah Beach (we dipped ourselves there in seawater) at Langkawi islands.

Day 4 - Mariner of the Seas - Phuket, Thailand 

As in Phuket, the tender brought us to Patong Beach. From there we took a coach to several places such as: Buddha Cave at Phang Nga (called Wat Tham Suwan Khuha), James Bond Island or Ko Khao Phing Kan (two of James Bond movies were taken here - The Man with the Golden Gun and Tomorrow Never Dies) - read more about the island here, kayaking area, and Koh Panyee (Muslim fish village).

Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, supper :D

The meals were all included in the fares that we paid. The above was provided almost all day around in few restaurants with buffet, semi-buffet, a la carte style (fine dining), almost all-you-can-eat style! (Fyi, I'd gained 2 kg of weight upon returning from my journey :P)

Sit back and relax! ^^

Like when you had nothing to do, you could just go to pool area, grab a book (there was a library which you could borrow the book there), a cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps if you were hungry, grab some hot dog, sandwich, and make yourself relax and comfortable ;)

Mariner of the Seas Performance on Board :)

There were lots of performance arranged too on the boat, which in fact, was held everyday! Magic show, singing and dancing, juggling show, ice skating circus, and so on. They would like to make sure that everyone (from any age categories) enjoying their stay in the cruise and would never get bored!

You could also go to their sport centre playing basket ball, tennis table, mini golf, rock climbing; arcade; spa for some massage, facial, lose weight programme; gym; sauna; entertainment room playing board games; kids could join the kids activities; ice skating; karaoke-ing; learning how to dance; playing Bingo; casino learning how to gamble; swimming; jacuzzi; and so on. Most facilities were mostly available without fee (except those spa treatment and gambling related activities)

One of my daily favorite activities! 

As for me, the above picture depicted one of my favourite activities done on board, apart from catching for sunrises and sunsets!!! Their beauties were indescribable! Plus me-time before going to sleep, let me to feel grateful and thankful for everything that I had and happened to me!

Siblings reunion - January 2016

Thank you Pa, Ma, dear siblings and cute nephews for making our trips successful and creating many beautiful and unforgettable memories! Let us treasure this and let's hope for the whole family trips in few more years to come! Let's pray together that our wishes and dreams would come true! Thank you SB for good health, wonderful meetings and gatherings, and memorable trips! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Friday, January 01, 2016

Books read for the second half of the year 2015

Wow, time passes by in a blink of eye! It's first day of year 2016 now! Happy New Year everyone! :)

Happy New Year 2016 (Pic source:

Many of you have come out with year 2016 resolutions, haven't you? Hope reading was among your resolution list lah! ^^

Check out my reading list back in Jan-Jun 2014, Jul-Dec 2014, and Jan-Jun 2015

I spent the second half of my last year mostly traveling around, meeting up, and spending my precious life's time with dear family members and lovely friends all around the place and ended up reading less books. But no regret though! Not at all! ;)

Reading is passion! :D

Anyway, it was not the quantity of the book that I emphasized when it came to read, but it was more into answering my calling, my passion. I just loved to quench my curiosity about the content behind the title and beautiful picture that decorating the cover of the book, or wondered myself on what would this author write in his or her next book :)

So, please find the list of books I read during the second half of the year 2015 as per follow:

Book read in July 2015

July 2015:
1.The Little Paris Bookshop - Nina George

Books read in August 2015

August 2015:
1. Go Kiss the World - Subroto Bagchi
2. China Rich Girlfriend - Kevin Kwan

Books read in September 2015

September 2015:
1. Happiness - A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill - Matthieu Ricard
2. Secrets About Men Every Women Should Know - Barbara De Angelis, PhD
3. Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

Books read in October 2015

October 2015:
1. Peace - Steps to Achieving Happiness Through Acts of Love, Compassion, Kindness, Tolerance, and Forgiveness - Tsem Rinpoche (re-read as I wasn't aware that they republished the new version)
2. The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO - Robin Sharma (re-read it again as to remind myself the important things to take notes in life ^^)

Book read in November 2015

November 2015:
1. All the Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr

Books read in December 2015

December 2015:
1. In the Shadow of the Buddha: One's Man Journey of Discovery in Tibet - Matteo Pistono
2. Narcissus and Goldmund - Herman Hesse
3. Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty
4. The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto - Mitch Albom

So, as you see, it was very much less comparing with previous half-yearly reading lists. wasn't it? I hope many of you keep up your reading passion in your life, not only for enjoyment, but also for learning new things or living other people's lives, and so on. Wish you all a wonderful and great new year!!!

P.S. I listed the books I read before as I am getting forgetful lately. E.g. I borrowed and read the book that I'd read before and only realized when it came almost to the end part, like suddenly I felt reading something familiar before... Lol! Perhaps as the year goes by, age increases, and my memory has faded away... ;P Nevertheless, it won't stop me from continuing my passion lah!! Hope you too! ;)
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