Friday, April 29, 2011

Celebrating 2-Year Anniversary working at SMC :)

Up to today, I've gone through 24 times of stock-taking work in this company :) Within 2 years I've learnt quite lots of new things, facing lots of ups and downs of working world, facing different types and characters of human beings, even going through the time where people came and went out of this company.

Just happened today is my friend's last day of part-time job. After doing my work, we went to one of the property's outlet to have dinner. Previously, my colleague, who in charges of its kitchen, had asked me if I had my dinner there. But during my 2 years here, I hadn't stepped into his outlet yet. Yes, I went for dinner there before, but it was during my previous job. I went to the outlet every month too, but to do stocktaking, not to have dinner, enjoy and relaxing or whatsoever.

So my friend and I decided to have dinner there. The Chef decided on our menu and we just sat and enjoyed our food.

They served hot bread with two kinds of butter as the opening. Fruits and avocado salad as the appetizer. Followed with special beef satay Pizza that was not inside the menu, and Beef tenderloin served with potato and sauteed vegetables. I ordered a glass od Mouton Cadet Rouge to match the Beef while my friend ordered a Pussy Foot Mocktail. As a dessert, she ordered Mud Pie and we shared all the food together.

We chit chatted and watched TV (the wedding of Prince William and Kate) while enjoying our food. It's great feeling when after a day of work, you sat down, ate and drink, and talked about anything with your good friend.

Overall the food was good, it's only that when I saw the ingredients, I felt very familiar as sometimes I had to cover my colleague's duty doing receiving goods from supplier and received those ingredients on a daily basis. I did their menu costing too. And I know all the staffs there. Hahahaha... Kinda like no privacy as everyone who dropped by there would see me there and they knew I was having my dinner there. Hahahaha....

Anyway, I didn't think much while eating. Just enjoy the moment :)

It's supposed to be a long weekend, but unfortunately, for those who work in finance must somehow go back to work and prepare for the month-end closing. I need to go back tomorrow to post the invoices and also to clear up some issues. Or maybe I would just go back to work next Monday (supposed to be the holiday). Maybe Monday ba?? No obligation anyway, as long as I can finish my work on time... See how ba!!

Time flies very fast. When I worked here for the first time, I worked here for about 2.5 years before moving on to another company. And now, it's 2 years already for my second post!!! Will that mean I would change my job in another 6 mths??? Kekeke... Let the flow goes ba.. Shun qi zi ran...

This month, lots of colleagues who had been working here for a long time, decided to move on to a new career or for another new life back to their hometown. It's kinda sad that mgmt didn't do anything or put any effort to retain them. Is it the fault of the management? Or is it just the nature of life??? I think we all know what the answer is...

Well, reach home soon.. Enjoy your long weekend everyone! Have a good night!!! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I need to go on DIETTTTT!!!!!

Have been overeating since last week... Haiz... Didn't realise it until my colleague was asking me if I gained so much weight... Hiks...

I keep wearing those bigger size clothes these past few days to make myself more comfortable. Need to lose some kilos!!! Hiks...

Didn't realise I have been drinking ice cold drinks (beer and other drinks), munching on candies in the office, chocolate bars, and so on..) Hiks... And no exercise.

I also had few varieties food during lunch, sometimes went for second or third round. The food in canteen has been better with so many choices to choose... And I need to keep reminding myself that it's enough!

Yesterday night after dinner, I was craving durian. My hubby went out and bought 4 durians back honme. I opened 3 and ate most of it. Hahahahahhaa..... Long time never ate mah.... :P So many excuses!!!

Well, hope I can control slowly...

It's raining now. Yesterday afternoon it was very hot. The weather has really gone headwire...

Ok, write 'til here. Gonna walk for a while before starting my work again. Jia you!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Joyce's Farewell Dinner

Joyce's Farewell Dinner - Taiwan Porridge Buffet @Quality Hotel - Fri, 15 Apr 11

Yesterday after work, my colleagues and I went for farewell dinner. A purchasing colleague who is in charge of our hotel's purchasing is leaving soon. Her last day will be on next Thursday.

She has been working for 3 years and it's time for her to move on. She would like to work with more space and freedom on her own.

I knew her for about two years. We related quite much on our work since I'm in charge in receiving area as well. Any products weren't delivered, didn't meet users' requirements, and any others would be reported by us and she is the one who passes our messages to suppliers.

There were many occasions where Chef urgently needs the items and she has been very helpful and willingly to help us to the end. I think that she is deserved to be thanked. Without her, their operational activities wouldn't be smoothly. Too bad some people took her for granted lor...

Anyway since we arranged her farewell, I was thinking on what thing we should give for her momentous. Then last weekend I developed photos that we took together in previous occasion plus some photos of other colleagues. I went to book store to buy the paper for the base. At night I cut the photos and arranged it so that there was enough space for the rest to write their message.

Last Monday I brought it together with the frame to the office. I started asking my colleagues to write their message for her one by one. There are some people who deal with her more. Some were surprised that she will leave soon, asking me where will she go, why, and who will replace her post and so on.

When they see it, most of them gave me the same comments, such as: 'u sim' (in Hokkien), or 'you xin' (in Chinese), use heart - in English :D, they say it's very nice and even ask me to do the same for them. Some asked me to do this and put it in Canteen. Kekekeke.... I where got so free... :P

Anyway, I gave the last touch up yesterday by adding some stickers and put it into the frame.

We passed the gift to her after we finished our dinner. Dunno if she was touched or 'gan dong' when received it. I hope she did and happy with it. I told her I only did few to others, like so far only made 3 such things to other people. So, she was quite lucky oh!!! Hehehehe....

Posed together after dinner

I scanned the thing, but it's too big. It couldn't fit into our office photocopy's screen, therefore I divided into two parts.

Part 1 & 2 side by side

We had Taiwan Porridge Buffet at Quality Hotel and continued with drinking session at the bar next to it. We sat outside and there were live singing inside. Still could hear the songs, only that not too loud and a bit hot.. Hahahaa... However, we still enjoy it!

4 Gals cheerrsss........ All the Best Joyce!!!

Joyce and the 4 SMC guys...

On the way to weekend class now. Feel a bit sleepy although I woke up quite late this morning.

Tomorrow will go for cycling and BBQ session with baobei. Housekeeping staffs organised their outing and invited me and my colleagues. Since I have no other activity, I will bring my son for a ride and eating session. He would love it! Hehehe... Hope the weather will be good tomorrow.

Well, enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

'I'm not popular, but I have good friends. I'm not rich, but I have what I need. I may not be liked, but I know I'm loved.'

Ehey... I think the sentence above suits me huh? Don't you think so? :P

Today I went for eye check and went through few round of eye check. The result is good, everything is normal. Hm... Donated 52 bucks to the hospital. Wakakakaka.....

They asked me to go back one year later... Haiz.... Trying to bargain for 1.5 yrs, but failed. Hahahahha....

With natural disasters in few countries, it does affect the food supply around the world. These few weeks I was busy complaining the lettuce iceberg which supposed to come from Australia. But now, it's made in China. All suppliers don't get their lettuce from Australia anymore.

We just have to bear with the quality made in China.

Thailand was suffered from floods too.. It affected palm trees and other food supplies as well. Hm... I can't imagine where we get our food from in the future...

Friday, April 08, 2011

To maintain a relationship is really not easy. Must know when to pull, and when to get closer. It really depends on situation and environment. Lots of time people don't know how to react in certain circumstances. Instead of doing something, they just stood up and stared. We also need to learn to say sorry. People say 'sorry' is the hardest word to say. But I believe, when it's used at the right time, it can change a person's mood in second.

How we communicate, how we behave; how we judge our own judgement, whether to listen and believe or absorb the situation ourselves. We really need skills to face the day-to-day situation.

By being able to solve a problem, especially helping someone, we will earn greater satisfaction within ourselves. To make others cheer up and smile again, will definitely make our day better!

Enjoy your weekend!!! :)
There were many colleagues resigned these past two weeks. In my dept and many other dept as well. We had just received our bonus beginning of the month. Some left because of more attractive offer elsewhere, while some had their personal reasons. My boss was quite stressed with many people leaving. She has tried to find replacement asap. I also asked around and see if anyone is interested and available. Yesterday there was a newcomer for one post. There were still 4 more. Dunno if Boss managed to find it already or not. My ex-colleague was even willing to work part-time in order to help the missing post temporarily.

There were many resigned from operation side as well. They all agree that they were not paid enough in this place and hope to get better salary in other places. So, better salary = better life? Well, I'm sure all of you have the answer.

There will be many familiar faces gone from this place this month and next month. A little bit sad though. One of the reason I was coming back was because those familiar faces. But within 2 yrs I'm here, lots and lots of old faces have left this place... Lots of new faces put the helmet of the new region. They also employed many foreigners and trainees more than their full time staffs ba.. I still believe that full-timers are the core strength of this big family. Well, we just need to adapt to todays environment ba. Every hotel will face the same thing. Only those who can pay more will get their employer easier. But again, if the job was too much.., people will start leaving again...

Let the nature take its course ba.... Shun qi ze ran....

Monday, April 04, 2011


It's April now!! No exciting event in front except to prepare exam these next two months. Despite going shopping and enjoying the bonus, I had to cope with study. It's a sad fact that I can't study at home. I have to find a suitable place to do so, but I don't think it's suitable. Haiz.... It'll be good if I can find a partner, but too bad I don't have any. Or maybe someone who can teach me... It's only just a dream ba!!! Have to depend on myself to reach my goal.

Spending quite lots of time on Saturday night, watching videos from fb. Lots of video showing how to motivate yourself and practice it in reality. Too often or not, we are not presevering enough.

I had McDonalds w/ hubby last night. I told him, one of my dream is to buy motorcycle and ride it everywhere I want at anytime. He stopped me doing that because he saw lots of people suffering when they had an accident while riding the motorcycle. Well, it happens to others, not necessarily happens to me. But he stopped me because he cares and loves me. As kiasu and kiasu type of person, that's what he can do to prevent it to happen.

He said, I can buy it, but only after he died. Haiz....

Thank you for caring and loving me so much.

Well, there will be long weekend during Good Friday, but again, I think I'll just cope myself nowhere but doing revision ba! Hope I can do it!

Sorry if I keep rejecting friend's invitations of going out nowadays, at least until my exam has over ba! Don't think too much! If you do, then too bad lor...

Gotta a friend who has tendered her resignation last month. Sad and happy at the same time. Sad 'cos we'll lose someone who is so helpful, but happy because she can get out of the unhappiness she faced in her work life. Hope a new place will treat her better. Jia you!!

Write till here. Have a great month ahead!! Take care!!!
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