Tuesday, January 30, 2007


What a cool weather today!!! It was very cool at night and also in the morning. I walked from home to MRT station since I had enough time. Amazing!!! The weather.. wow... so cooling!!! I thought I need a sweater or shawl.. hahaha...
Last night the class was cool too.. The subject was about budgeting. I never involve in any budgeting process but I can imagine how my boss prepared the budget for our company. And indeed, it wasn't easy at all.. but the subject was interesting.
I had a bowl of chicken bakmie before class.. =P Usually I'd only grab just a bread.. a puff.. or kueh2.. but yesterday I had little bit extra time.. so.. why not? hehehe...
Today my sis is coming to S'pore. She is sent by her company to attend the training/seminar and she will stay 'til Sunday. I'll meet her tomorrow after work since she wants to borrow my laptop.
Hmmm... o ya.. yesterday after lunch, I was very busy.. My boss ordered me to do something and it's much better than just wait for the time to go home.. hahaha.... I will continue doing it today.. so.. talk 'til here then... Ciao!!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Such a boring day!!!

It's been quite some times since my last blog... Today is Monday.. I feel very bored.. not much things to do.. =((
My colleague has left and her last day was last Friday. I wasn't around when she left so I didn't have to witness the farewell.. didn't have to feel how sad it was.. hehehe... and now.. the office is really quiet.. no loud laughter that she normally did.. no 'wilma' shout from her desk.. no giraffe smile when she passed by my desk.. no monkey face from the machine room, and many more... She's still waiting for her S Pass.. hopefully she gets it soon!! Good luck for ur new job!! Wish you all the best!!
Yeah.. I was on course last Thur & Fri.. The course name is Effective Biz Writing for Admin Staff. Hm.. not bad.. It opened my eyes on how the business writing should be look like.. how simple it actually is.. I mean, not simple to make 'cos we need to think through it before we really type it in.. but it is actually simple as it must be easy to read, to understand, clear, etc.
We were taught as well on how to use the dictionary. Not bad, oh? She even taught us grammar for half day.. hehehe...
And last week it wasn't a good week for me.. On Thur, I got mad over a thing in a family. My sis listened to my grumble while we had dinner at HRC after class.. We ordered a glass of beer each to cool down.. then we headed to Coffee Bean to have another mocha drinks before we went back home. On Fri, I felt worse over the matters.. The weather was so cool at nite.. When I smoked, it reminds me of past days back in Switz.. nice weather.. nice ambiance..
Well.. I have a class tonite. I haven't done the homework, neither read the last week's notes.. no mood.. no motivation.. simply lazy.. hahahaha...
Wish today can pass faster... I wish...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I just don't know what to do w/ my heart...
I just don't know what to do w/ my self...
I just don't know what to do w/ my life...
Really don't know
What to do...

Anybody can help me??? =(

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

25 more days to go...

Yeahh... now I'm counting down to another trip out of Singapore.. =))) Well, it's not that what I'm exciting about.. but the family reunion is that what I'm waiting for!!! Chinese New Year is coming in less than a month time. Usually we would go back home to Jakarta to gather together w/ my parents, siblings, and their families like what we did last year. It's not easy though to get together 'cos from five siblings, three of us was living in S'pore while another one lives in Hong Kong and it really needs fate to bring all of us together. This year, my bro is now staying in US, so, left 4 siblings, which all is woman =) and this time, we have planned to meet in Hong Kong w/ my mom will be flying there as well to join the women's reunion. Hehehe..
We have planned to celebrate CNY in my sis' house, to spend another 2 days to visit relatives who lives over there, to bring children to have fun in Disneyland (help my son to fulfill his dream... =)), and short trip family gathering to Zhu Hai and Macao (maybe 2 days 1 night trip) before we flew back to S'pore. Hope that everything will go as per plan and hopefully we will be having a safe and pleasant journey too..
My sis lives in suburb *it is about 1 hour journey from the city area.. When it comes to CNY, the atmosphere is very different down there. They were allowed to light the super long Chinese fire crackers, which was hung on the trees. I saw it before when I was there in 2004. Noisy.. but that wasn't annoying.. It brought us happiness instead..
So, now u know why I'm counting down, huh? hehehehehehehe..... Ciao...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yippieee..... First dream of the year... ^^

Today I have my first dream of the year come true... ^^

Look at the following picture...
Finally I managed to buy this small rack.. and put my things inside it.. hwaaa.. so happy... I know.. it's kinda small.. and can't fit so many things inside.. but at least I have been able to put those small alcoholic drink collection inside... hehehehe.. I bought it in US last year.. There were some Doraemon collections and other things as well... so happy...
I put the rack in my bedroom.. Yeah.. I know.. my room becomes more crampy.. but it's alrite.. hehehe... I can see it everyday everytime... =)
I plan to cover it up w/ transparent plastic, so that the dust won't go inside it as I am so lazy to clean it up.. and to prevent things to get dirty as well.. hehehehe...
Yeah.. just happy... hip hip hurrayyyyy!!!! *I'm easy to be satisfied, aren't I???? XP

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Passe le nuit..

Apres travailler, j'arrive a ma maison a sept heures a nuit. Il ne pleut pas mais il y a le vent.. C'est frais... J'ai diner seulment une person. J' ai le riz avec potage de pomme de terre et carotte, poulet a frire, et piment sauce.. hm.. c'est delicieux =)
J'ai regarder le film avec de title "Night at the museum ou Nuit a la musee" hehehe... Le film est pas mal.. beaucoup interessant.
Je dormir a dix heures apres boir une petite verre de miel et prune vin du Japon q'ui s'appelle 'Choya'. Je dormir jusqu'a cinq heures de matin et apres je ne peux pas dormir encore.. Je ne sais pas pourquoi... et j'ai en petit peu fatigue maintenant.. =(
C'est difficile ecrire avec les Francaise. Je besoin le dictionaire pour les aides.. hehehe...
Alors.. j'ecrit au ici. A demain!!! Ciao!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mon reve

J'ai un nouveau reve cette anne. Je veux voyager en Europe en automne avec une amie. Je chose seulment deux endroits. J'aime le deux villes. Les gens parlent Francaise et J'ai une occasion parler mon casse langue.. hehehe...
Mais... il est seulment un reve... le jolie reve... Je souhait mon reve veux se realiser... =D

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Today I went to my colleague's one month baby celebration at his house. Waaa.. the baby girl is sooo cutee... really wanna to have it on my own.. hehehehehe... =P
After that I went to PP. It's been such a long time I hadn't been there. Last time I used to go there 'cos I was working in one of the outlets in their foodcourt, but not anymore... Lots of shops were having sale.. waaa... I bought one shirt for working.. cheap cheap.. and bought some other things as well, included the fresh baked 'Famous Amos'.. wee weee..... finally I bought it.. hehehehe.. It's very nice and fresh, but a little bit too sweet...
I had a bowl of sliced fish beehoon soup for my dinner in the hawker centre nearby.. *Last time I used to eat it as well.. but the taste was slightly different now.. =(
And reaching home quite late.. but I managed to edit my fs' profile tonite.. hehehe.. nothing to do mah.. At first I wanted to watch VCD/DVD, but I couldn't find any good one.. and when I was browsing at fs, I found out that they had this function already to edit the page. And the result is not so bad.. quite satisfied.. put a slide and a song too.. =)
Waa.. time flies.. it's 11.25pm now.. gotta sleep soon.. otherwise I will wake up soo late again tomorrow.. hehehe... Hope you have a great weekend too.. ^^

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Es teler

Last nite after having my dinner, I started preparing ingredients for es teler. I bought avocado and nata de coco 3 days ago, then my hubby bought coconut, jackfruit, and sweet condensed milk yesterday which made a great mix for es teler.. Weee... so niceeee... =))) but many people haven't eaten avocado before.. hehehe.. let them tried it then...
I'm not a great fan of es teler.. but it is really a nice combination of drink.. oh yeah.. i ate two portions and woke up thrice to go toilet at nite.. kekekeke.... XP

Dunno why I kept having headache these few days.. Yesterday I had once before and during lunch time and this morning, my eyes started to have this bright vision again and it need about 15 mins to have it gone.. and after that my headache started.. hm... something's wrong... =(

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

First day of class

Last nite I attended my first class. I feel much better this time compared to the same class I attended a year ago *same paper w/ different teachers. My class was just refurbished at level 3, which previously was always be at level 4. It was much bigger, much spacious per seat level, and most importantly, there were less students in it. If u remember my previous blog, I was saying that I confused on which teacher should I choose and I think I've made the right choice. Yes, the teacher I chose previously is much more famous than this one 'cos his experience of teaching that paper has much longer than the one I take now, but b'cos of his name, soooo many students choose to attend his class, which cause the class to be very big, pack (full), and too many students inside.. I felt stuffy attending his class... and always felt sleepy and couldn't absorb well on what he taught... But last night was different. I attended the class taught by this same teacher on my first paper and I found her to explain things clearly and straight to the point. I like the way she teaching students. And there were lots of empty seats as well so I don't need to be afraid of getting seat at the back of the class since I could only reach the class at 6.40pm when the class started at 6.45pm. She gave us homework too.. hehehe.. Hope that I can manage to do every homework given.. for my own good mah?? XP
We finished the class at 10pm (supposed to finish at 9.45pm) because we tried to finish to solve another question. It's alright.. then I walked down to DB MRT for about 15 mins before taking the MRT & bus home. Managed to reach home at 10.45pm. I straightly took a bath and had my late dinner. *I ate a tuna bread and lemper udang to fill my stomach temporarily for the class - we only had 10 mins break for the whole 3 hours. Then I tried to sleep at about 11.30pm and didn't know what time I really slept in.. I woke up once at 3am to find out that my hubby was not on his bed.. and slept again.. and when I woke up again.. it was 7.43am in the morning!!! Waaaaa!!!! I rushingly went to the bathroom and took a bath.. even managed to wash and dry my hair.. hehehe.. and reached office at 8.29am.. hehehe.. not bad ya...
Oya.. when I passed down the SOHO building yesterday to take my bus.. u know wad?? I saw Long John Silver will be opened there!!!! Waaaa.... so happyyyy!!! It is one of my favourite fast food outlets!!! Just opposite of the office?? Weeeee....... I have a much better choice now rather than just having McD & expensive J'pnese bento.. hehehehehe....
Once SOHO opened.. I will have more space to browse during lunch time.. hehehehe... yihaaa....
Ok ok.. dun think I have anything else to say now.. Seems like my mood has been getting better now hor?? XP

Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday blue..

I don't think I have had Monday blue all this time.. but starting today.. I will have one.. hehehehe... My class will start today. Kinda stress just to think about it. I forgot to bring my water bottle.. hehehe.. It's been quite some time already since my last class. My bag is quite heavy filled w/ file, notes, stationery, umbrella, sweater, and other things.. still not included all books and notes that will be given in class later. So, gotta buy some food & drink later during lunch time in order not to get starving later in class.. hehehehe...
Hope I can go back to the rhythm and follow w/ the flow.. Btw, they'll open Starbucks in front of a new SOHO building.. Just thinking of studying there once in a while.. XP
Hm.. become a student again.. Feel younger.. hahaha.. but more stressful.. I must 'add oil'!!!!

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Photo above was taken on 30th December 2006. We had the small gathering in Frenky's place in Simei. Aileen & her bf, Frenky w/ his wife & daughter - Mevi, GT & his wife, Henry Agus, Anthony, and me & Reever. We were at the same high school back in Jakarta, although coming from different classes. It was fate who brought us together here in Singapore =)
After high school graduation, all of us went to different school.. different country.. and met w/ different people.. But at the end, we still managed to get together after 10 years.. Amazing huh?

Aileen brought her hand made salad.. I brought the rujak & sauce.. GT brought Hagen Daz & Jerry's ice cream.. Henry & Anthony brought sprinkle juices.. while Frenky ordered food for us to eat.. *fried rice, fried noodle, spring roll, go hiong, asam fish head.. not bad oh???
My son kept playing w/ Mevi until she couldn't stand him.. hahaha... We were having good time and chatted 'til 10.30pm.. then went back home

Photo above was taken yesterday. It was a farewell one of my colleagues.. We had dinner after work. Penny had been working w/ SMC for few years and it was a bit sad that she is leaving. She always joined us in any activity w/ her 2 daughters. So, it was a bit lost as well for me that my son lost his khaki liao.. After Caroline, now Penny.. but no worry, 'cos AH's wife just gave birth Da Bao which will grow up soon.. hehehe...

Hm.. people come and go.. Within 2 years I worked there, so many people in my dept changed to a better job. Of course I'm happy for them.. but sad too 'cos it was fate who bring us together.. With their leaving, it means.. our fate has gotten less but it doesn't mean that we are not friends anymore.. We still can in touch through email, phone, meet up.. but it's just getting lessen..

We had our dinner at Lagun Sari near Tj Pagar MRT. It wasn't bad.. We ate 'till very full... Finally I had tasted my favourite tahu kipas.. hehehe... We ate.. chatted.. and went back about 9.40pm..

Hm... it needs fate to bring people to meet together.. I enjoy keeping in touch w/ my old friends.. even I met this auntie who used to clean our office toilet few days ago during my journey to Bugis by bus.. She still remembers me too.. She stays nearby my house.. I also still manage to in touch w/ primary school friend, junior high school friend, uni's friend, childhood friend.. ex-colleagues.. etc.. So good to stay around friends.. but to find a real good friend ain't easy.. to find a person who can connect w/ u ain't easy at all.. it's really fate who brought us together.. once the fate has to end.. we won't have any contact at all.. so sad.. but that's life.. and life has to go on.. no matter what.. we must always be strong.. and who knows we meet other new fate in our lives???

Friday, January 05, 2007

First Friday of 2007

hehehe.. u liao.. i know...
this morning.. really didn't want to get up from my bed.. the weather outside was damned cooling.. although we only used fan and not directed to me, i still can feel its cool even though i was below the blanket from neck to toe... wee... if today is saturday, i have already continued my sleep.. but too bad.. today is only friday and i can only wake up late tomorrow
hoaaheemm... still feel very sleepy now.. perhaps it is because i just having my lunch.. i think i need another can of nescafe in few moments...
so good.. today is friday.. hehehe.. tomorrow i can wake up late.. and also the day after tomorrow.. no plan for weekend.. perhaps just tossed around my bed and watch some dvd while enjoying the cool weather.. *hopefully it's raining on weekend.. hahahahha.. so bad yah... xp
later im going to have farewell dinner one of my colleagues whose last day is today. indonesian food.. not ayam penyet.. not again.. hehehe.. this time it's gonna be at lagun sari *their 'tahu kipas' and the fried fish are nyummy!!!! have to try if u are there!!! recommended.. hehehe.. their chilli is also best!! eat it w/ belinjo or we normally called it 'emping' weee...... heehhehe..

oya.. i met my long lost childhood friend through friendster not long time ago but only managed to get in touch w/ her these few days.. she and her brother, me, my sis, and another cousin *same age w/ mine.. we used to play together since we stayed not far from each other.. her parents opened 'warung' or mama shop selling groceries at the garage of their house.. soooo many memories among us.. good and bad memories.. we were very close to each other.. did everything together.. such as riding bicycle around the house.. playing adventure at the 'taman pluit'- now it has been abolished become mega mal.. jogging every sunday morning but scared of being chased by dogs on the street.. picnic at 'pantai mutiara'.. and what i always remember.. we used to have sing performance.. we take turn to sing and one person will introduce the next person who is gonna sing.. all pop song when we were young.. 'chrisye's songs' were our favourites.. 'paramitha rusady' and so on.. we even recorded our own voices through the cassette, which later found out by my parents *we recorded it using my parents' favourite collection cassete.. kekekekeke.... we used to play 'tak umpet', 'tak jongkok', 'tak patung', climb out the fences, play 'masak-masakan' etc.. waaa.. so many things...
and now she is married w/ 2 children and still stay not faraway from my house.. her bro is having gf but not married yet.. and her eldest sis has married too w/ 2 children.. if i go home next time, i will surely manage my time to meet her!!! have to!!! miss her very much.... i'm sure my sis will miss them very much too...

write til here.. have a nice weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New year.. oh new year...

Not really a good start for the year 2007. There was a missing plane since 1st Jan 2007 in Indonesia. The plane was from Surabaya to Menado. When I watched it on TV on Monday nite, I didn't really take attention to it as it was in Chinese and didn't know where the plane flying from and to until the next morning when my mum smsed me and told me that two of the passengers of the plane is my faraway cousin's mom and her younger sibling. OMG!!! I thought it won't affect anybody from my family or friends.. but it did!!! And the funniest thing is that the authority gave a false information. On Tue morning, they claimed to have found the wreck of the plane and from 98 passengers, 12 were alive. And after they tried to find the plane themselves, they couldn't find anything on the location said and they apologized for the wrong info. Can't really believe it.. I mean.. how come at this time they could give the wrong info and even blamed it to the villagers saying that it was them who gave the wrong info. And until today, 4th Jan, there is still no clue about the location of the plane. They even spread another rumour that the plane might be hijacked by terrorist or even sabotaged by other party.. Poor passengers inside. My cousin's mom was just operated in Surabaya (heart disease) and just recovered. She was about to fly back to her hometown and the tragedy happened. We can only pray that the plane can be found soon... =(
Another tragedy in Indonesia.. There was a sunk boat and lots of passengers died b'cos of it. There were survivors as well but they had to swim around for few days before being found by the rescuers..
And the Taiwan's earthquake back in December has caused the internet cable broken and it caused the internet connection to go veryyyy slowww.... even it took me hours to keep trying opening this blog!!! I've lost email as well.. grrrrr.....
Anyway.. just hope for the better then... Ciao!!!
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