Monday, November 16, 2020

Way back to follow my passion (Part 4)

Rich at heart (IG: rimareyka.writes)

In 2 days time, it will mark my third month working here. Wow, time flies right? It just goes by in a blink of eye. 

I do not even have much time to update my blog, try whipping new recipe, or engage myself in more reading (at most I can only read a maximum of 2 books a month - that too is only done during my trip to and from work, on my bus ride).

Day off is spent mostly to rest at home, shop grocery at supermarket, window shopping at department store, or have some exercise like morning walk (depending on the weather), and so on.

I try my best to make time to gather with friends and family members too, plus once-a-month family of three eat-out lunch or dinner (I think we need to have this treat as all of us are busy with work and school, so family bonding is much required where we can chit chat and share our love and thoughts towards each other).

With this post, I think I have reached the stage where I have familiarised my work much better compared with my last post. I have conquered the stage where fear dominated most of my feeling. I am into the stage where the confidence level is getting much better despite the speed and skills may not reach the mastery level yet (not sure if the day will come also hahahaha... :P)

But at least, at some area, I dare my own self to give it a go (no more excuses saying that I have not learned or done it before). Because after all, each of us have to do it soon or later. 

I have worked where the staff figures are at the lowest (as many students have gone back to school). One person is forced to do one-man show, juggling multi-task works, finishing one order to another, especially at peak times (lunch and dinner). Manager needs to go around to check if any back up help is required but he or she can not be there all the time. 

Sometimes when the staff figures are more than enough, the Manager also puts you in one-man show. In this scenario, I just tell myself that they just want to train me so that I can work faster and better. Lol.

Whatever it is, Positive energy is very much required. That too not yet including additional request (sometimes ridiculous one) from the guests (when your area is directly serving them). To remind myself to be positive is not enough. I also have to remind myself to be patient. Sometimes, I feel grateful that all of us have to wear mask due to this pandemic. It is indeed very useful to hide our annoyed face behind :D

Never too old to make friends (IG: rimareyka.writes)

With time, the relationship with colleagues are getting better too, especially after they find out that I am my son's mother. Some have even changed their attitudes after knowing that :D

Team work is very much required in this fast paced job. Some colleagues are very friendly, polite and helpful, while some think highly of themselves, rude, and try to act blur. When facing them (to appease myself), I just tell myself that they may not learn well about karma yet in their lives. No matter how strong or skilful you are, one day you will still need help from other people. So, I just treat them the same, not to remember how they treat me, with the hope that they will change their attitude someday. This will do good to them :)

Well, will give you more updates again next time. Hope everyone of you is in good health (both body and mind), and keep your spirit up in positive ways. Jia you!!! :)

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