Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last day of year 2005

Today is the last day of the year 2005.

Well.. can't really remember what were the resolutions for year 2005, just could remember some.. I think, first, was to have another baby.. especially baby girl.. But after having some considerations.. we decided not to have one first.

Second, was to keep on studying. Better walk slow rather than not walking at all.. yeah.. I took only 1 paper last period and still dunno the result yet.. hopefully I could pass.. hiks hiks..

The rest, I forgot.. hehehe..

But last year, I have already done some things I would like to do.. such as converted the driving licenses (motor and car) from Indonesia driving license to S'pore one and also converted my nationality, which needed lots of efforts *and money too.. ;P

Last year, I could get a job too.. Quite suitable for the current situation, as the place is accessible from home and to anywhere.. Job's scopes were not that stressful so that I could still study on part time basis.. and the most important.. the colleagues were friendly.

How about year 2006's resolution then?? Hm.. let me think about it...

First.. to keep on studying.. no matter how stressful I would be (Next semester I'll take 2 classes and I knew that I will be struggling as I never studied the material before this... If I couldn't take it, perhaps I will only take one exam despite having 2 classes.

Second.. I must have a long holiday to the places I love to go.. Doesn't matter alone or with someone else.. but I need to relax and enjoy life for a while.. Go somewhere without a package tour, but rather having own adventure on where to go or what to do..

Third.. well.. actually I need to save more money.. but I think it's quite hard to do so.. since from the last year's experience.. what I've earned was not that much and what I spent was almost on what I've earned.. so at the end.. the saving is zero.. *sigh... Need to work on it..

Thinking of changing job? Not really.. perhaps not yet...

Fourth.. keep maintaining relationship with families, friends, etc. Already plan to go back to Jakarta on CNY. My brother and sisters are all going back and we'll meet each other then..
oh yeah.. just think of the fifth one.. learn how to cook Indonesian's dishes.. hehehe... who knows I could open a stall selling Indonesian's dishes.. ;P

I guess.. that's all for the moment.. My life is quite boring, isn't it???

Well.. gotta carry on with my job now.. Happy New Year everyone... Hope u have a new year's resolutions too... Ciao

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

3 days to change to a new year

How time flies... X'mas has already over. No more holiday mood.. instead.. thinking of next week the school is start!!!! Hiks... 3rd Jan, the nightmare is begun.. *what a life... hahahahahaha...

One more long weekend.. then everything is back to normal.

This Christmas, I spent most of my time at home. On 26, I went to Orchard to have Indonesian's food - Ayam Penyet. I love it! The fried yellow kampong chicken with tahu and tempe, Rawon soup - one of my favorite soups, wow... wish that I could have it everyday...

Have planned to learn how to cook next month when I'll be back to Jakarta for 8 days. Hopefully I could learn some and practice it here or anywhere I stay. Nasi uduk, fried chicken, sambal terasi, rojak's sauce, asinan's sauce, soto, etc.. hopefully I got a chance to do so.

Hm... Chinatown has already been decorated with Chinese New Year's decorations. I guess they're quite 'kiasu' to do it only after the X'mas has over. Still have one occasion to go - Count down to New Year!!

One of my friends will have the count down in Las Vegas... hiks.. *how jealous I am!! When will I have a chance to do so?? Not in a lifetime!!

How about my past New Year?? Anything special?? Let me think!!!

I think my New Year passed as per normal, nothing special. Or maybe I couldn't remember... hehehe.. never mind.. as long as I'm still alive.. healthy.. happy.. it doesn't matter, does it?

Well.. perhaps my dream is.. to have a New Year countdown somewhere in Eiffel Tower in Paris, full with fireworks on the sky... =P I don't think I would have it in my entire life.. hahahaha....

OKlah.. stop dreaming and gotta go back to work now!!! Ciao

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas is coming soon

This photo was taken on Wednesday, 21 Dec 05. It was our Department's X'mas Party. They were all my colleagues. We had lots of pizzas, chicken wings, curry puff, siumai, etc. on that day..

Each of us got a present too.. bought and prepared by PY and me. I got a keyboard wrist-rest (dog shape) and a small X'mas tree that has lights and music inside. Not bad, ah??

The most important thing was that everyone enjoyed the party :)

Today is Friday. Once reached the office, my boss asked me to wrap the presents for other departments. For almost half day I was busy wrapping the chocolates boxes and made a last-minute Christmas cards with small X'mas tree on it. After that I delivered the presents personally to the department head.

And you know what? I got one present too from her.. a photo frame. I haven't opened yet.. perhaps later, at home.

I exchanged gift with my colleague this morning. She gave me a tumbler, now on my table =) There was also a table clock given by my Boss. She has enough, so she gave it to me. It was very nice, a star shape.. But too bad, the batteries were not working so I had to change it first before I could use it hehehe...

We also celebrated Christmas at our cafeteria. Tables were covered beautifully with red and pink clothes. The food was special too... They served turkey with a very nice mushroom sauce, potato salad, pasta salad with sausage - hm... nyummy..., fried noodle, vegetable, pastries, sea coconut with lime, etc.

After having my lunch, I rushed to Bras Basah to buy a present to my Boss. I was thinking whether to give it today or later on her B'day on 29th. Well.. perhaps recently I had been a bit kiasu, then I gave it to her after my return. She then told me that somebody else has also given her the Sudoku, but I was not quite sure whether it is the same model or different one. Well.. I never expected that somebody else might give her and not necessarily that she bought herself. Anyway.. the heart that counted, rite? Just hope she liked it, that's all... :)

I plan to visit my grandma after work together with my sis and bro. She is now staying at Orchard Road. I can imagine how crowded the road will be later... *sigh...

Well.. still no plan for tomorrow and the day after too. Perhaps stay at home and watch DVD, or karaoke, or play keyboard, or visit my bro, or etc... etc.. etc..

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Year 2005 will end soon...

1) Was 2005 a good year for you?
I guess 2005 is a good year for me. In the beginning of the year all family members traveled to Jakarta and came back safely and happily. Then before that, I got an interview and a job, which I have carried on for almost a year now. So far, my superior and colleagues treat me well and we can get along together - hope that it could carry on like that. For my study, I have continued my ACCA up to Paper 2.2, which I don't know the result yet.. but plan to take another two next year, hopefully everything will go smoothly. Well, everything sounds good, isn't it??

2) What was your favorite moment of the year?
Well.. perhaps.. I got flowers for my Valentine Day from someone.. which shocked my husband =P And.. finally I could get the Singapore citizenship this month.. *so I can travel anywhere without a Visa... =P

3) Where were you when 2005 began?
 I think I was at home and didn't go anywhere

4) Who were you with?
Since I was staying at home, then it must be with the family members who stay with me

5) Where will you be when 2005 ends?
I guess at the same place, at home

6) Who will you be with when 2005 ends?
Perhaps, same with the answer in number 4

7) Did you fall in love in 2005?
I always fall in love...

8) Did you breakup with anyone in 2005?

9) Did you make any new friends in 2005?
Yes, lots of them.. *starting new job.. *friends at the school.. etc.

10) Who are your favorite new friends?
Well.. favorite?? Perhaps some of my colleagues..

11) What was your favorite month of 2005?
I think.. August - September

12) Did you travel outside of your country in 2005?
Yeah... to Jakarta - Bandung.. to Msia too.. - KL - Genting - Sunway Lagoon

13) How many country have you traveled in 2005?

14) Did you lose anybody close to you in 2005?

15) Did you miss anybody in the past year?

16) What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2005?
Well.. I seldom watch movie.. but I still remember some, like The Maid, then King Kong..

17) What were your favorite songs in 2005?
Dong Hua

18) How many concerts did you see in 2005?

19) Did you have a favorite concert in 2005?
I only went once.. so.. what can I say?

20) Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
I don't think so

21) What are your plans for 2006?
Keep the relationship at work.. Work well.. Manage my time well.. Hopefully can manage to continue my study smoothly.. And.. yeah.. one more plan.. I wanna fly to USA... Hopefully my dream can be fulfilled and come true... =) *Will let you know next year...

Friday, December 16, 2005

Weekend again...

Today is Friday... I guess I have no mood over X'mas already... 'cos right after the exam finished, I went all over the places.. bought the presents.. and spent lots of money already.. heuehehehe... This month I spent the most.. The AWS, which I haven't received yet, will be deducted automatically from those goods.. hehehe... including my son's account =p

Well... today I guess I'm going home after work.. take a good rest and watching DVD with my son... hehehe... Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Hm... Singaporean??

Yesterday was the officialy date for me becoming a Singaporean, although I haven't collected my pink IC yet.. Must wait 'til CDC is being held... then they will inform me where to go and only after the ceremony has been done then I can get my IC & Cert of Citizenship...
'bout the passport, I can collect it before end of this year... So exciting!!!! =P

After finished dealing with the Oath, I went to DFS in Scotts Road. I was entitled 25% disc by presenting my Employee ID for 2 days only (14&15 Dec'05). I bought 'Eternity Moment', a pack of the eau de parfum 100ml, lotion 100ml, and small tote bag, after discount for only $84. For me, it was a great deal.. The smell was sweet and it lasts quite long.. *I can still smell it on my cloth now =P I just bought it without thinking twice or comparing the price first with the other vendor =] *I am one of Eternity fans and quite loyal with it... kekekeke... I also bought some stuffs from Clinique and MAC.

Quite tiring day.. so we ended up at McD by sipping the ice tea and a cigarette... =P The feeling was really good... I know that smoke is bad for health.. but i just did it once in a while... and yesterday I feel very relaxing and 'shiok'.

December.. month of holiday and shopping too..
The things in my head now is the Sudoku game (looks like PDA). It costs $40, quite expensive hor??? May think about it again before buying.. hehehe..
Then, my IT colleague has helped me ordering the portable 80GB hard disk from Prestigio.. Must hand-in the money to him tomorrow... *hopefully I remember.. hehehe..
Hm.. must control my spending soon after... It's been deficit by then.. hiks hiks hiks...

Btw one of my best friend will finally get married this Sunday.. Although I couldn't attend her wedding, I just wish her and her husband-to-be to have a blissful marriage ever after... =)))
She is my senior high school friend. We were in the same class for three years and sit together in the same table for two years.. but she is much cleverer than me (number 1 in class, WOW!!!)
Just write in the Wedding card for her... ready to send in!!

Hm.... what a life!!
So many things around us.. Good and bad.. Happy and sad..
We just have to live with it and make sure our lives go on...

Monday, December 12, 2005

Anata no Ichiban ni Naritai ( I Want to be Your Number One)

As I am holding on to feelings that I can't speak of,
my heart is filled with (visions) of you.
But it looks like these unbearably painful thoughts will make me cry.
Those eyes of yours are fixed on her,
Forever unwavering it seems.
But hey, just a little... only a little,
could you look at me?
If I had met you before anyone else
You would have loved me as in my dreams...
as I wish, right?
(If) once more...
(if) once morewe were to be born and meet again,
next time, I want to be your number one.
The more often we meet, the worse I feel.
Seeing you is bound to just make me lonely.
Isn't it selfish, this troublesome love that I feel?
If I could only steal you...
Yes, I have thoughts like those too.
The distance between us...
This is over...
I don't wish to speak anymore.
"You coward",
another of myself will say.
as always,
I think you are the best.
If I had met you before anyone else
You would have loved me as in my dreams...
as I wish, right?
(If) once more...
(if) once more we were to be born and meet again,
next time, I want to be your number one.

Translation by Ed M. Translated from Anata no Ichiban ni Naritai, sung by Ruri Hoshino in Martian Successor Nadesico."Kyou wa boku wa anata no ichiban ni naritai, soshite itsudemo. Itsudemo anata ga ichiban yo. Zutto zutto zutto" :))

Taken from Anderson's Blog ~ I love the words...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

First puzzle done!!

Wow... it was done in 3 hours.. perhaps tomorrow would be better and faster... *but I looked at the label behind.. otherwise.. I think it could take me.. duno.. 10 hours??? or more??? hehehe..

Now I'm so exhausted 'cos by doing so.. I only managed to sleep for about 4.5 hours last nite... hiks hiks.. and today in MRT otw to office.. almost all the way standing up... hiks hiks...

But I feel very happy.. 'cos the puzzle is my son's favourite toys now... Buzz Light Year.. To Infinity and Beyond!!! - From Toy Story... And tomorrow is his b'day, that's why I die die must finish it asap.. and I plan to buy the frame today... *Actually I could buy it yesterday since I went to the same shop to do some shopping for staffs' Xmas presents.. but it never appeared in my mind that I would do much so for him.. hehehe...

Well... despite my tiredness.. I still wanna go for shopping lehhh... hahahaha... *not really.. but I wanna EATTTT... I miss 'My Bakmie'... hehehehehe... see then how lah...

Ok then... write 'til here.. cya again...

Friday, December 09, 2005


Oh yeah.. forgot one thing..

The thing for citizenship had been done half of it. Since last week, I was stressed thinking about the documents that was not here but finally, with my eldest sis's help, she managed to send it by Fedex last Friday and thanks to Fedex too that I manage to get it on Saturday afternoon.

Then on Monday morning, I managed to go down to see the notary. After the application, I managed to collect it this Wednesday morning and directly sent it to Indonesian embassy to be legalized. And next Monday it would be ready for collection.

Next step is next Wednesday. My hubby and I have to go down to Singapore Immigration Authority to make the Oath of loyalty and to make other necessary documents, such as new IC and passport.. Thank God that so far everything has been going on smoothly and hopefully I can get it without any problem arises...

Holiday is coming...

Still feel very tired after the exam.. Lack of sleep.. tidy up my messed cupboard, book-shelf.. and still lots more..

I bought 4 boxes of puzzle before the exam and waited for me to open and assembly.. hehehe... Everyday I wish that I got energy and time to do.. but there was always other things to do..

DVDs bought by my sis also waited for me to watch.. *Yesterday my son and I watched one.. ~Madagascar~

Karaoke and the microphones also waited for me to on..

Waaa... so much things to do... but so little time left..

Tonite I'm going to buy presents for my office staffs - each of us will draw the present during our Christmas celebration on 21st Dec. My colleague and I will buy it together.. Despite tiredness I still wanna do that.. hahahahaha....

And this Sunday is my son's bday celebration. Uncle will cook a sumptuous of Chinese meal at home.. which includes chilli crab.. blackpepper crab.. sweet and sour porkribs & pork.. fried chicken wing.. etc... wow.. just think of it.. my saliva is drooling.. hahahhahahaha....

And the worst part is.. I haven't thought of what present should I buy for my son... =P

Well.. see how then.. two weeks to Christmas... the joyous season for everyone!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Exam this year has over...

Well.. cannot be happy too early.. There are many to go!!!

Next semester, I plan to take 2 classes and join in two exams altogether..

You know what?? I was only exciting on the time of registration for new classes... But when I was in it.. i feel like in hell =((( Especially when the exams are within a month.. weeks.. days...

While everybody is in holiday mood, we have to struggle to overcome our exams.. and it always happens during holiday times.. *sigh...

Next semester.. should be prepared better before the exams are coming!!! Jia You!!!!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

busy busy day

well..these couples week been really hectic for me..since my friend in the office took off for holiday i have to cover for him, then my stupid friend at work really screw up his work and ends up i have to cover up for him as well..end up my work no one covering..and now..after everything back to normal, im the only one still got left behind and has to cover my late work...geezz..

actually i kinda regret as well..i passed a good opportunity for me to boss wants me to take a training for EDI..and since that time i was really busy..i said no and end up we decided to hire new guy for EDI..

and only recently i just realized..actually its a good opportunity for me to grow...since EDI is very important in business..god...i just hope i still have opportunity to take the training and be in charge for EDI, and let the new guy handle my job..hehehe

anyway, congratz for Reyka in getting the citizenship..and no need for you to worry too much about the sure 100% that if u call them and tell them that u need sometime to prepare the documents, they'll give u more time for the appointment

jia youu..and good luck for the exam! only couple days to go, just study hard for these couple days, and after that...yayyyy...*at least for couple weeks n months before the next exam, hahahaha

Change citizenship??

It's kinda big change in my life..

I was born in Indonesia, and lived there for 18 years old. Further my study in mainland for almost a year, then to land of nature for 3 and half years. And most of my time after that was spent here, back in Spore. I had my first job here, met my hubby here, gave birth here, and on and on... 4 years only..

Then I decided to apply for changing my nationality end June this year and just received the reply yesterday morning that I have actually been accepted to be a Singaporean.

After quite a long process... from applying EP for the first time and rejected.. applying for LPR then approved... getting a first job and had my PR with me.. and finally applying for this citizenship and getting approved as well.. it has not ended yet. I still have to go through the process of releasing my Indonesian nationality and entered to a new one by 2nd week of next month.

Now I am quite in trouble cos I don't have all the original documents with me and I have a very limited time to handle that all... I just hope that everything will go smoothly so that all my efforts and others too wont be wasted...

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lost and Found

Most people just dont treasure what they have, until they lost it.
And when they do find it again, they'll treasure it as much as they can.
But it's just too doesnt matter whether they find it again or not..usually they just take it for granted, and forgot about the value again sooner or later
Only when someone else remind us, what a treasure we have, we'll realize our mistake, and value our treasure even more
So reyka, maybe its not you creating problem, maybe its just your friend that need to be reminded that what a treasure to have you =D

Thursday, November 24, 2005

May I know?

May i know..
What is the feeling inside u?
What do you regard me as??
How do you feel about me?
Or no such a thing?
I often ask myself
But no answer arises..
Cos it is not supposed coming out from me
But you...
Answer, please?

Who am I for you???

I dont know what you regard me as..
I concern about u
I care about u
But maybe
There is always no perfect timing
It end up..
Care becomes trouble
I know u're sick
I just want to know how u re doing
But end up..
I make trouble of myself
Who am I then for u???

My friend

I called my old friend yesterday. He just had his birthday on 22 Nov.. so.. I called him a little bit late to greet him "Happy Birthday". It's been quite a while we hadn't had a good chat. There were many things we were talking about, mostly about his personal things, such as looking for a job, family, his holiday in Hong Kong, etc.

We were talking about some other friends too. It's been almost 10 years since we graduated in high school (we were studying in the same junior and senior high school back then) and in almost 10 years my friend has not returned back to Jakarta (1998's tragedy, waiting for his PRs, etc.)

Fortunately I met him before in June 1999 in Sydney, where he studied at the uni there. He came to Singapore too in 2002 quietly.. and appeared like that in the food outlet where I worked as a surprise :)

I still remember, when I was in Beijing in year 1996, he just went to Sydney and wrote me quite number of letters (internet was not famous yet back then... and all communication were by letter or by public phone only... no hand phone too.. hehehe..).

I still remember when he told me he was moving to a new place with his grandma, and the place was damned dirty!!! It took him few days to clean everything... especially the toilet.. hehehe... *I think if he recalled this thing again, can make him vomit.. =P

Next year Chinese New Year I intend to go back to have a family reunion (which we do not have it often, perhaps.. once in every 3 years?) and he told me if he hadn't found any job yet, he wants to go back too..

Well.. it's not that I hope you won't get a job, buddy.. but.. I really hope that you can go back to your hometown and visit your parents, especially your father and look at the situation now (with so much changes around...)

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A Twist of Fate

Yesterday I watched the musical theater show titled "A Twist of Fate"

Below is the story line:

In 1917 a baby is abandoned on the steps of the famous Raffles Hotel. A childless English couple finds the crying infant and sails away to England with the child in their arms.

In 1937, 20 years later, the orphaned Emma West discovers a gold hairpin among her adoptive father’s estate. She uncovers a secret that leads her to Singapore and into a web of conspiracy, deceit and love that stretches back in time and across oceans. Meanwhile, in Singapore, the house of Lim Chin Boon is in turmoil; the dying Master Lim receives a letter from a young lady who could well be his long-lost granddaughter; or is she part of an elaborate plot to steal his wealth?

In the tradition of Agatha Christie and the great “whodunits” of the 1930s, A Twist of Fate is a delicious comedy of twists and turns, false clues and dastardly deeds, set against the backdrop of a Peranakan family in Singapore. Dark and stormy nights, midnight rendezvous, an inconvenient murder or two, and memorable tunes make this an entertaining, suspense-filled evening at the theatre.

Stars Laura Michelle Kelly (Mary Poppins – Laurence Olivier Award Best Actress 2005). Lyrics by Laurence Olivier Award winner Anthony Drewe and music by Dick Lee. Book by Tony Petito and Steven Dexter. Voted Best Musical of 1997 by The Straits Times, A Twist of Fate is back again by popular demand – bigger and better.

It was held in Esplanade or so called "Gedung Durian" hehehe...

I went there lots of time but yesterday, it was my first time to watch the show inside the theater. The company that I work is one of the sponsors of the show and we were given tickets for the Gala premiere show. Quite numbers of my colleagues went there, some bring their spouse, partner, friend, or even parents.

We were seated at the top balcony (quite scary since it is the highest place), and strictly no photography inside the building...

For the first part of the show, I almost fell asleep since I was too tired these past few days. But after the break, everything was just fine.

I wonder how the stars having such a nice and strong voice for the whole performance. Were they recorded? Or was it coming out naturally? Anyway, I found them all so talented to memorize all the scripts and dances. If it were me.. I 'd faint already in the first part of my appearance then.. hahaha...

The show was started at 8pm and finish at 11pm with a 15-mins break in the middle.
I brought my sis and watched together with other colleagues too..

Reached home at 11.30pm, I was terribly tired then.. Take a shower, and having a phone call for a while.. then I went to sleep... What a tired week!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Duno.. now not feeling well
But haven't died yet..
I am me, me equal to I
I have a very short tempered
Lots of victims 'kena'
They love me, but not my temper
I thought when u love some1, u must love the person as they are?
Good & bad..
But no matter what, they still love me..
and no matter what, i still love them too..
Just now, we fight
I think the distance is greater and greater
Still remember what the 'uncle' said
No matter how we tried..
as long as before the age
It won't succeed
perhaps people learn from their mistakes
And i learnt a lot
about how the person is
what she/he is looking for
what she/he likes and dislikes
sweet words.. soften voice..
ahaha... seems like... make the story became reality
well, i should practice some too
but again, my short temper
i dun have that patience
Guess what?
should i find the 'lost' person?
Perhaps this person felt 'losing' me too?
Aniwae.. no use... attached 'liao'
huahahahaha.. and 'guai2 too', unlike me =p
Quoted from someone.. 'can drink, can eat too' huahahaha..
Kinda mumbling here..
But yeah.. just realise.. long time didnt see the 'lost' person
Buzy? seems like 'no fate' is the right words to use
Otherwise... my face has been red all the time..
Wow.. now sleepy... can find 'zzz' words in my brain..
I'm sick but I tried..
I was 'banged' but I didn't complain.. yet
Is this world fair enough??
Just now my cousin msged me
'Dun think too much'
seems like i very stress like that 'meh'?
Wow, so singlish, 'hor'?
K-lah, k-lah.. stop 'lah', before i got 'banged' again..
hahahahahha.. ciao mamamia

Monday, November 21, 2005

It wasn't that bad...

The revision classes have almost done, left one for tonite. Minutes by minutes, hours by hours.. Last weekend was really a complete torture. I am physically and mentally tired...

Yesterday evening, after the class, I had a dinner with my mom and the others at Marche. I ate a sumptuous dinner starting with soup, main course - sirloin steak w/ side dish of mashed potato and saute wild mashroom salad, and ended w/ dessert, which is crepes w/ custard and banana caramel plus strawberry ice cream and beverage of Erdinger.. hehehehe... What a complete meal!! This is one way to distress myself..

For last Saturday, after nite class, I ended my day by watching Toy Story II.

Now, I'm very very very very tired.. And after today, the rest is our own revision study... Lots of things to remember.. S162 loans to director, S157 director must act honestly and exercise reasonable diligence in discharge of his duties, and the rest that I can't remember.. hahahaha..

Then Donoghue Stevenson, law for negligence/tort, Re McArdle-Past consideration is no consideration and bla bla bla.. i think got more than hundred to remember?????

Yesterday after dinner, we went through the Orchard Rd, as if yesterday was Christmas Day.. Other than decoration and lighting, there were also Christmas musical along the road.. Almost every place was decorated or thematic w/ Christmas.

Feel like buying present for myself.. like clothes, or soft toys, but those are thick clothes - nice though- but not really suitable with the weather here.. as for soft toys.. there were too small or not nice to be hugged.. and so on.. havent got a suitable one.. yet. Maybe u wanna buy one for me?? hehehehehe... =D

Well.. get back to the biz... must pass the exam first, then think about what to buy for Christmas... Ciao

Friday, November 18, 2005

Raising children, nurturing talents

When I was about shredding the stacks of paper, I found one of it written by Mr. Liew from Capitaland, is about 'Raising Children, Nurturing Talents'.

He said, when he was flying to US, he was reading a book entitled "Authentic Leadership", written by Bill George, the CEO of Medtronic Inc. Bill writes that the best advice on raising children comes from Khalil Gibran, in "The Prophet":

Sir Alan Cockshaw, said this on raising our children:

"Give them roots,
Give them education,
And give them wings"

And Ho Ching, President & CEO of Singapore Technologies talked about her strategy for growth:

"Grow by letting go"

Mr Liew added:

"Nurturing talent in the organization, especially young ones, is like raising children. We must "let them go" so that they can find themselves and learn to define and reach their own limits. But like kite flying, we must still guide the flight upwards or at least provide enough anchor and support for them so they don't over reach their own capabilities. Need to let go and sometimes pull back. Some cannot manage beyond certain altitude or fight the strong wind , which they unwittingly challenged. The thiny string must surely stay, for cutting it too soon, or at all, may sometimes cause a premature end to their otherwise bright career."

So, how about you? How would you raise your children in the future???
Have u ever felt
when u need some1
that some1 happens not be available
or not even be reached
or be with u?

The time when u need it most
he/she is never around?

Or have u ever felt
u re not number one
but two, three or w/e

Other thing might be more important
or more precious
and u only get a little attention?

That's what I feel now

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Educational Tour To Asia Pasific Breweries


Sounds cool huh??? Actually.. those who went there yesterday.. they were aiming for the last part of the tour only.. hahahahhaa........ It was organised by the company where I work :D

At 3.30pm the bus with 22 staffs left the hotel to the Singapore only beer manufacture company located at Tuas (western part of S'pore). We arrived there around 4pm and each of us changed our ID card to the pass for entry.

A guide came out not long after and started to tell us about the history of the place, which was located at Alexandra Rd before year 1930. Then we walked following her and stopped for few times to listen to what she said.

The company itself is 9-hectare size (equal to 9 football ground), a huge one.. and we only explored a small part of it. Started to where the malt, which is the main ingredient was cleaned and chosen, weighed to get the good quality one, imported from Australia and Europe. The machine was controlled using the computer system and handled by the staffs there, which is also a beer-tester.. quite interesting huh? But the guided told us already, they did not open any vacation for beer-tester yet.. hehehe..

We went through other containers where the malt was filtered, etc. Other ingredients are including hops (female one only), warm water, and yeast. The weather was soooo hot and no air-con till we arrived at the museum.

We passed through the packaging area, where we could see millions of cans were transferred through conveyer belt from one place to another, went through a process of pasteurization, etc. The bottling process is slower than the can since the bottle is easily to crack. So they did the bottle inspection before it can be used (washed, cleaned, checked, etc.). Since they are environmentally friendly, they use the recycle bottle as well. After that the guide said that the waste from malt were collected and be used for animals feeding, again, environmentally friendly.

We took a group pic, which supposed to take the Tiger as the mascot for the beer. But since it was a group photo, we couldn't see the tiger in the picture.. hahaha... After that, we went to the museum and finally, the Tavern.

The sofa provided was very comfortable, decorated uniquely as a cool and cosy place. We took our seats and started to go to the bar to take our beer. As a rule, we had to drink Tiger Beer for our first drink.. So.. everyone took the Tiger Beer for our first drink.

Well.. i guess the beer would be nice if it was served in a chilled glass.. but the person who served us deliberately gave us a normal temperature glass.. and gave exceptionally to person he knew the chilled glass one.. kinda disappointed, is it a kind of discrimination???

Anyway.. we were all with our drinks.. And I gulped down quickly the beer in less than 5 mins.. cos my goal is to have at least 4 glasses of it..:D

So, after the Tiger had finished, I chose to drink Heineken. We drank and chat at the same time while munching at our snacks. After that I took Corona, Heineken again, then 2 glasses of Erdinger, which total to 6 glasses. Just nice, we had to leave the place at 5.45pm. I was still fine.. and felt good.. But I really wanna pee when I was in a bus... Hahaha... So when the bus reaches the hotel, I was rushing to the toilet with my friend then we went back by MRT. We chatted all the way back.

Again, I was rushing to the toilet at the Hougang MRT, then I stopped by at the Pasar Malam to buy Taiwanese sausages (my favorite snacks), fried tofu - very nice one, and Prawn Vadei - Indian snacks, with big chillies. Still not enough, I went to KFC to buy two sets meal take away.. and took bus home.

Once reaching home.. my stomach was then really grumbling.. So I ate first before doing anything else, taking a bath, dried my hair, then fell to sleep till this morning.. hehehe.. A very nice experience!!! I'm loving it!!! :)

This morning.. my boss passed by and told me this.. 'I heard that you really can drink...' Oops.. hm.. a spy gossiper there.. Well, as long as I can drink and not drunk, I dun mind.. But what if I drank and drunk?? Wont my name be ruined in this whole company??? Anyway, who cares??? :D

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Nothing is eternal in this world

So many things happened after the new one came. Lots of changes here and there. There is no more secure feelings. You can just receive the bad news any time.
If someone on top of u left, and replaced by someone you are not comfortable with, what will u do? Actually I found that my current position is quite nice, but I guess we must deal with changes, and therefore, we must be ready on whatever thing that will happen in the future.
Sad for some who is leaving.. but we still have to go on with our lives, haven't we? It's only a matter whether we can endure or give up and find another one. But another one, which place to go? Starting new place, new environment, new people, new policy, everything is new.. and may not as good as we are now *sigh..
Life o life..
Why are you so cruel?
I always believe in yuan fen, but then.. if there is no more fate between us, if it's not ours.. it's not ours then.... *sigh again...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

limit of what we can take

yup..guess there's just a limit for each of us of how far we can take our stress, lmao
now, i guess i just really tired of my life..
office politic, love life, daily life...
really really tired..
there's just so much i want to do, but theres nothing i can do
just live life to the fullest, if we can that is
doesnt matter how far we try to live life to the fullest, all meaningless when we go home and realize how empty our life is
some people might get lucky..when they go home, they have someone waiting for them, and they have someone they've been waiting for to meet
those people really lucky, and should never ever lose it
but some people (read: me)
gee...whos waiting for them..who can they meet at home..who can they share with all their problems and tell them that everything gonna be alright..
only empty walls and computer answer them..and this blog

Randy Travis - Somewhere in My Broken Heart

You made up your mind
It was time it was over
After we had come so far.
But I think there's enough pieces of forgiveness
Somewhere in my broken heart.

I would not have chosen
The road you have taken,
It has left us miles apart.
But I think I can still find the will to keep going,
Somewhere in my broken heart.

So find, go ahead and find it
Till you find out who you are,
Coz I,
Will keep my love unspoken
Somewhere in my broken heart.

I hope that in time you will find
What you long for,
Love that's writen in the stars.
And when you finally do,
I think you will see it
Somewhere in my broken heart

Padi - Menanti Sebuah Jawaban

aku tak bisa luluhkan hatimu
dan aku tak bisa menyetuh cintamu
seiring jejak kaki ku bergetar
aku tlah tepagut oleh cintamu
menelusuk hariku dengan harapan
namun kau masih terdiam membisu

sepenuhnya aku ingin memelukmu
mendekap penuh harapan tuk mencintaimu
setulusnya aku akan terus menunggu
menanti sebuah jawaban tuk memilikimu

betapa pilunya rindu menusuk jiwakus
emoga kau tahu isi hatiku
dan seiring waktu yang terus berputar
aku masih terhanyut dalam mimpiku

Another part of life

Yesterday I had a dinner with my ex-Boss, just the two of us. After almost a year we finally met together again and there were lots of changes happening. In my eyes, she is a very strong woman, who needs to balance between work and family.

She understands what woman has been through.. I took a lot of her advices in life.. which i think is quite true. Such as.. in work.. we shouldn't give up easily, and take our experience as a lesson. It is never too late to learn, no matter how old we are now. And the most important is that we must be trust able and reliable in our work.. cos no matter what, people will look for someone who is trust able and reliable in the work, to work for them, no matter how old we are.. just take her as an example..

Well.. after having a nice dinner, we went back home. She even still remembered that my son's bday is coming soon and gave my son a red hong bao before we separated.

I slept at 11 pm yesterday and woke up at 7am this morning, and to find a Disney's photo frame on my table. It was a present from my sis-in-law who was just coming back from HK last nite (they arrived very late at nite, and I had slept by the time they reached home).

I was thinking to bring the frame to the office, but then.. my office table is too small to put such a large frame.. so.. haven't decided yet on where to put that frame.. =))) Thank you!

Well.. still have flu and sore throat.. thinking of seeing doctor later.. see then... write till here.. ciao

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Only myself could help myself...

Hei.. ya.. how a ya?
Cant think of myself rite now..
I should think of my coming exam, just like anybody else do..
One month to go.. still lots to read..
Yesterday didnt feel well.. and tonite got appointment for dinner with my ex-Boss..
Hm.. should start study already..
Not really in mood.. but must go for it....
Well.. must concentrate in studying and forget about anything else then.. let the rest happy with themselves and I must struggle myself.. only myself can help myself.. nobody else would do..
So.. cant be selfish, ok?
Anyway.. exam is my choice.. this is my life that i ve chosen.. so.. no matter what the rest do while i am struggling, i still have to struggle.. let the rest be fun then...
Come on.. u can do that.. Jia you!!!

I am selfish, aren't I?

I want people to accompany me whenever I need, but I couldnt do the same thing for them..
I want people to talk to me whenever I am lonely, but sometimes I couldnt do the same..
I want people to accommodate me whenever I am sick, but I didnt do the same thing when they were in that condition..
I want people to please me.. but I always make them unhappy..
Am I selfish???
I am selfish, aren't I???

Monday, November 07, 2005

My best friend...

I just read her profile.. and it looks like that she was confusing with herself, just like any of us do.
I knew her during my study in Swiss. First time knew her from another guy, our best friend, and we travelled for the very first time together to Germany (9 of us), and I was the only one who could communicate in Chinese with her... We were in different class until our 4th year and we were in the same group for most of our projects..

I found a lot of commons between me and; her, especially regarding to our families and both of us love our father very much and have learnt a lot of principles in life from their own experiences. We were taught to be thrift or prudent with our money, not to waste it for unuseful things, to make use of our lives fully independently, to always love our family members no matter what.. and many more thinkings that both of us find it same.. That's why I feel comfortable in talking and chatting with her...

After graduating, we still keep in touch. She often comes here for holiday and we met together with other school friends.

Since she studied in Aussie, I found her a little bit closing her self.. til I have to push her little bit to tell me what was going on.. how was she... etc..

Like what she wrote on her profile.. I was having almost same personalities but not all with her.. The most difference we have is.. in our relationship with guy. She is still single now.. pretty.. while me.. I am no more single.. have one son and not as pretty as her.. hehehe..

Sometimes I feel more and more distance with her. If I didn't approach her, she wouldn't share her feelings with me.. Well, maybe it's her characteristics where she feels more comfortable with. Just hope that.. we always have that 'yuan fen' of being good friends till we old.. and die.. huehehe... :D


Holiday has over.. now we are all going back to work again!!!

Today I have lots of things to prepare and all was given in one day.. I must know how to prioritize.

Yesterday I couldn't sleep.. Ready to sleep at 2am.. but I could only sleep around 3am. After that I woke up at 5.30am because my son was wetting (I forgot to put a diapers on him). Therefore, the bed was wet.

Then at 7am i woke up again and went to work.

My head is find, but my body is damn tired. Nowadays I have this panda eyes.. which I don't think I had before.

Later I will have lunch with my sister and her South Korean friend who visited Spore for only one nite and leave again tonight..

Tomorrow, I am going to have dinner with my ex-boss, just the two of us.. Not really know what I should say but I want to thank her for treating me very well during my last job and wonder how she is doing now.

This week and next week will be a very tiring week for me, especially next week. My mom is coming and I need to arrange thing for her. I'll have an education visit tour from the hotel (We're going to visit Tiger Beer factories. How exciting! Lolx!). After that I will have revision class non-stop from Fri nite, Sat aft to nite, Sun morning to evening, then Mon nite.. Oh, I wanna see how strong my body and mind will be... Just hope I can have a good health before the exam is coming..

Well.. that's my time table for a moment.. Update again next time... Ciao!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Easier to say than done

Hiks... Last weekend, yesterday.. never study.. hiks hiks hiks...
Always tell people that i will study during holiday.. but again.. easier to say than done.. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....................... Exam comes in one month's time.. What have I done??? Nothing!!! hiks hiks hiks... Help!!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lonely - By Akon

Lonely I'm Mr Lonely,
I have nobody,
For my owwnnn
I'm so lonely,
I'm Mr. Lonely
I have nobody,
For my owwnnn
I'm so lonely,

Yo this one here goes out to all my playas out there ya kno got that one good girl whose always been there like ya
Kno took all the bullshit then one day she cant take it no more and decides to leave

I woke up in the middle of the night and I noticed my girl wasn't by my side, coulda sworn I was dreamin, for her I was
Feenin, so I hadda take a little ride, back tracking ova these few years, tryna figure out wat I do to make it go bad, cuz
Ever since my girl left me, my whole life came crashin

I'm so lonely (so lonely),
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl

Cant belive I hadda girl like you and I just let you walk right outta my life, after all I put u thru u still stuck
Around and stayed by my side, what really hurt me is I broke ur heart, baby you were a good girl and I had no right, I
Really wanna make things right, cuz without u in my life girl

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girl

Been all about the world ain't neva met a girl that can take the things that you been through
Never thought the day would come where you would get up and run and I would be out chasing u
Cuz aint nowhere in the globe id rather be, aint noone in the globe id rather see then the girl of my dreams that made me
Be so happy but now so lonely

So lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own)

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girrll

Never thought that id be alone, I didnt hope you'd be gone this long, I jus want u to call my phone, so stop playing girl and
Come on home (come on home), baby girl I didn't mean to shout, I want me and you to work it out, I never wished Id ever
Hurt my baby, and its drivin me crazy cuz...

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own)

I'm so lonely (so lonely)
I'm Mr. Lonely (Mr. Lonely)
I have nobody (I have nobody)
To call my own (to call my own) girll

Lonely, so lonelySo lonely, (so lonely),
Mr. Lonely, so lonely
So lonely, so lonely, (so lonely),
Mr. Lonely

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

18 years old???


Hm.. actually I've discussed this before.. but still people thought I looked like 18 years old with my hair cut.. hahahhahaha... *so happy... haiehiaheihaiehiaheihaiehaiehaei...  :D Nolah.. actually I'm happy because.. so many people thought about it!!! hahahahhahahhahhaa.....

Got one colleague asked me.. "Have u got married?" "Yup," I said.. "Really??? If I don't talk with you, I though you are still 20-21 years old." Then this morning.. another colleague asked how old I am, because with my look now, I look like 18 years old.. haeihaiheihaeihaiheiae... :D

I guess I know the secret... It's not because I was childish, not growing up or mature, but - always smile????? Sweet smile like mine?? hiaheiahiehiaiehiaheiaieae... Lolx! But when I was angry.. I'm really black face man!!!! haiehaiehhaeihaiehiaheihaeiae... :P

Oklah.. tired of laughing.. Anyway have a good day anyone!!! Ciao!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

My own destiny

I really no idea what do I want actually..
Now, having people u love, but I wanna be alone..
Lead my own life.. the way I want to..
Gather with friends.. real one.. if there are any
Having my own place to stay..
Have my own freedom.. my whole own time..
Although sometimes I have to cope with boredom
Hm.. perhaps TV, or DVDs, or books, or keyboard.. or internet might help??
At least with Internet, I still can in touch with other side of the world
Can arrange my own holiday to the place I wanna be.. myself..
Cos.. even though I am not alone now..
My heart is always empty.. and lonely..
The people just doesn't care about me.. about what I feel..
They also wanna their own time.. do whatever they like..
Why won't I???
I own myself and nobody else could own me.. except my parents
but I have a control over myself.. and nobody else
If it should end.. let me end it.. everything behinds me
And lead a new path of mine...
How do I wish...
Could choose where to live.. where to go..
Control my own destiny.. and not others to control...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Jia you!!!

hey hey girl!!
u told that hard times starting rite? so be prepared for exam!! only 1 exam girl..doesnt matter how much things to learn, you can do it AS LONG AS U TAKE IT LITTLE BY LITTLE EVERYDAY!!!
easy to say rather than do it rite? hiahahaha
but hey, u already pay so much for the lesson, and lots of ppl support u and want to see u success as well in ur study, so please dont let us down? =D
we all giving u support and wishing u have the mood and will to learn everyday!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Now hardship is started!!!

Gone the days of the holidays and happiness.. huehehehe... *so dramatic..
The short-tiring-vacation has ended. It was quite dissapointed journey, dun think will go back to Genting anymore.. but yes to Sunway Lagoon.. I like the hotel.. I just love the bed, the blanket, the pillows... hemmm... really love it.. =P
Today is 11 October already. 2 months to go for exam.. and havent prepared anything yet. I feel very tired everyday after work and has no mood to study... What should I do???

Monday, October 03, 2005

New hair...

Yesterday I cut my hair.. It's been such a long time since I kept my hair long.. and now back to the original 'me' three years ago.. hahaha... Hm.. I feel 'very round' with my new hair style.. hihihi...

Today, I go back to work. Lots of my colleagues said that I look younger. Well, yesterday the hair dresser said the same thing too, but I thought.. it was just to make me happy with his cutting.. but funnily, most people really said the same thing.. Hm.. am I really look younger?? Or just not to disappoint me with this cutie hair?? Hahahahaha.. Never mind. Even if you do, I wouldn't mind. What had been done, had been done already. No regret over the past. Go on and continue with my life and wait for another two or three years until my hair grow long again.. =)

Just now.. my boss passed by and told me.. "You look more like student" Hwaaaaaaa...... ='( hiahiehaiheihaeiiae... Actually, maybe they're right??? I'm look younger?? Hauhahahahaha...

And this Thursday nite, I will be away for a short holiday. My hubby, Baobei and I will be going to Genting and Sunway Lagoon and we will be back to Singapore on Sunday. Hope the journey is pleasant and we can go back safely. We plan to meet Chuan in Sunway Lagoon. Hopefully we can meet up.

Really oh, hepi2 first, and suffer later... *sigh.. Exam is coming soon!! I haven't prepared anything yet.. *sigh....

Write till here first... ciao

Monday, September 26, 2005

Another year growing up

Wow.. how time flies.. Still remember the good times during high school and it's been 5 years since I graduated. Have been married for more than 3 years and now my son is going to 3 years old in December.

What my life will be in 5 years ahead?? No idea.. Really no idea..

Do I satisfy with my current life? Do I want to reach for the better? How? What am I going to do? Any plan ahead?

I only know how fragile life is nowadays.. Anyone can just die anytime anywhere because of anything. When my life will be taken then? Hahaha.. sound pessimistic.. :P

Well, talk about the Birthday then. I was sick.. sore throat and flu.. blocked nose.. (I did not go to work for two days.. incl on my Birthday). I stayed at home and took a lot of rest.

On Friday night we were having steamboat at home together with my bro and his families, my sis and bro-in-law, my sis-in-law's cousin, and families of my husband. It was fun. Eating all you can and all gave up because the food was just too much! Enough for 3 days consumption :P

My mom asked my sis to buy birthday cake for me. It was mango cake bought from Crystal Jade, my favorite. My sis-in-law's husband who works at soft drink company, sponsored drinks for the dinner. Thanks all to make my birthday memorable and fun :)

My friends from everywhere sent me sms-es and called me on that day. The first greeting came from my special friend at 12am from faraway (US). . Shelly (SG) woke me up at 8am while i was still on my dream.. My mom(JKT) sent me message early in the morning.. Putra sent sms for me on my hubby's hp twice, telling me that he was in Hong Kong now and was having a flu. Sorry to hear that. Siska (JKT) sent me sms too, which I never expected that she would since she would be very busy preparing her wedding party this upcoming December. I wish I could attend :( Pao2 (MELB) sent me sms during dinner, so did Bambang (BALI) who was having headache because of the low room occupation in the hotel where he works. Tsk tsk... Marni (JKT) sent me sms on the day after because she was not sure whether my birthday falling on 23rd or 24th, but I was very glad that she's still remember. Apin (SG) sent me sms too despite that we met on the dinner. Oh yeah.. my sis-in-law(SG) sent me sms too at nite - kiasu.. hahahhaa... My eldest sis called me during her lunch hour and my second sis called me on 24 because she was too busy on 23rd. Thanks a lot my dear sis!!! Not to forget my dear ex and current colleagues who still remember my birthday: PY, Siaw Whay, and Florence. Thanks for everything everyone!!!

My birthday is meaningful because of your care and love for me...:) To everyone who joined us for the dinner, thanks for coming too!! Hope I could lead a better life and have some dream fulfilled this year :)

Friday, September 09, 2005


Hoahhhmm..... I don't have enough sleep this week... soooooo....... tiredddd...

Every night I slept after 10.30pm... *Sometimes I slept as early as 7 pm at nite.. hehehehe... that's why I said I am so tired... =(((

Back to normal activity.. no more drinking session like I had last few weeks.. hahaha... (finished the Absolut Raspberry by few persons.. ;P)

Hm... can have some more next week or next two weeks lahhh... =PPP to celebrate..... celebrate what hor??? ;)

Oh ya... this month.. every Sunday I got afternoon class... =(( so terrible.. kinda hate it.. hahaha.. actually hate to take exam.. but no choice lehhh... unless my pa can accept my decision.. *which i think he wouldn't... hiks....

My bro, his wife, and children must reach Penang now.. met up with my parents and 3rd sis.. Too bad I couldn't join them.. Tomorrow I have to work and on Sunday I have a class.. Hiks....

Hopefully I can go home earlier today and take a good nap.. *i wish...

Oklah.. I feel so sleepy now... Hiks hiks hiks... Bubyeee......

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Truth in Life Hurts

You surely agree those words...Truth in life really hurts..
Sometimes... i just cant face the truth..that no matter how bitter, how wrong the situation, but it just hurts too much, that i prefer to live in my dream
Is it really that wrong to live in a dream?
I've been asking myself...
To follow the right accept the truth..i need to embrace all the pain that they cause..but to what end? Just for doing the right thing? Is by doing the right thing will make everything allright?
My friend once told me..its not only about the right thing..its about the future as well..
We cant just live in the present only...we need to broaden our mind..see what lies ahead of us by doing the right thing...
Those words struck me deeply...
I've been narrowminded....
Just like working in a company...if we can't pave our carreer in that company, better leave that company and find another one where we can build our future!
But me...i prefer to work as regular guy in the company as long as im happy there...rather than going to other company and not happy
OMG...i lose track what im talking about =D
back to topic..truth in life hurts..
so..what do we do then? should we accept the truth? ofcourse we have to..we dont have any choice except to accept the truth..the real question is, what do we do with the truth in our life?
accept and go on with our life? or hide in our dream?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lie? Truth?

Well.. it's now about word 'lie'.
L I E.. T R U T H..
Sometimes.. we have to lie to hide the truth from someone that we love.. in order not to make them disappointed..
Sometimes.. we can not lie to someone that we love.. 'coz we want them to know everything about us..
Sometimes.. we have to keep lying.. so that he/she's be better not knowing anything rather than knowing the truth..
There is also one thing about lie..
You wonder whether you wanna know the truth or better not..
You are curious to know about the truth.. But once you know.. it's only to make your heart in despair.. You feel like being stabbed by someone you love, you trust, you care... You may lose all the trust you have till time can heal your pain.
So now..
Should we lie? or should we tell the truth??
But I had to know the truth.. although I will know what the real person they are..

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


It's been almost 2 weeks since my last blog. So many things happened..

I was quite busy entertaining my old friends who came here in the past one-two weeks plus the company Dinner and Dance which had a theme of 'Step Back In Time', where we were all back to year 50s to 70s.

Well, must say that I was so lucky to live in this country where people can easily reach or pass by when they travel from and to their destinations. It's really in the centre of Asia where people like to stop and of course.. meeting me.. hehehehe..

Living away from family since 18 years old till now made me had to depend on friends wherever I go. I still remembered the time when I was living for a first day in Beijing, it's my friends who encouraged me of being able to stay there long. I was thinking.. "She had been here for 3 years and still moved on and able to adapt, why can't I???".

She was my neighbor, living next to my room, Indonesian girl from Surabaya. She is also the one who helped me when I was having diarrhea badly. She called the nurse to come to my room, made me porridge, found another blanket to cover my shivering body.. and because of me, she had to cancel her trip to another city. She is the one who made me thinking hard on how important the friend is in our life. Could you imagine life without someone that u know.. someone who can understand you.. taking care of you.. be with you when you were up and down.. no matter how far or near they are.. they were ever be meant in your life!!

Since then, I treasure more on all of my friends. Even though we are not living together.. we were spread all over the world.. I will always try my best to keep in touch with them even if sometimes they can't even remember who I am anymore. And I'm really glad that we have something called 'friendster' in this century who connect us together =)

Back to the life here.. I met again someone who ever been closed to me before. A was the one who encouraged me during my study in Swiss, where life was cold, almost every time of my first six months there, only my laptop that can connect me to the other side of the world.. yeah, you know, chatting life.. hahahhaa.... I had younger brother.. friends.. even boyfriend.. hahaha.. thinking back to the time made me laugh.. till my best friend called me 'Miss Computer'.

My best friend F was the one who made me see the real world. F always encouraged me to go out.. see how beautiful the country was and how nice to make friends with real people, not just from the internet.. =P

Because of him, 'Miss Computer' changed into 'Miss Party' Haha,, But we always had our limit and protect to each other. Haiyah... again.. what am I talking??? Now talk into another topic again.. hahahaha..

So, A was here for few days.. and I went out eventually for dinner, lunch, etc. It's been quite a while since the last time we met together. We went out drinking too.. so much fun!!! I love it! hehehe...

We had a company organized Dinner and Dance. I was wearing Ago-go type of cloth. They told me to find something from back to year 50s to 70s, but ended up most of them were wearing clothes from back to year 30s-50s.. a bit out of the line, hor?? Some even just wore a normal office attires. Hm......

I didn't get any top 10 lucky draw prizes.. but it was alright because most importantly I went there to have some fun just like what we had before in LR, a kinda thing of Cultural Night once per semester?

Oh yeah.. feel like Chinese New Year too during the Dinner and Dance, rather than really back to the oldies.. *Sorry guys.. it's not a complain, just expressing what I feel.. But you guys really did a good job.. Your hard working and everything made a good result..:)

One more thing.. we were entitled 2 glass of beer per person. But dunno why, I drank more than that!! Hahahahhaha... We got the tickets from other colleagues who did not drink... =P Cheers!!! Bottoms UP!!!! Overall, we enjoyed it and were having lots of time!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

From U To Me?


Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Today is 17th Aug, celebration of Indonesian's Independence Day! Merdeka!!!
Well, it's been 60 years... Quite some times since our grandparent's time..
Now it's year 2005!!! I never expected that I could live up to this... When I was young, I thought I will never grow old.. be young, that's all.. but I was wrong! Time goes on.. We grow each and every day.. became older and old one day.. till the time to leave this world.
Aniwae... nothing much to say.. Gotta continue my work now... Again, Merdeka!!!

Busy Busy Busy Too!!!!

Huaa....true true busyy..sobb...
btw, do u really busy reyka? how come? what have u done in the office? hehehe
anyway, just cant wait till tomorrow...oh yeah, my colleague gonna cook me pork chop as well tomorrow, nyummyyyy..hehehe
well...i dont know what my position here in this company...i can take so many job title according to what i've been doing here...geezz...just now finished uploading website as well for my company..lucky they dont ask for anything fancy..just linking webpage to webpage..pheww..otherwise i have to spend days again to learn those fancy things..but coz of tinkering with the website..i feel i want to make one for myself too..but too lazy i think, hehehe
anyway..kinda tired already now..just cant wait to go home..but even when i go home, still have many things to do...have to wash my sheet sets, pillowcase, comforter, laundry, sweep and mop the floor..tidy up my table..tidy up my shirts many things to do..
when can i have someone by myside to help me when something like this happen..hiksss

Friday, August 12, 2005

Busy busy busy

Hm.. i guess it's busy time for some people.. including me? Perhaps.. =P
Yesterday having class again. Felt so boring.. really wanna end the class asap. Duno why, I really have no mood for this subject.. *sigh...
Yeah, cos of my poor English?? to understand business law terms.. so many new terms to learn.. Just wish I could skip the exam.. Talking about exam, remind me of the result that i will have soon.. =(( really scared... cos i didnt prepare it very well last time, just wanna have it finished asap. Exact 10 days to go.. huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa................
Everyone who read this, please pray for me.. cos i dun like to repeat.. hiks hiks hiks.. if I have too, it's really my fault then..
Aniwae, couldnt go back to the past and dun want to.. cos i prefer go on to new, each and every day. It's better for me to have something new and challenging rather than crying over yesterday and the past..
Btw, nxt weekend my friend gonna come here and I will stay in the hotel with her.. huaehhaehaheae... What a lucky me! Could enjoy a weekend in a five-star hotel (i guess???)
We plan to have a drink (heavy one) in one of the nites.. Hem.. hope I wont get drunk.. haiehiaheihiaheiaeihiae....
My company D&D is coming soon too.. Now they're busy preparing everything. Clashes of ideas are happening all the time. Last minute changes are occuring too, which makes some of them feel very stressed out and wanna explode!! Well.. hopefully it could end soon and everything goes in order.
Well.. it's enough time for me to blog.. and now.. continue with my business.. haiehiaheihaiehiae... muach... bubyee

Monday, August 08, 2005

Back to normal

Finally I have been better after 10 or more days with my fluz and sore throatz...
Perhaps I should have eaten more chillies so that I can recover faster.. haiehiaheihaiehiaheiae...
Feel very fresh since yesterday after trimming my hair. Hm.. worth spent money for the feeling I have now =P
Today, already 2 persons telling me that I look prettier.. haiehaiehiaheihaiehiaheiaei... ^^
Too bad I still can't control the way I eat. Yesterday I just said to myself that I wouldnt eat anything after my last beehoon bakso... But half an hour before 12 am in the morning, suddenly I felt so hungry and couldnt sleep if I didnt fill my stomach with something.. then like you all have already expected.. I ate mee goreng plus my favourite fried egg, hm... yummy!!! =D How to lose weight if I continue like this????
Aniwae.. I've been much better compared to last year.. at least I could wear some of my clothes (or underwear) that I bought before married and giving birth. =P But to call it slim, it's still faraway ahead.. and it's not something I long for. Just be the way I am with my normal weight *at least for me it's normal.. haiehiaheihaeiae... and be healthy...
Btw, plan to munch McD's twisted fries later.. ahiehaiheihaeiae.. plus chicken nuggets.. haiehiaheihaiehiae... oh my...
One hour and 20 mins to go before going back home.. D porridge couldnt last long in my stomach and I could feel trumble sound from it.. haiehiaheihaiehiaheae...
Better stop now.. otherwise... im going to bite myself.. haiehiaheihaieea.. Ciao everyone!!!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Damn flu!!

It started last Friday. I thought it was just a normal cold, till it got worst. On Monday, almost everyone knew that I was sick by the way I spoke.. even till today.

I went to company doctor on Monday morning and he gave me pills for five days. Today is the forth day already and my flu seems have not recovered yet.

He gave me 3 types of medicine. One for nose, only drink it twice per day (not to drink at night), one for phlegm three times a day, and another one is one per day (only to drink at night cos it will cause dizziness and you will sleep all the way).

It really did! For three nights I could feel like gulping sleeping pills. I always go to bed at 10 pm and wake up at 7am, yesterday 7.40am. 9 hours supposed to be sufficient for normal people.. even more than enough (ever heard people who sleep 5-6 hours/day??), but it's never enough for me in this type of condition. It's very hard of me to wake up every morning, wish that every day is holiday so I could sleep more. Perhaps the effect of the medicine is too strong. When will I recover???????

I hate it man when I am sick. I feel that I have no energy to walk, no mood to eat, and even to do anything.. just wish I could apply sick leave and sleep a whole day at home.. but too bad, I can't =(

Well, National day is coming soon!! Well, it's Spore National day.. which also a remembrance of my father-in-law one year' pass away. How time flies!

And u know what? Last week I bought 4D and chose the i-bet, where the number, let's say 1234 for $1, then if the number came out 4321, I will still win (but with less prizes). I bought for Wed, Sat and Sun, and no one set of number came out, and yesterday it came out at 1st prize, where I did not buy it. *sigh.... perhaps it's not my luck in this type of game.

But I do buy hope.. hope that I could win it someday.. hahahahahhaa...

OKlah.. got to work now.. and wish me recover soon huh??? hiaheihaehiaheiae... bubyeee

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What Will U Do?

What will you do
When you feel blue
I have no clue
What should I do
When I was blue

Friday, July 08, 2005


Have u ever thought of running away from problem, dilemma, reality until you don't have anywhere to go? You feel like just gone from this world and so do your worries, troubles, and sadness? I bet everyone does.
Sometimes we think of suicide in many ways... But suicide is not advisable at all!

I've heard that after you died from suicide, you will straightly go to the hell... You were being punished as you did not treasure your life, and during ur life there in hell, you will suicide over and over again and have no control in stopping it..

Have you watched Constantine?? Maybe that's what I refer to.

Yesterday my colleague told me that there was a 16 year old boy died jumping from the high floor (suicide, of course) just because his 17 year old girl rejected his love.

Can you imagine??? 16 year old boy had thought of suiciding!!

Did he ever think what his parents feel? Raising him for 16 years and end up with this pain reality??

Well, i thought of dying too. In fact, I thought about it yesterday night. I was thinking what way will be good to die fast, but slowly and not pain. I thought of becoming alcoholic to ruin myself but then, I thought of kidney disease that need to wash the blood every time and can only drink limited amount of water everyday. Watching that on TV made me thinking of another way, which is smoking.

Well, smoking can cause lung cancer and it will make me die faster, but I don't like the smell after smoke in the mouth.. heuhehehe.. *so hard leh..

What else ah??

Cutting the nerve?? Nope.. It's suicide and it's pain too!! Once the blood come out, your brain would start losing lots of blood, then you would start feeling very pain!! Oh Gosh!!!

I think, I'd better stay alive. No matter how hard and pain life is, it won't be as painful as you get a disease resulting from excessive alcohol and cigarette. It won't be as painful as you lose your blood, and it won't be as painful as your brain smashed to the floor.

I think, it's still better to live and let live! yah.. C'est la vie! It's up and down.. There were moments when we were down. But only if we feel down then we can feel up again!!

Instead of thinking how to make my self down-er and become the down-est.. why don't I think about make this life the full-est as I can? Easy to say but not easy to do. But again, remember all the results above by hurting your physical with the hope of dying, is it worth??

There was a boy with no legs try to run his own wheelchair and move himself from wheelchair to normal chair. A man, seeing him in that condition, faster went toward him and wanted to help him. You guess what a boy said? "Thank you, Sir! I can do it myself. Although i have no legs to walk, but I still have two hands to support my self through my life."

Most of the time in our lives, we look more on what we don't have and not what we have!

The spirit of life lies in our hands. Easy to say. Live life to the fullest. Try to do it from now on! We, who have a complete parts of our body should not lose from the small boy! What are our problems compare to the others? There are more people who suffered much more than us!

Well, I feel a bit like a priest here, but nope., I'm not a priest. I'm just a human who is feeling down and try to make myself up, and hopefully can make others to think differently and can wake them up from their suffering and injuries too!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

What a day!!! Sucks!!

Life sucks man!!!
Today, i really2 had a bad dayz...
Have u ever laughed loudly but actually crying inside??? That's what I had today...
Can't share the story with anybody else.
Tomorrow im going to have drink with my friends.. hope by drinking I can feel much better... Since they dont drink alcohol, let me drink lahhh... =P
Another sucks thing.. I accidentally deleted 'important and unback up' files from my folder.. huaaaaaaaaaaaaa............. I've checked with IT and she said she could retrieve the last week files.. For me, as long as I can get it back, it doesnt matter how old is it.. but not all gone mannnn!!! What a day!!!!
And yesterday, my only entertainment during the day was blocked cos of unreasonable reason.. And now.. I cant access the web that I used to go.. during office hours.
HIks.. hiks.. hiks... Life sucks!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Very Very Very Tired

OMG...very very very tired today..already 3.15PM now..been working like crazy...and still havent finish all my work..sobb
just stressed out and tired of seeing all the numbers and papers around me...
guess im going to starbuck after this...need fresh air...i didnt even go out to buy lunch..only asked my friend to buy lunch for me, ate a quick lunch, straight back to work again..geezz
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